Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff (episode 51)

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Recap – Aicchik convince Kaurwaki for going to Mumbai.

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Kaurwaki is still thinking about her father words which is written on letter. Suddenly, someone knock on the door. She move toward the door and open it. She found Siya at the entrance & Siya directly hug her.

Siya : Thank you so much for agreeing . You are best.

Kaurwaki : Hmm….So u came here for this. Sometime before , you are annoyed with me & now u are buttering me.

Siya : Ohh….I am not buttering u. I know this is going to very tough for u but u still agree for my happiness , that’s really sweet of u .

Kaurwaki : Did u packed ur stuff ?

Siya : I already done with that . If u want , then I will help u in packing .

Kaurwaki : Not needed , I will do .

She smiled while she walked toward her almirah & take out her clothes . She start managing her things in suitcase.

Siya : Vrisha….Can I ask something.

Kaurwaki : Hmm….Go ahead .What do u want to ask ?

Siya : I know the reason of black colour but why ur all the clothes have full sleeves.

Her hand stopped & she turn toward her.

Kaurwaki : Because I like them.Any problem to u .

Siya : Not at all . Isn’t it feel weird to u .

Kaurwaki : Nahi ….

Siya : Tum itni nafrat kyun karti ho rangon se.( Why do u hate colours)

Kaurwaki : Mujhe Rangon se nahi rang badalne waalon se nafrat hai(I don’t hate colours , I hate those people who change colours)

She keep her laptop , files & some clothes in her bag.

Siya : What are u doing ? You are not going for any business deal .

Kaurwaki : I know my needs & u just make sure about ur own requirements.

Meanwhile Sona enter in her room.

Sona : Di & Siya u both came for dinner.

Siya : We are coming.

Trio come downstairs & joined them.

Aicchik : What happen ? Why are u not eating anything.

Swadesh : Yeah di….Do u have any problem.

Kaurwaki : Nothing…I am not in mood to eat.

Aicchik : What ! Don’t behave like childrens .

Aavya : Mumma, You said that it’s good habit to finish ur food & now u are breaking ur rules.

She said with fake anger & tried to make her scared.

Kaurwaki : Accha meri Maa….kha leti hoon ?

Aicchik : Tomorrow we have flight for Mumbai . All of u take proper rest.

Swadesh : Fine…let’s continue the dinner.

Kaurwaki : Kal hi…Itni jaldi jaane ki kya zaroorat thi.( Tomorrow …Why are u in so hurry)

Aicchik : Kyun….Tum bolo toh cancel kar doon.( Why ….If u said , then I will cancel it)

Sona : Nahi …Bilkul nahi.( Not at all)

Siya : Why don’t u want to go tomorrow ?

Kaurwaki : Okk….We will go.Now happy ….

She nods her head in disbelief.

All move toward their respective rooms.

On the next day , they attend their flight & reached at the Mumbai airport after travelling for hours.

Sona : Wow ….Finally I am in Mumbai.

Siya : Wait a sec buddhu…not only you we are in Mumbai.

Sona : Siya, please don’t call me that.

Swadesh : Can u both stop fighting .

Aicchik : Let me call Oberois. Stop making noises.

He dialed the number & Yog pick his phone .

Aicchik : Where are u all ? We are waiting at airport.

Yog : We are here only waiting for u all.Come some steps forward toward the exit.

Aicchik : Okk….

He cut the call & told them to move forward . He notice her sister who is busy in checking surrounding there worriedly.

He tap on her shoulder.

Aicchik : Kaurwaki ….Where are u lost ?

Kaurwaki : I want to go back to our Jaipur. I don’t like the environment here.

Aavya : What happen Mumma. I love this place & I don’t want to go back.

She asked innocently .

Aicchik : Bacchon jaisi baat mat karo Kaurwaki.( Don’t talk like childrens)

He hold her hand & dragged her toward the exit where all are present.

Kaurwaki : Khud chal sakti hoon….Itni bhi thokarein nahi khayi ki chalna bhool jaaon.( I can walk …I don’t get this much wounds that I forget walking)

She said while making her hand free.

Aicchik : I know ….No one have guts to break u.

On the other side –

Yog & Yagya are waiting for them. Yog notice that he is tensed.

Yog : Don’t worry ….Wo aayegi.( She will come)

Yagya : Aur agar nahi aayi….( If she don’t come , then…)

Yog : Think positive Bro.

He give hope to him . A bright face appear in his face after looking Siya who is coming with Sona, Aavya & Swadesh toward them. Yagya also see him.

Sona : Hi Bhaiyas….How are u .

Yog : We are absolutely fine Choti.

Yagya : How is my Miss beautiful.

He asked in same childish tone as hers.

Sona : I am good….

He notice that she is not present there. His face fell down & Yog notice this.

Yagya : Wo waisa hi karti hai jaisa bolti hai.( She do only what she say)

Yog : Relax…I ask from Siya.

He whisper in voice which is audible to him.

Yog : Where is Kaurwaki & Aicchik?

Swadesh : They are coming .

He breath in relief .

Yog : Look, I said that they will come…

Yagya : You go with them . I am going to them.

Yog : Okk Guys …Come let’s move toward the car . Yagya come with Aicchik & Kaurwaki.

They nods her head & leave with them.

He is waiting for them. He see her & get happy .

Aicchik : Where are others ?

He asked but he is continuously staring her which didn’t went unnoticed by Kaurwaki & she start feeling irritated. Aicchik shake him a lil bit .

Aicchik : I am asking you something.Where are others ?

Yagya : They went with Yog .I was waiting for u both.

Aicchik : Then let’s go.

He nods her head & start moving . She move forward but her heel get tripped. Both of them trying to rescue her from falling but she composes herself .

Yagya : Are u ok?

Kaurwaki : Aicchik Chalein , Humein deri ho rahi hai.( Let’s go Aicchik , We are getting late)

She said while directly ignoring him.

He get shocked when she didn’t answer him.

Aicchik nods her head in positively. She hold his hand & move from there with him & Aavya while he is just standing there confused .He start following them. They sit inside the car & leave from there . He is looking her from the mirror who is busy in admiring the soft wind which make her hair strands flow. She is playing with the sunlight which is falling on her hand.

He smiled seeing her happy. She suddenly realized his intense gaze on her . She immediately take her hand inside the window. He is amazed to see sudden change in her behaviour.They reach at the Oberoi mansion & entered inside. They all take blessings of all elders.

Shree : Wow ….You guys are here.I can’t believe on my eyes.

She said & hugged Sona & Siya .

Shree : How are u Kaurwaki di ?

She asked to her when she see her in serious mood.

Kaurwaki : I am absolutely fine.

She smile slightly .

Anu : Ok Shree….Let them take some rest .Don’t troubled them.

Shree : I am not troubling them di . You can ask them.

She said annoyedly .

Anu : Don’t become angry bird.

All burst out in laughter.

Shree : Siya di & Sona ,Come we will take you to ur room .

Siya : Anu, Come accompany us.

Anu : Of course , there is no need of asking.

Sona : I missed our gossips so much .

They all walked out from there . Aicchik & Yog both notice this that Kaurwaki feel bad somewhere when Shree & Anu don’t ask her to accompany but they understand that she is very different from them that’s why they are not close very much.

Yog is about to say something but Yagya press his hand. He wishper to him.

Yagya : Kya kar raha hai ….Teri waali toh gayi ab humare beech mein kyun aa raha hai. ( What are u doing ….Siya is already gone now don’t interfere between us)

Yog : She is not looking comfortable here . I just thought to accompany her.

Yagya : Zyada dimag mat chala apna . Tu Aicchik & Swadesh ke saath ja.( Don’t be over smart with me . Go with Aicchik & Swadesh).

Yog nods his head . Yug notice this.

Yug : What are u both whispering to each other .

He asked in low voice .

Yagya : Ab please mere bhai tu jasoos na ban.( Please my bro , don’t behave like detective)

Yug : Why Bhaiya…What are u hiding .

He give him suspicious look.

Yagya (whisper ) : Dekh Yog iss disturbing element ko bhi saath mein le ke jaana apne .( Yog Take this disturbing element also with u )

Yog : Aicchik Come let’s go.

He nods his head but she hold his hand. Before he ask her, Yog dragged him toward his room. Yug, Swadesh & Kaurwaki give weird look while Yagya smirk.

Swadesh : What happen to him.

Yug : Don’t know my brothers are behaving like aliens today.

Yug : Let me accompany u if u want.

Swadesh : Yeah , Sure….why not.

She look on suspeciously to him who is smiling.

Yagya : So, I will take u & Aavya to your room.Come.

She give him deadly glare.

Aavya : Yeah let’s go Superman.

She tried to stop Aavya .

Yagya : How are u doll? I miss you.

Aavya : I miss u too. Can’t u miss my Mumma.

She get shocked.

Kaurwaki : Aavya , Do u want to talk here only . You don’t want to see ur new room.

She said changing the topic while he is hardly trying to surpess his laughter.

Aavya : Come Mumma….

She said while holding her hand with her small fingers & start following him.

Yagya : This one is yours .

He said while entering the room.

Aavya : Wow….It’s beautiful.

Yagya : Thank u doll….It’s beautiful just like u.

He said while looking at her & she totally ignore him .She start unpacking her stuffs.

Yagya : I think that ur Mumma didn’t learn manners at all.

He said to making her more irritated.

Kaurwaki : Aavya , Go & play something or see the mansion.

She said as she don’t want to involve her in this . She nods her head & leave from there . She see him who is still standing & trying to make her irritated.She pay no heed & get busy in taking her clothes out from the suitcase.

He move toward her from behind & she get scared. She is controlling her anger because of his behaviour.

Yagya : Don’t u know how to say thanks ? I give accompanied to u till here & u didn’t say thanks.

She royally ignore him & turn to go when he hold her hand & pull toward him.

Yagya : Main kuch keh raha hoon aapse. ( I am saying something )

She is trying to make her hand free from his tight grip. He see that she is too stubborn & her skin start turning slightly red because of his holding & her continuously trying . He leave her hand .

Yagya : Kasam kha rakhi hai aapne ki nahi karengi mujhse baat.( Did u swear that u are not going to talk with me)

She turn her face in opposite direction.

Yagya : Theek hai Yagya singh oberoi ko ignore karna itna aasaan nahi hai Miss rathore.( Okk…This is not easy to ignore Yagya Singh Oberoi)

He leave from there & she look on.

Kaurwaki : Idiot ….I will surely kill him if he stay here for one sec more.

She throw the clothes in bed in rage.

Suddenly someone knock on the door, she turns.

Shree : Kaurwaki di , Come downstairs after freshen up for lunch.

Kaurwaki : Yeah, I am coming in few minutes .

She managed her clothes & come downstairs .

All are doing their lunch . She saw the empty chair beside him.

Kaurwaki : Yog, Can I sit beside Siya ….

She asked in low voice which is audible to him.

Yog :So sorry to say but u can’t . I want to sit beside her…Please.It’s any issue to sit there .

He sign toward the chair .

Kaurwaki : No , It’s alright.I can manage .

She sit on the chair while he smile to know that she don’t tell him & keep the matter in between them.

Yagya(in mind) : Toh mujhe ignore bhi karna hai aur kisi ko pata bhi nahi chalne dena hai .( So she want to ignore me & also want to hide from others)

He look at her . He intentionally spills chutney on her dress to make her more angry. She just give deadly glare to him .

Yug : Bhaiya ….What u had done.

Yagya : Ohh…Really sorry Miss rathore ,It’s happen by mistake.

He said to teasing her more. She stand & move upstairs for changing her clothes. She join others later on table & he nods his head in disbelief for her stubbornness .

After dinner, youngsters are talking with each other .

Sona : Di, Come here .

She said while dragging her . She is sitting with girls past 15 mins & now she start feeling bore because of Siya ‘s continuous talking.

He come there & start talking with Sona .

Yagya : Miss rathore , Why are u sitting this much quietly .

He intentionally asked her in front of all as he know that she is not going to ignore him in the presence of all.

She look on him with anger in her eyes while he smirk.

Kaurwaki : Siya I am going in my room.

Siya : As ur wish.

She start leaving but he come in her way.

Yagya : You don’t answer me .

She still don’t give him reply.

Yug : You both are not taking with each other .

He said while all look them suspeciously.

Yagya : Mere khyaal se main aapko awaaz de raha hun .( I am calling u )

Kaurwaki : Maine suna nahi.( I didn’t listen anything)

She said while looking at
opposite direction.

Yagya : Kyun….Kaan kharaab ho gaye hai aapke .( Why ….Is u become deaf)

She see him angrily while other cups their mouth.

Swadesh : I think he become mad or something else but now di don’t spare him.

Shree : I don’t know maybe he get some shock.

Yug : I see that from today Yo & Bhaiya are behaving weird.

Anu : Even I notice that .Don’t know what is going on between them.

Siya : She will surely kill him. Look at her angry face.

Yagya : Aapne abhi bhi jawaab nahi diya .( You didn’t answer me yet)

Kaurwaki : Ho sakta ho gaye ho…Maine aaj notice nahi kiya.( Maybe ….I didn’t notice )

She said while composing her anger while his & others jaw dropped .

Yug : Ye ho kya raha hai.( What is happening here)

She leave from there while he follow her.

He again stopped her way.

Yagya : Enough is enough .You are doing this because of my harsh words which I said to u .

Kaurwaki : Really ….Do u think so that you are this much important to me.Well, your words don’t matter for me at all.

She said tauntingly .

Yagya : Then I also don’t matter for u …Right .

Kaurwaki : Exactly ….

Yagya : Toh phir naraaz kyun nahi hui. Agar koi aur kehta toh jaan se maar deti.( Then why didn’t u become angry on me ? If any other said to u that , then u will kill him)

Kaurwaki : Haan maar deti agar koi mere Baba ke baare mein aisa bolta. Shukr manana chaiye ki humari families relatives hai warna jab baat ego aur self-respect par aati hai , toh Kaurwaki se zyada bereham koi aur nahi ho sakta.Uss jagah le jaakar maarungi , jahan maut ka ehsaas nahi hota .( Right ….I will kill that person if he said about my father . You have to thankful that our families are relatives or else when it come to ego & self- respect , no one become more heartless than me. I will kill on that place , where u don’t feel death)

Yagya : Agar mein aapke liye importance nahi rakhta toh aap bhi mere liye koi importance nahi rakhti aur rahi baat maarne ki , wo toh bahut pehle maar chuki hain.
( If I don’t have importance in ur life , then you also don’t matter for me . If u are talking about killing , you already killed me with ur words).

He said with tears in his eyes after listen her hurtful words.

Song –

Be wajah ab tumse hum mil rahe kyun hai

Ab wafa mumkin nahi , ye silsilay kyun hai

Tu Aasmaan , Main zameen
Bas rahi yahi kami

Ye ishq hai benishan
Mujhay gawara nahi

Kaurwaki : I am glad to hear that.

She notice this but pretend to be unaware about this .She only want this that he stop giving importance to her.She turn to go & start leaving.

He look at her leaving .

Tu nay mujhko kya diya , Kya diya hai ye sila

Bewafaii ki rasm kyun hai teri ibtedaa

He see sorry card which he hide behind his back in his other hand.

O piya maine teri berukhi ko hai jiya
Mera yeh salaam -e- ishq gawara na kiya.

He tear the card into pieces & throw them in rage .

Hain bahut se raaste , Kahan jaayein hum

Hain badi gehraiyaan , na doob jaayein hum

Yagya : Aapki zindagi mein mere liye kya kisi ke liye bhi jagah nahi hai kyunki aapne pehle se hi alag duniya bana rakhi hai khud ke liye.(You have no place for anyone in ur life because u make ur own different world) .

Tu raat hai mein roshni , Bas rahi yahi kami

Tere jahan mein mera, ye dil pada hua kahin

Tu nay mujhko kya diya , kya diya hai ye sila

Bewafaii ki rasm kyun hai teri ibtedaa

A lone tear escaped from his eye. He swipe his tears & move toward his room.

Be sabar mohabbatein , Bepanah hasratein tod deti hai saare bandhan.

He turn again back to look at her but she is no where.

Kya mila sila humein , jo bhi tha diya tujhe

Aa zara tu dekh le ik nazar .

He leave from there while she just look on him from behind the pillar where she hide .

Ajeeb hai ye dastaan

Kya hua kisey pata

She enter in her room .

Kaurwaki : Main apne maqsad ke beech mein kisi ko nahi aane dungi na tumhe Yagya aur na khud ko .( I wouldn’t come anyone in my mission way whether it’s u or me)

She said while looking herself in mirror.

Main kaun hoon, Main kya kahoon
Khamoshiyaan hai darmiyaan

He enter in his room & think about her words.

Tu nay mujhko kya diya , kya diya hai ye sila

Bewafai ki rasm kyun hai teri ibtedaa – 2

Both are thinking about each other.

Suddenly her phone ring ,she received the call.

Kaurwaki : Fine , I will try to meet u tomorrow .

Aicchik(while entering in her room) : Kahan jaana hai .( Where u have to go)

Kaurwaki : Don’t know Kittu said that she want to met me.

Aicchik : Don’t u think that she might be double cross u .

Kaurwaki : Please ….We already cleared this matter .Now,don’t started here.

Aicchik : Why can’t u understand ?

She make him sit on bed .

Kaurwaki : Relax , I understand everything .

Kaurwaki : Meri fitrat mein dushman se jeetna nahi , uss dushman ko dost banakar harana hai.( Winning over enemies is don’t in my nature , i want to deafeat them by making them friends )

Song –

Kaisi Dastaan hai ye , kaisi ye paheli hai koi jaaney na

Goonje se hai sannate , sooni dil haweli hai koi jaaney na

Chup mein chuphi aawaaz hai , na khul sake wo raaz hai

Haan ye zindagi

Dukh se bhara ek raag hai , kuch bhi nahi bas aag hai

Haan Haan ye zindagi

Aicchik : I don’t get what u said but tell me how are u going to meet her.

Kaurwaki : That’s what I am thinking.

Aicchik : I have a idea .

Kaurwaki :Toh phir batao….Aur meri fikr mat karo itni aasani se tumhara peecha nahi chodne waali . Agar badla lena hai toh un logon ke saath saath apni bhi kabr khodni padegi .
(Then tell me ….You don’t worry about me , I will not leave u this much easily. If I want to take revenge , then I shall dig my grave with them.)

Ansuni rudaad hoon , Ankahi fariyaad hoon

Har saans hai meri qaid mein , kaise kahoon aazaad hoon

Akal ki tehreer hoon , dhundhli si tasveer hoon

Apne hi paaon taley lipti hui zanzeer hoon.

Precap –

Oberois & Rajputs went temple while Rathores accompany them ……Kaurwaki & Kittu once again meet….Kaurwaki get shot.

Will Kittu double crossed her ?

Is she remain alive from this attack?

If u want link of songs, they are given below –



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