Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 23rd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Maruti does Chandra Dev and Bhudevi’s puja insearch of his Aaradhya

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 23rd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Maruti running to his room and pretends to sleep. His friends woke him up. Maruti acts to feel stomach pain and tells that he was walking in the jungle, when he saw Mayur/Peacock. It started dancing and rain started. He says he slipped and fell down. His friend asks if his leg is paining then why he is holding stomach. Maruti tells that Vaid gave him the medicine which is not good and that’s why he held his stomach. His friends ask him to rest and be fine. Bandu says we shall tell Rani Maa. Maruti stops him and says Maa is already busy in Chandra poornima puja and asks him not to say. His friends leave. Maruti comes to Anjani and asks him about Chandra poornima puja. Tara says I will tell you.

Anjani does Chandra poornima puja in the evening. Narad greets Chandra Dev in Chandra log and says people are waiting to see your glimpse. Chandra Dev says I am ready to give darshan. Anjani and others see the moon and pray looking at the moon. Anjani asks Maruti to do Chandra Dev’s Aradhya. Maruti thinks if Chandra dev is my Aradhya then veena sur will be played in my heart. He does the aaradhya. The apsaras in Chandra log ask who is this divine boy, whose voice is so aloud. Chandra Dev becomes more bright and the moon becomes bright too. Everyone is surprised. Chandra Dev says I couldn’t bear the light and my body is heating up with it. He says this bhakt bhakti is not unbearable for me. Narad thinks Maruti broke his ego.

Devi parvati asks Mahadev what did Maruti do to Chandra Dev? Mahadev says no Devta could bear Maruti’s bhakti. He says how could Chandra Dev bear this. Anjani, Tara, Roma and others are happy and says Chandra dev ki jai.

The apsaras asks Mahadev to protect Chandra Dev. Chandra Dev asks Mahadev to protect him. Maruti stops chanting the mantras. Mahadev shows his hand. Chandra dev becomes peaceful. Maruti thinks veena didn’t play.

Later he is walking in the jungle with his friends. He thinks how to reach my Aaradhya. He sees farmers there and thinks farmer uncle is doing whose puja. He feigns stomach pain and sends his friends to bring vaid ji. He goes to the farmer and asks whose puja is he doing? Farmer says he is doing his Aaradhya Bhudevi’s puja. Maruti asks if veena is played in his heart. Farmer laughs and says yes. Maruti asks if he can do puja with him. Farmer says yes and gives him water. Bhudevi appears and blesses Maruti. The farmer asks Maruti if he felt good. Maruti says yes, and says but veena didn’t play. Farmer says the devotion in you, will make the veena play. He turns around and sees the field all green. He thinks what is all miracle? His friends return and ask why did he act to have stomach pain. They all go leaving him there.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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