Meri Hanikarak Biwi 21st August 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishri succeeds in her plan A

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 21st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akhilesh comes to his room and finds Mira making a temporary bed on the floor. What are you doing? She says I know under which circumstances we married. I also know that you were only thinking about Ira while you were with me a while ago. I have seen it in your eyes how much you love her and I also know I wont be able to take her place ever. You gave a very big sacrifice to save my dignity. It is also my duty not to force our relation on you till the time you accept this relation wholeheartedly. There will be 2 beds in this room till then. There wont be any push from my side. I will bring my clothes from hostel tomorrow. He advises her to sleep on the bed instead. She sits on the bed. I know that your and Ira’s relation also started this way but you both fell in love one day. I pray that you also start loving me one day. Akhilesh lies down on the floor. I know it is very difficult for you (Mira) but I hope you will be able to forgive me considering the pain that I am living with. We both are starting a new life in this room today. He looks at the desk where his wedding photos were. I love Ira very much and I wont be able to forget her ever. He picks Ira’s photo. One can move your photos but not the memories that I have of you. I promise you I will have a special place in my heart for you always. I will see your face before going to bed and the moment I wake up. I have to hide this photo before the kids can get hold of it. I cannot let you go away from me. He hides the photo under a cover.

Mishri wakes up Vansh. He complains that the school is closed today. Let me sleep. She tells him that she has something very important to tell. He rues that he just got a superpower in his dream. She tells him to become a superhero later. I think Bapu has hid one photo somewhere. He is used to see Mapu’s photo in the morning. Vansh suggests her to let Akhilesh keep it. Mishri says what if we hide the photo and make him see Mapu live. He calls her cupid. She misunderstands him and calls him stupid. He explains the meaning of cupid. She agrees to become the cupid. We have to remove Mapu’s photo from Bapu’s room and we also have to bring Mapu in front of him. Come.

Mishri and Vansh peek inside Akhilesh’s room. She smiles seeing Akhilesh sleeping on the floor. I told you that angel aunty and Bapu wont sleep together. He only loves my Mapu. Vansh tells her to focus on the task. They get inside stealthily. Mishri finally finds Ira’s photo. Alarm buzzes. The kids duck behind the bed. Akhilesh rubs his eyes but does not really open them. He walks towards the place where he had hid Ira’s photo but hurts his feet. Mishri asks Vansh to bring Ira. He worries that he has no reason. She still sends him. You will find an idea yourself. Akhilesh is scanning the room for Ira’s photo (with his eyes still closed).

Devina notices Vansh outside Ira’s room and becomes curious.

Ira looks at her mangalsutra. This is of no meaning now as Akhilesh is married to Mira now. He isn’t mine anymore.

Akhilesh hurts his feet. Mishri starts shouting in concern. What happened, Bapu? You are hurt badly. Tell me how you got hurt. He tells her to stop shouting. Vansh shouts from upstairs. Is Mamu hurt badly? Will he not be able to go to work? Call ambulance asap. Ira overhears it and panics for Akhilesh. Vansh runs downstairs before Ira steps out of her room. Devina is watching everything and decides to check what’s happening.

Akhilesh tells Mishri she is fine. I have a habit of looking at Ira’s photo as soon as I wake up. Mishri offers to show him. He tells her that it is on the TV. Mishri takes him to the door. I know where it is. Ira enters just then. Akhilesh opens his eyes upon Mishri’s askance and looks at Ira. Devina is watching them from the door. Ira and Akhilesh share a long eye lock. They are reminded of their past moments together. Mishri and Vansh are all smiles. Mishri was about to do her happy dance but Vansh stops her hinting that they will not be spared. Mishri murmurs that she is the best cupid of the world. They pick up rose petals and throw them on Akhilesh and Ira. She throws the basket aside as soon as Akhilesh looks at her. I dint do anything. It fell on its own. Akhilesh complains that he wanted to see Ira and you (Mishri) made me see this woman’s face. Mishri shows him Ira’s photo. It was in my hands only. What’s my mistake if you opened your eyes in front of aunty first instead of Mapu’s photo? He says my day will be bad as I saw her photo. Ira says my day will be bad as I bought this house. Mishri tells her not to say anything about the outhouse in which Akhilesh stays. He is so used to the outhouse that he slept on the floor tonight. Devina asks Ira what she is doing in this room. Ira lies that her earring fell while decorating the room yesterday but this guy has spoiled my mood. Devina offers to do it but Ira dismisses it. Akhilesh takes the photo from Mishri. Devina is sure something is fishy. Vansh looks at her curiously. What are you doing here? You still have to dust the living room. Devina nods and leaves. Mishri turns to Vansh. Mapu and Bapu were so lost in each other. Now I will unite them! Vansh tells her he is hungry. Let’s eat.

Devina tells Aditya and Tanya it is Ira and not Amaya. Adi says you are confusing us now. You only said Ira died in the bomb blast. Tanya says she dint save either Mishri or Pushpa the other day. She even gave a day’s challenge to Akhilesh for the house. Devina calls it her mind games. We cannot let her go. We have to try again. Adi reasons that she isn’t even affected by Akhilesh and Mira’s wedding. Devina says she is trying to fool us. She tells them what she saw today. We have to find another way to expose Ira. Tanya gives up. I don’t want to take any more tests. I get trapped in such tests in the end. I have another idea in which we don’t even need Ira. She smiles as she takes Kabir’s name. I will trap Kabir in my love. Adi is uncomfortable but Tanya is positive this plan will work.

At the dining table, Mishri says I am missing Mapu’s cooking. It’s been so long since I ate something which she cooked. No one can cooks like her! Akhilesh overhears her. Vansh calls it impossible. Eat all this. Mishri declines sadly. I am not hungry. She heads upstairs. Akhilesh decides to do something before Mishri makes Amaya cook something for her while mistaking her to be Ira.

Precap: Ira cooks parathas for Mishri. She hasn’t eaten the parathas made by me since so long. She will come running to the kitchen because of the fragrance. Mishri and Vansh run downstairs as soon as the fragrance of Ira’s food hits Mishri’s nostrils. She shows the plate to Akhilesh. Akhilesh says I made it. I dint give you as they got burnt a little. She gives him a bite and says you will know now that Mapu has made them. Akhilesh takes a bite and loses conscious. Ira’s eyes widen in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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