Zindaan – The Golden cage Chapter 4 (The unexpected storm)

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Drishya was still thinking about the incident, sitting there while Advik was dressing her wound. “How do you get this?” He asked looking her lost. “It’s looking like a cut ,” He asked shaking her. “Yeah, Actually I get injured because of scissors” She replied while he nods his head wrapping a bandage around her hand. “Thank you. Where is Swayam?” She asked to him.”I am here” He said from behind.

“How is your hand, ” He asked looking her bandaged hand. “It is alright. Don’t worry!” She replied. ” I have to go home now,” She said and move past to them while Swayam holds her hand. “How are you going to drive with the injured hand? I will drop you.” He suggested while she removes his hold.”I will go by myself ” She replied collecting her things while he hides her car keys. “Where are my Car’s keys?” She blabbered looking here and there. “What happen Drishya?” Advik asked. “My keys are not here” She replied. “If u don’t mind, I will drop you,” He asked while she nods her head negatively. ” Don’t worry I will go? “She said searching keys while he shrugged his shoulders and leave from there. Swayam was enjoying her state who was searching keys in her desk drawer.

“Here is it,” He said showing keys while she looks on. “Thank God, Give me,” She said forwarding her hand while he takes his hand back nodding negatively. “I know that you can only do this. Give my keys back now” She shouts angrily. “But you get it very late,” He said sitting on the desk. “Swayam, This is not any joke. Give my keys” She frowns. “Sure, I will give you after dropping you home” He smiles while she looks on irritatingly. “You’re sick. You are impossible. Keep them with you only” She said gritting her teeth. “Thank you, I will take it as a compliment.” He said. “But How will you go? You have to accept my offer now” He added. “Over my dead body,” She said picking her medical coat and walked out from there.

“So, you are planning to walk two kilometres. Great….it’s good for health” He teased her following her till outside while she deadly glared him. “I will go to Cab. It’s not your concern ” She said waiting for a cab. “Ok, then I will come tomorrow for dropping your car,” He said showing her keys. “Go to hell” She muttered angrily before entering Cab.

Shivay was checking her designs while sitting on the Sofa. Maya keeps her hand on his shoulder. “What are you doing,” She asked sitting behind him. “You are still busy in office works,” She said annoyedly looking at pages in his hands. “Isn’t they are beautiful?” He asked showing designs while she nods her head positively. “Anika made them,” He said making her angrier. “Shivay, How much you love me?” She asked staring him with her big deep eyes. “Limitless” He replied caressing her face. “Then Why are you talking about that girl,” She said dangerously looking at the designs. “I am discussing designs Maya” He replied.

“Then throw them outside,” She said while standing. “These are important for the company. I will keep them safely” He said collecting them. “Now you have to decide Which is more important – these designs or me.” She said stubbornly. “I promise that I never do any office work whenever I am with you” He replied while holding her hands. “You got late for this promise. You have to do that which I say, Don’t try to use your own mind.” She whispered in his ear while he nods his head like a puppet. He takes the lighter and burns all the designs while she smirked. “Nothing can come between us. You are only mine Shivay” She said keeping her head on his shoulder and stare the ashes.

“Where were you? You have any idea how long I have been waiting for you.” Anika complains to her who just entered. “Why are you sitting here?” Drishya asked to her. “I was playing Ludo, You also want to play, ” She said sarcastically while she rolled her eyes. “Don’t you have common sense? I am here waiting to have dinner with you” Anika said signing toward the plates. “I thought you and Dad already have dinner,” She said sitting on the chair beside her. “Huh….He didn’t come back” She said angrily stamping fork on the dining table. “Didn’t he told you anything before going out?” Drishya asked while she nods her head negatively. “Don’t worry, He will come back. Let’s do dinner” She said serving while she nods her head.

“Daddy, We were waiting for you on dinner,” Anika said running toward him but get stopped to see an unknown lady behind him. Drishya also stands to look at the scenario. “She is my new wife Swetlana. I officially married her” He said while they both look at each other faces. “What rubbish!” Anika said still in shock. “Meet her She is my smaller daughter Anika and she is elder one Drishya,” He said introducing them to her without paying any heed to Anika’s words. “What are you talking about Dad?” Drishya asked. “He is saying right. I am your new mother” Swetlana said moving toward them. “Stay away from me and my Ishu, you homewrecker,” Anika said pushing her angrily. “Anika, Behave yourself ” Tej shouts while she looks at him shockingly. “I will never accept this,” She said running upstairs. “Ani,” Drishya said following her. She enters in her room and sees her crying. She caressed her hairs. “Go from here,” She said jerking her hand. “Ani, Listen to me,” she said. “How dare he to betray our Mumma? How can he do this?” She shouts while throwing things.

“Stop it Ani, You could be hurt yourself,” She said holding her hands, tried to control her. “Leave me alone,” She said, pushing her while she stumbles back. “Ishu, I am sorry to hurt you,” Anika said hugging her while she reciprocates. She makes her sit on the bed and give her a glass of water.

“Dad felt alone after the demise of Mumma. He needs a life partner who can care for him maybe that’s why he married her” She said cupping her face. “Stop making me fool. His daughter is here for care, love but he has no time for us” She said with tears. “What do you think it gets solved by throwing things? It is not going to change the truth.” She said wiping her tears. “What do you want that we silently watch her taking the place of our Mumma,” Anika asked angrily. “No, She can be his wife but never become our Mumma. If you behave like this then Dad understands you wrong” She tried to calm her. “Don’t know Ishu why I am feeling that woman separate us from Dad, same as he trapped him?” She said tensely.

“Nothing is going to happen like this. Think her like a guest because I know what to do for throwing her out?” She said in threatening voice while standing. “Ani, Sleep now or you are planning to become late again,” She said to her while she patted her forehead. “You are right or else that Khadoos will throw me out,” She said annoyedly. “Who?” She asked back to which she replied “My Boss”. ” Just because he scold you for coming late, he becomes Khadoos. It was your mistake, You should go on time” Drishya said to her. “Oh Madam, You are my sister. So, better take my side.” She frowns while she chuckled. “You don’t know How weird he is? ‘Stay away from me, Don’t hold my hand’ He behaves like this.”She added while she shrugged her shoulders.

” Good morning Daddy” Anika wished her coming from behind. “Good morning Dad” Drishya too join her. “Good morning”Swetlana wished them but they royally ignore her. Anika’s blood gets boiled to see her sitting on the chair of Drishya. ” How dare you to sit here. This place belongs to my sister” She shouts. “Ani, How are you talking,” Tej said to her while she furiously turns toward him. “Ishu can only sit here,” She said while Drishya signs her to become silent. “It’s alright Ani, I will sit there,” She said moving toward the other chair while she deadly glares her.

“I am thinking something about us,” Shivay said to her while wearing a tie. “What are you thinking?” She asked while sitting on his bed, staring him. “Umm….I will tell you later ” He said turning toward her. “But why? You have to tell me now” She said annoyedly. “Be patient Maya.” He said wearing his coat. She was about to say something when a knock on the door interrupts their conversation. “Let me check,” He said and move toward the door. He opens it and found a servant with breakfast. “Give it to me,” He said while not giving him any entrance. “Shivay, I don’t like when you hide something ” She frowns. “It is a surprise for you. Let it be a surprise” He said keeping the tray. “Is he talking to himself?” Servant thinks to listen to his voice outside the room.

“Hey, Bro, How come you here,” Anika said doing Hi-fi with him. “Actually, I come to drop Ishu’s Car” Swayam replied. “Why didn’t you come inside?” She asks him. “Someone banned my entry inside the house,” He said looking at Drishya while she rolled her eyes. “Wait, How did you get Ishu’s Car?” Anika asked. “Her Car get to break down yesterday.”He lied while Drishya looks at him annoyedly. “You take this. I have to go to Hospital” He said giving her keys. “Sure, Why don’t you join us? I mean Ishu also go to the hospital after dropping me ” She suggested cheekily while she patted her forehead. “Ani, I have to drop you. He might become late” She said. “Really, like that he doesn’t become late if he waits for a cab,” She said in n sarcastic way. “It’s getting late. Hurry up!” She said sitting on the passenger seat. Drishya looks annoyedly on her adamant behaviour while he sits on the backseat.

“Oh God! I get late again. I have to go now” Anika said bidding bye to her. “Be careful ” She shouts from behind and sees her entering the building. After she walked in, she comes near her car. “Get out ” She ordered him while opening the back door of Car. “What!” He looks on shockingly. “I said get out of my car now,” she said. “Have you lost your mind?” He asked while coming outside. “Yeah, Stay away from Ani. What do u think I didn’t get why did you come at this time when Ani is going to her work. Such a liar you are ” She said angrily. “Don’t do drama on the road. You know very well Who is a double-faced person?”He taunts her. ” Whatever” She replied.

“Sorry Sir, I got late,” Anika said entering in his cabin. “Not at all, You don’t get late. Actually, we came early. Isn’t it” He taunts her while typing on a laptop. “Where is your new excuse?” He said while collecting papers while she looks on annoyedly. “Sir, This is the last time. I will come early from tomorrow” She said covering up. “Well, I have to show the designs to employees. If you want to do fake promises here, you can do it” He warned before walking out from his cabin while she looks on irritatingly. She sighed and followed him.

“Shivay Sir,” She stops him from behind after the meeting.”Yeah, What do you wanna say ” He said turning toward her? “Can I get designs sketches which I made?” She said to him while he looks on shockingly. He remembered that he burnt all the designs.”Why do you need them?” He asks while she looks at him doubtly. “Actually, I just noticed that it can be better. I have to do some changes” She said. “Then Why don’t you do on the laptop. They are in the form of presentation” He said in a convincing voice. “But I will feel more connected to real ones ” She replied with a smile. “I forget where did I keep them in my home” He lied. “Ohh…It’s alright, then I will do it on the laptop. You try again to find them” She said looking at his changing expression while he walked out from here.

“What’s wrong with him?” Anika asked from Nisha while sitting on her desk. “Are you talking about Shivay Sir?” Aditi said joining the conversation while she nods her head. “He is introvert,” Aditi said while Anika looks on in confusion. “No, I don’t know how to describe it. There is something very unpleasant about his behaviour. He gives strong vibes of deformity with others like he has his own world” Anika explained. “He doesn’t like to mix up with people. He never went anywhere and never invite anyone. Just he is always busy with his work” She replied. “Why don’t you guys try to talk with him. It’s like everyone is kinda robot here for work” Anika said. “What can we do when he doesn’t talk with anyone?” Nisha said annoyedly. “That’s why God gives punishment to such rude people,” Aditi said. “What do you mean,” Anika asked. “A few years ago, He gets framed for the murder of his previous secretary,” Aditi said while giving them a shock. “How is that possible? He didn’t take interest in anything. How can he kill anyone?” Anika asked while she shrugged her shoulders and muttered “Don’t know! I just told you what other people say.”

Precap – Anika in Shivay’s house for finding her designs…..Shivay talk about marriage with Maya to Pinky.

Is Shivay really a murderer?

Is Anika going to fall in big trouble?

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  1. Saniya fathima

    Very interesting ff… Kindled the curiosity level to extreme.. Very unique plot if at all ur story cmes as a serial then it wil for sure bang the 1st place in trp nd rule the charts unlike the fights of big boss or same saas bahu drama…. Loved the nok jhok between swayam and ishu… Shocking behaviour of maya so over possesive… I think shivay is imagining maya as the servant is unable 2 see?waitin 4 d twist to unfold soon even the flashes of drishya dream is suspicious? Why is ishu name changed into drishya all these increase my curiosty level… Keep it up and do continue to write it on a regular basis as these are only my key to relax and timepass waiting 4 next update

    1. Niyati

      Thanks, dear for your precious comments, it means a lot. Glad you like it. What to say about Tv serials, they all are rubbish. I used to watch Beyhadh but it is going downhill too. I am glad you are liking the plot, yes it is a very unique one because it is a psychological thriller. Glad you loved nok jhok between Ishu and Swayam. About Maya, you get to know soon who is she? Yes Ishu’s dream play major role here. There is no mystery behind Drishya’s name….Ishu is her nickname and only those who close with her can call her with it. I am updating it on daily basis. Hope to see your support in next chapters too. Take care?❤❤

  2. Saniya fathima

    Shivay killed his secretary? Shocking question eagerly waiting 4 d answer

    1. Niyati

      Yes,there is a mystery behind it?

  3. Saniya fathima

    Why is this idiotic anika entering shivay house i am sure if she is caught he would blast her… Who is pinky? Small doubt

    1. Niyati

      Anika want to know the truth….You see, she is curious. Pinky is Shivay’s mother?

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