Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Bali comes up with a plan to kill Maruti

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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bali self harming himself and asks the sevak to hit him with the gada so that he can become ajay. He then beats his sevaks and tells that his enemy was right infront of him, but he couldn’t do anything. Devraj Indra appears there. Bali greets him calling him pita shri. Devraj Indra appreciates his rudra roop. Bali says that boy is very strong. Devraj says what you have, that boy doesn’t have? He says you can cheat, which he can’t and asks him to take advantage of his vulnerability. Bali asks what? Devraj Indra says innocence of the boy. Bali asks him to tell his plan? Devraj Indra tells him about yakshraj kuber’s gada and tells that he was a thief and had something something. He says when some people was behind him, he hid behind the mahadev temple, but got immersed in his bhakti. Many years passed and he was standing there in his service. Mahadev appeared infront of him and blessed him to be born as Yaksh raj Kuber and gifted him divine gada. He says Mahadev said that whoever touches it will die. He tells that Kuber had kept that Gada in the pataal log since then as the warriors was behind it. He says whoever touches it, dies. Bali says what could be the better idea than this to kill that boy. He says he will bring that boy to kishkinda and then he will not return.

Bali’s messager announces in Kishkinda about the competition and says whoever presents the superior Gada will win and will be declared as the superior vanar. Maruti comes to Kesari and Anjani and tells that he wants to go there. Kesari permits him to go to kishkinda and says he can go alone. Anjani says how can he go alone? Maruti says everyone is our family there.

Bali tells that Maruti will come and will get trapped in the net. He has to put the trap just. Anjani gets sad. Maruti refuses to go leaving his mother sad. Anjani says I am proud of you, I shall understand that you are grown up now and asks him to go, but return soon. Maruti says thanks mata.

Suketu informs Bali that Maruti came. Bali says his Samadhi will be in Kishkinda. Tara and Roma get happy seeing Maruti in Kishkanda Palace. Tara hugs Maruti. Roma welcomes Maruti and his friends. Maruti asks where is Bali kaka shri? Tara says I thought you came for us. Maruti says he came for the competition. Roma says you broke our hearts. Tara says we will take you to competition and asks them to rest for a while. Maruti says first he will see the competition and then will rest. Bali sees him and smirks. Maruti thinks one day he will be praised like Bali kaka is praised. Bali fights with other vanars in the gada competition. Maruti practices with his small gada seeing Bali’s fight movements. He appreciates Bali for his marvelous moves. Bali thinks victim came there.

Nandi and Bringi talk about Maruti’s attraction for Gada. Mahadev says Maruti will not use his Gada to hit someone, but to save someone. Maruti sees the competitors attacking Bali all at one. Bali pushes them and they all fall down afar. Suketu praises bali and cheers for him. Maruti says only kaka will win. Bali says I have controlled you using my Gada. Maruti says Bali will rule on three loks. Bali says you will die with my hands in Pataal lok. Later Maruti asks Bali when did he learn gada? Tara asks him not to speak while having food. Tara asks him to have food. Maruti asks him to train him to use Gada. Sugreev asks him lo learn gada from him and says one day he will become superior. Maruti says for that I have to defeat Kaka shri Bali. Bali gets angry and goes away from there, thinking that day shall soon come. Bali attacks Maruti with the gada. Maruti counter attacks.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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