Kahan jaye ye dil (kanchi fs) by Niyu Shot 4

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Recap – SanPraIsha first day in college

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Sanchi reach at the canteen while panting because of running . Pragya & Isha give her weird look.

Pragya : Ye marathon kyun bhag rahi hai .
(Why she is running a marathon)

She asked while munching a burger.

Isha : I too don’t know . What happen to u Sanchi.

Sanchi sit beside them & gulp down a glass of water.

Sanchi : Don’t ask …Wait ,.Why did u both came here without informing me ?

Isha : Then what should we do…You were busy in ur dreamland .

Pragya : Haan, itni baar bulaya par maharani behri jo ho gayi thi( I called u multiple times but u become deaf that time).

Sanchi : Okk guys stop it ….I am really feeling hungry .Let me eat.

She said munching another burger .

After some time , They continue their classes but she still busy in admiring him.

On the way , Isha & Pragya notice that she is lost somewhere.

Isha : Where are u lost Sanchi ?

Pragya : Haa…Kiske khyalon mein.(Yeah ….In whose dreams)

Sanchi : Shut up …Nothing like that.

She lied to them.They reach at her house & both bid bye to her & leave for their respective houses.

Sanchi enter in her house & locked it from inside . She move upstairs . She unveil a statue of man.

Sanchi : He is my dream man . This is my secret .I never tell Isha & Pragya about him.

She lovingly clean the dust & look at the statue intensely . She close her eyes & Kabir’s face start revolving in front of her eyes. She immediately open her eyes .

Sanchi : I am overthinking now .Relax Sanchi ….Let’s do something else.

She said & move toward for changing the clothes. She come downstairs & move toward kitchen. She start cooking .

On the other hand –

Kabir is waiting for Maya from half an hour. She then came there & sit inside his car.

Kabir : What happen ? Why are u so late today ?

Maya : Nothing much .Actually maybe I get promotion from company & transfer from this small city.

She said happily .

Kabir : What ! What’s the need of promotion?

Maya : What do u mean by this ?

Kabir : Don’t take me wrong .I mean what happen about me if u get transfer to another city . What about us relationship ?

Maya : Oh Please …I have other priorities too.

Kabir : What is that ….Money ….right.

Maya : Yeah , any problem to u . Can’t u get it that I don’t want typical middle class life .Don’t u know I have to pay the debt which my father take .

Kabir : Maya Everything will come on time. That’s not enough for u that we are at least together .

Maya : I know but just think about my condition.

Kabir : Don’t worry , I will make everything fine .

Maya : How ?

Kabir : It’s not important .Give me some time .

He said while caressing her face .

On the other side –

Sanchi is mixing ingredients according to recipe but she is still so much lost in him that she didn’t noticed that her dish is start burning .

She comes in her senses by the burning smile .

Sanchi : Oh no….I again create mess.

She mentally patted herself & start cleaning .

Sanchi : What is happening with me? I met him just two days ago but I am thinking about him this much ? Is it attraction or something else .Oh God ….Solve this riddle .

She said confusedly .

Kabir drop Maya to her flat & leave from there .

Kabir : Why can’t she understand that relation is more important than money & success . I have to do something to solve her problem.

Screen freezes on Kabir’s worried face & Sanchi’s confused face.

Precap – Sanchi realized her feelings.

Sorry for late update guys .I know u are thinking that I really rushed the story in ff but it’s important & u get to know in upcoming episodes .Do likes & comments .Stay safe & Be smiling .


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