Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 21st August 2019 Written Episode Update: Ajit lies about Rohan’s girlfriend

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The Episode starts with Sonakshi leaving. Rohit smiles. Pari asks how is Dr. Rohit. Rohan says he is better now, I m glad you called, so sweet, I spoke to few producers, they wanted your pics. Pari says I will mail you, I need to go out, I will talk later. He asks do you mind me calling you Pari. She says I don’t mind. She ends call. He asks Pooja not to talk to Rohit. Suman asks why are you talking to Rohit. Pari says Rohan has many contacts to help me. Suman says if I said Sonakshi won’t talk to Sippys, same rules are for you, I have much hopes from you, I have worked hard on you, look at your sister and learn from her. Pulkit says its Chopra’s call. Suman goes to attend. Pulkit says I can see changes in mom, I think you should also change. Pari asks him to just go. She says sorry, I m not Sonakshi.

Rohit calls Ravi… He asks where is my car. Guard says Ravi isn’t answering. Sonakshi asks what’s happening, take any car. He asks shall I lie in ambulance and go. She says I have time, I will drop you, Shankar was tired and resting at home. He asks did you renew license. She says I didn’t get time, sit, I got it renewed, I was joking. She helps him. They leave.

Sukhmani asks Veena to be strict. Nishi says yes, we have to get him married. Vimmi says Rohit left from the hospital. Rohan asks his friend Rahul to do this. Rahul asks what about Sonia. Rohan says its time for me to change my flavor, you invite Pari to your birthday party. Rahul says but Tanya will also be there. Rohan says yes, Tanya will ask me to invite Pari. Rahul goes. Sonakshi drops Rohit. Rohan sees him and goes. Rohit says look at his attitude, don’t know how to handle everyone. He talks to Rahul and goes. Sonakshi smiles. Adha ishq…..plays…. She thinks of Rohit. Ajit comes to her and greets her. She is lost. He knocks and greets. She says I was driving. He says your gear is neutral, you know driving. She says yes, I even renewed my license, I came to drop Rohit. She leaves. He smiles.

Rohit tries to talk to everyone. They all are busy and ignore him. He sees Veena. Veena also acts busy. He says fine, I m going to my room. Veena says everyone is ignoring him. Rohit uses the new phone. He says I have to convince everyone, I can do it. Vimmi says Rohit looks so upset. Veena says what can I do, Sukhmani is also right, he should have got married by now. Rohit says listen to me. He comes to everyone and says I m sorry for what I have done, I will go to my patients. Servant says Ravi has been fired. Sukhmani says I did this. Rohit says you know I can’t drive. She says its my house and my rules. She asks him to see pics of girls to marry. She says marry Komal and get Ravi back. He says who does this to get driver back. She says you don’t need us, you need Ravi, maybe he can do this. Akash says he has high fever, you were drunk somewhere, marriage is the best solution for Rohit. Rohit says this is nonsense. Yash says get married and change for good. Rohit asks Veena to say something. She says I spoilt you.

He says you know I went to Pune… Naren says we know you went to meet your ex GF, she won’t come back, even then you are ruining your life. Rohit says yes I went to meet Raima, I went to inform Raima’s mum that I have moved on, I m in love with someone else, I can’t marry Komal. Nishi says we know you well, you are fooling us. Rohit says no, I m serious. Rohan asks how did you get someone else in your life. Yash asks why did you hide this from us. Rohit says no, I want her to say yes first. Akash asks did you tell truth to Raima’s mum. Rohit says yes. Nishi asks how did you get hurt. Rohit says it was raining, roads were slippery, I fell and got hurt, I wanted to have a drink, I bought expensive alcohol, it was of cheap quality, what shall I do. Yash asks whom do you love.

Rohit says let her say yes, then I will make you meet her. Akash says you lie so much. Veena says you tell me about her. Rohit says her name is…. Ajit says I know, Sonakshi Rastogi. They all look on. Rohit says yes, I love Sonakshi Rastogi. Rohan asks what rubbish, you never liked her, you fell in love with her, nonsense. Ajit says so much changed now, he loves Sonakshi and didn’t tell her yet. Rohit says yes. Nishi asks that Suman’s daughter, didn’t you get anyone else. Sukhmani says Sonakshi will come home, not her home, I like her a lot. Naren asks is this true. Rohit says its true, before I could think of it, Ajit told it, I was thinking to create some drama and tell the name. Veena says I like Sonakshi a lot.

Vimmi says you have become Shiv of Parvati. Veena says get her home tomorrow on Teej. Rohit says I will tell her today, shall I get her home tomorrow. Ajit says you didn’t propose her. Rohit says let me tell Sonakshi and know if she likes me, you don’t book wedding hall in excitement, I need to talk to Ajit about hospital marketing. Nishi says that’s a bad idea. Sonakshi says I left too early, ask Shankar. Shankar gets the tiffin from home. She says mum has sent this tiffin, sit down and taste it, nobody can make it tastier than this. She gets Suman’s note.

Rohit asks Ajit who told to say Sonakshi’s name, is he mad. He beats Ajit. Ajit says I saved you. Rohit says you think I love Sonakshi, she is my friend. Ajit says I saw her outside and named her, its better that she is your friend, ask her to accept this challenge, sit and talk. Sonakshi calls Suman. She says paneer makhani is tasty like always. Suman asks her to add ghee to chapatis. Sonakshi says yes. Suman gets emotional. Ajit says she is your friend, she is a TV actress, she must be doing this always, ask her to save you on Teej. Rohit asks are you on drugs, get out. Ajit says she can act, ask her to come and do bahu drama, take her on date, everyone will think you are serious, then break up with her, you pretend to be heartbroken again, your path is clear, no tension, no marriage, you go back to Raima’s life.

Sukhmani asks when will we tell his feelings to Sonakshi. Rohit says I love you Sonakshi. Veena comes to meet Suman.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. CUTE! Interesting and weird plan of Ajit, so Rohan has a girlfriend, which means he is cheating on Tanya? Or did I not understand the situation properly?

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      Yes… seems as tho it’s a norm with him becuz he was also tryna hook up his “married” friend with Pari… or maybe he’s interested in Pari himself ? idk

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