Tara From Satara 23rd January 2020 Written Episode Update: Tara Hears Shatru’s Plan

Tara From Satara 23rd January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Srilekha decides to eliminate Tara after her performance, but Shatru and MJ support Tara. Srilekha appeals audience to give their valuable opinion, but according to her Tara should be eliminated. Sachin thinks he thought Srilekha would support Tara, but Shatru is supporting her instead, maybe he has changed. Backstage, Tara cries saying she slipped on floor, baba would be disappointed seeing her performance, she will be eliminated for sure. Radhika and Amukh console her and say she will reach finale for sure. Shatru walks in and assures her. Sachin thinks maybe Shatru doesn’t know that Tara is his daughter, so he is supporting Tara, its good.

Arjun watching all this reminisces his mother’s struggle to upbring him and then teaching him to help someone if he can even after his struggles in life. He walks on stage and dances on Ramji ki chaal dekho…song.. and purposefully slips and continues his performance. After performance, Tara asks if he slipped purposefully as his practice was really good. Shatru says he didn’t like Arjun’s performance. Srilekha asks if he thinks Arjun should be eliminated instead of Tara. Shatru says yes. MJ also favors Shatru.

Backstage, Shatru confronts Srilekha for spreading dry ice via her aide and making Tara fall so that she can be eliminated, but he will not let her succeed. Srilekha pleads not to play his dirty game with Tara. Shatru says he will insult Tara like he did with her father and nobody can stop him. Once they leave, Tara comes out of room and reminiscing Shatru’s drama thinks Srilekha was right and she doesn’t have any sense to distinguish people.

Precap: Tara on stage emotionally gives her success’ credit to her baba and hopes he is standing next to her. Sachin watches her video sitting in taxi.

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