Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Maruti reaches Rishi Angira’s Ashram

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 24th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Cow Mata telling the devtas that they can stay in her body as per their liking. The devta asks her to decide. She tells that Indra Dev will reside in her horn, yogi, Chandra and surya in her body. Devraj Indra says world will always remember your sacrifice. She turns into cow. All the Devtas go inside her. She turns into Cow Mata and thanks Hanuman for letting her take part in his leela. She vanishes. Maruti thinks now I have to go, God must be waiting for me. Shri Ram appears before him and calls him. Maruti greets him and asks what do you call me, Sankat Mochan Hanuman…Shri Ram says yes, you are Sankat Mochan Hanuman. Maruti says I am just your devotee. Shri Ram tells that he is the medium to solve the problems, tells that he has solved Devtas’ problems also. He gives him a boon that he will be known as Sankat mochan Hanuman from today and if anyone calls you then you will solve their problems. Maruti says surely. Shri Ram smiles. Mahadev showers his blessings on Maruti. Maruti opens his eyes and finds Shri Ram gone.

Maricha and someone come to the Ayodhya’s border. The man tells that they have to do something and tries to enter, but he is thrown out. Maricha tells that this is Lankesh’s promise which is prohibiting us from entering Ayodhya. The man tells that now they have to return back to Lanka without the Devtas. Maricha thinks they have lost a last chance to prove themselves.

He comes back to Lanka Palace and tells Ravan that they were unsuccessful to catch the Devtas. He says Vanar boy saved him. Kaikesi tells that she has seen his impression in Lanka and tells that she doesn’t know who is he and from where he comes, but truly there is some connection between him and us. Ravan asks what are you saying? Kaikesi tells that your father had told that when Vanar and Nar meet then we will be destroyed. Ravan says if this happens then he will kill all Vanar clan. Kaikesi tells that he is a magical Vanar and tells that they have to stop Vanar and Nar meet.

Maruti hears some rakshas boy asking the vanar boys to be under them. He says this can’t be possible. Jaamvant stops him and asks him not to do anything, but take Guru Dev’s blessings. Maruti says I will inform him what is going on here.

Ravan plays…..He recalls Suryavanshi and Vedvati’s curse. He recalls his father’s prediction. He says I have to take this matter seriously, I will send that vanar to kaal when I find him. Maruti comes to the Guru ji’s cave and finds him meditating. He asks Guru Dev, if you are fine. Guru Dev gets disturbed and asks who are you? He asks why did you disturbed my tapasya. Maruti tells that he is Anjani’s son. Rishi Angiri aasks why did he come late. Maruti tells that there was a work which came his way. Rishi Angiri tells that he will explain to him about the importance of time. Nandi asks Mahadev why Rishi Angira is talking so rudely with Maruti. Mahadev tells that he had discriminated between his son brahaspati and his student shukracharya, now he is just a Guru and not having divine powers. He asks him to think that Rishi Angira will have benefit and his problems will be resolved.
Kaikesi calls Asuri. Asuri appears and asks why did you call me? Maricha greets her calling her Mata.

Rishi Angira tells Maruti that there is no meaning of knowledge without the rules. Maruti apologizes for being late. Rishi Angira asks what punishment to give you? Maruti says I will accept all your punishment as a blessing. Asuri says you are handing over this problem? Maricha asks her to kill them. Kaikesi asks her to go and kill all vanars. Asuri Tadka asks her to see what she does with Vanars.

Rishi Angira tells that he is impressed with his words and asks her to tell why he wants to learn from him. Maruti thinks what to say? Rishi Angira gives him time and says if I am impressed with your answer then will teach you, else no. Maruti says I can’t go without getting education from you. Rishi Angira says this is last chance for you.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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