Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 24th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Sonakshi and Sumit start dating

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The Episode starts with Sonakshi saying I gave my heart to a wrong person and he broke it, now my heart is safe with Sumit. Some time back, Suman asks why did you go to meet Tanya, Rohit is right. Sonakshi says I went to meet her, she lost her baby. Suman says they don’t need your sympathy, so much happened, you need to cut off with them. Sonakshi says you are right. Suman says you have to cut the emotional connection with them and move on, give a chance to Sumit, show Rohit that you can also move on. Sonakshi says you are right, I will show Rohit that I don’t need anyone, its my decision, I don’t want Rohit. Pari hears them and smiles.

She says baby, Tanya’s miscarriage happened, now your dad will just think of you. Rohit gets your wound dressing done. He gets letter from health ministry. He says its a big problem, I need to meet the doctors, ask Ajit and Yash are attending the meeting, we have to treat the patients in quarantine, I need 16 masks, wait, 21 masks, for Sonakshi’s family as well, all the masks will get sold. Sonakshi sees Munya coughing a lot and asks what happened. Sunita says I went to pick up my brother and got unwell. Rohit says Ajit, mention the patient’s symptoms well, its air borne and can spread easily. She takes Sunita to drop her. Sonakshi comes to meet Sumit.

She sees him wearing shorts. He says look here and there. She says wear clothes and come. He says come in after 20 seconds. He wears clothes and comes. He says sorry, I was in shorts, I was playing video games, is everything fine, Suman told me about Shukla’s offer. She says I came to tell you, you and me, we should have an affair. He asks what are you saying. She says you spoke to mom. He says yes, but how. She says then we shall start an affair, we are good friends. He asks did you meet Rohit and fight with him. She says its my life, my decision, Rohit has thrown me out of his life, we are separated since four months, I m not his wife, how did Rohit come between, are you ready for the affair, you have a problem with my divorce, do you have anyone in your life. He says I m also divorced. She says I have no problem with it, our affair starts now, we are GF and BF now, okay, congrats, take me for lunch tomorrow. He says yes. She goes. He says who starts an affair like this, who asks for lunch date this way.

Veena talks to Rohit on call. She says yes, we got Tanya home, Pooja is with her. She asks Pooja to make sure none goes to Tanya’s room, Rohan will stay in guest room. Rohan asks Tanya to listen. Tanya scolds him. Rohan gets a voice message from Pari. Pari says what if Tanya’s baby is lost, our baby is there, take us home, we will marry. He throws the phone. Sumit comes to Rohit and says there is an emergency. Rohit says there is also emergency, keep the mask. Sumit says I have to talk to Sonakshi. Rohit asks why is she doing Bhabhi’s role, she is lead actress. Sumit says yes, she is a heroine, she doesn’t listen to me. Rohit says ask her to do some business if she doesn’t get lead role. Sumit says I don’t know, she came to my house and said we will start an affair. Rohit asks what. Sumit says you would have done something. Rohit recalls his words.

Sumit says you both put me in trouble, I m thinking to go to London again. Rohit says idea isn’t bad, you both are friends, you are good partner for Sona, what’s the problem, there is good understanding. Sumit asks do you really want this. Rohit says yes. Sumit says idea is not bad, Sonakshi is a nice girl, right. Rohit nods. Sumit says she is much beautiful, her eyes, her hair…. Rohit recalls Sonakshi. Sumit says she is talented and caring, I felt I deserve a girl like her, fine then, if I get mad in her love, then you don’t come to ask for her, it will be a fight. Rohit says it won’t happen, take care of her, keep her happy. Tulsi comes. Rohit asks her to give masks to Sumit. She says Veena told about Malhotra’s party. Rohit goes. Sumit says Rohit and Sonakshi love each other, what shall I do, what did nurse say, Malhotra’s party, I also got the invite, Sonakshi, we will start the affair. Rohit meets his friend Nitin and congratulates. He asks them to keep hygiene and stay safe from virus. Sumit and Sonakshi come there. Sumit says I thought to get you in the party. Nitin greets her. Sonakshi says I know him. Nitin asks what’s Sonakshi doing with Sumit. The girl says Rohit’s ex-wife, don’t know what will Rohit do seeing them together. Rohit and Sonakshi take the same drink. Sumit asks what happened baby, its my fav drink. He asks Rohit did he identify his ex-wife. He says she is my new Gf.

Rohit says good. Sonakshi holds Sumit’s hand and says thank God Sumit, I m with you, I was mad, I gave my heart to a wrong person and he broke it, now I m with you, my heart will be safe. Sumit says the person will be mad who didn’t love you and value you, I promise to love you a lot. Rohit says perfect jodi, he is rich, he is an actor like you, I m warning you, be careful. Sumit says I didn’t come to do this, help me. Nitin asks everyone to come on the dance floor. Sonakshi says lets dance, we are perfect couple. Sumit and Sonakshi dance. Haan mai galat….plays…. Rohit gets angry. Sumit holds her and touches her hair. Sonakshi sees Rohit.

Sonakshi says don’t come close. Sumit asks don’t you like my touch, its because you still love Rohit. She asks him to stop nonsense and goes. Rohit asks Sumit what’s this bad behavior, touching her. Sumit says you both are mad, you love her and even she loves you.

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  1. Sona s behaving like a b****
    No wonder rastogis r dumb nd low life
    She doesnt evn hav a,mind of her own
    Anyways writers going to show her as mahan atlst nd there wl b no complaints regarding her past mistakes nd hiding things
    Nly rohit wl ask forgiveness nd dis sonakshi wont b blamed fr lying nd hiding things which was also a reason fr their conflict in their relationship

  2. @Priya
    I agree Priya???, that the makers will never show Sonakshi regretting for HIDING TRUTHS and MEDDLING INTO OTHERS’ AFFAIRS ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️which was the major cause of breaking RONAKSHI’S relationship, coz I think that is way of MOST INDIAN SERIALS work?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️, the FEMALE LEAD becomes a SUPERWOMAN/ A DEVI who can solve everyone’s problems. ???
    But they will surely make Rohit and his family to kneel down and REGRET in front of her.???
    His family especially Veena, Deepa and Aakash APOLOGIZING is JUSTIFIED???, but others &Rohit??? That will REALLY SUCK this serial.???
    This serial was known for its difference but they changed it altogether by making Nishi’s character negative. ???
    So I really feel it’s better this serial wraps up.✌✌✌
    But I don’t think Sonakshi is CHEAP as you said, rather she is JUST CONFUSED?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️, she is already getting LECTURES from her a*sh*le mother to MOVE ON???, on top of tat, Rohit is also pushing her thro his own ways so she is just doing what the surrounding is DEMANDING her???.
    I loved the way Sumit got stuck in betw them, he is really cute now??? and he is my FAVORITE in this serial right now.???
    But her SISTER Pari is GODDAMN CHEAP, It’s so disgusting that she can think so SELFISHLY to this CORE!??? YUCK!
    Seriously, she has just turned to be a b*t*h like her mother???, but I still don’t understand, when did Rohan become serious about Tanya???? Today it seemed he is really worried about Tanya and her condition, but I wished HE GOT A WORST PUNISHMENT WITHOUT TANYA GETTING HURT!???
    Pity on Tanya she really has a very bad situation. ???

  3. Pari is such a disgusting & shameless??? I hope she ‘ll die but before she would realize her false & give her baby to Tanya and ask forgiveness from her I think if pari died Suman changed her mind
    and Ronakshi ?? what the hell?

  4. The Sonakshi/Sumit scene made me laugh, then Rohit/Sumit scenes were good as well.
    I didn’t think Pari could sink any lower, boy was I wrong. To celebrate a death of an unborn child, whole different level of sick.
    The one who deserves to be a mother has lost her child and an undeserving/selfish person thinks they can have it all without any consequences.

  5. I know what’s gonna happen now. Sonakshi will suffer from the Carona utf Super Virus and Rohit will help her to cure herself and during this event Sonakshi will come across the fact that Rohit was blackmailed and also Naren will have fast recovery from Paralysis and will unmask Nishi.
    And show will end with Aakash and Deepa’s wedding maybe.

  6. Sona is completely confused as rightly said and her greatness and poking nose in everyone’s affair and then telling lies and hiding things in the process costed her relationships. She does not know what to do and where to go.

    Sumit a changed person is only the character in the serial now who thinks and makes sense.

    Rohit atleast is in senses while dealing with super virus but weak and meak as against Nishi. Not able to tackle the problem. What guarantee that she would save his father that he is obeying her orders – God only knows. Stupid and makes no sense at all..police who were very active has suddenly gone missing. The writters are capable of doing such misccaraige without any logic.

    With the current track, the serial has lost its charm .perhaps the channel has taken right decision to end this after watching these episodes of recent past.

    1. What’s illogical in having a miscarriage. Tanya’s slipped from the staircase and that was the clear indication that she will have a miscarriage . Its totally justified

  7. SerialLover

    I read Tanya will create drama with Rohan to ask for Pari’s baby. Practically thinking, will Tanya and the Sippys be able to accept Pari’s baby as theirs own? Some or the other time, the truth will come out. I hope they don’t do that, but Rohit and Sonakshi should adopt the child. In this way:
    1. Sonakshi will be the mother of her sister’s child, so no jealousy or wrong feelings against it.
    2. Ronakshi will become parents without Sonakshi’s loss of career due to pregnancy.
    3. After a heartbreak, Tanya will learn how to punish such a spoiled brat Rohan.

  8. The writer is a sadist. How can Tanya lost her child. Has she ever done bad to anybody to deserve this. I’m so sad. Please make Pari lost her child too, anyway you can do it. I will so hate to hear that Tanya can no longer bear a child. Pls, I beg you don’t do it. Instead Pari should suffer

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