Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 14th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahesh tortures Sonakshi

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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 14th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mahesh forcing Sonakshi to marry. Some time back, Pooja clicks selfie. Veena asks her to go and see Sonakshi, if she has worn that necklace. Pooja says sorry, I will just go. Raima asks what will I do if Sonakshi comes before rounds. She gets unwell and asks for oxygen mask. Sulochana asks from where shall I get that. Raima says its in my car, get it. Sulochana runs. Pooja asks what are you doing here. Sulochana says I forgot something. Pooja comes to room and sees Raima in bridal dress. She asks why did you wear this bridal dress, where is Sonakshi. Mahesh ties up Sonakshi. He applies her nail polish. She gets conscious. She cries seeing him. She asks where did you get me. He says I will protect you.

She says I have to go home. He says we will go our home, once we marry, we will go to my village. She gets shocked seeing the mandap. He says I have seen you for the first time when you came for Parvati’s audition, you forgot the hair clip, look I have kept it safe. He says this dress is for you, you will wear it on our marriage, you had worn this dress in show when you married Sumit, you looked like a princess, you looked beautiful, you didn’t know how I used to watch you, I used to think Kahaan hum kahaan tum, but today you are so close to me, get ready now. She shouts help. He stops her and says don’t shout, no one will hear your voice here, this studio is closed, people think there is a ghost here, please understand me, I love you a lot, Rohit can never love you as I do, you are just mine Parvati. She cries.

He shows Parvati tattoo on his chest. He says Rohit’s name mehendi will get erased, but your name written on my heart and soul will never end, understand my love, get ready, I m eager to see you, I will also get ready. He goes. She sees some sharp object there. Sulochana gets the oxygen cylinder. She gets shocked seeing Pooja. Raima uses the oxygen cylinder. Pooja asks what’s happening, where is Sonakshi, will anyone tell me, I will call Rohit. Raima stops her. Sulochana says Sonakshi left Raima here. Raima says trust me, Rohit told me that he wants to marry me, he said he loves me. Pooja asks what.

Raima says I know I got Rohit and Sonakshi closer, when functions were happening, I realized I made a big mistake, I wanted to get Rohit back, I love him, when I told him, he said he feels the same for me. Pooja asks what rubbish, why would he get baraat here. Raima says Sonakshi doesn’t want to marry him, her heart broke, so she made me ready in bridal dress, she said she can’t see my marriage with Rohit, so she went to her friend, she said she will come later and tell truth to everyone. Sulochana says I m doing this on Rohit’s saying. Pooja says its wrong. Raima and Sulochana ask her to let this happen. Sulochana makes her swear on Nishi. Pooja goes. Raima asks where did she go, we will be caught if she tells anyone. Sulochana goes. Rohan says Tanya, I m getting water. Pari drinks water by Akhil’s hand. Rohan looks at her. Akhil goes. Rohan stops Pari.

He asks why are you behaving so. She says I m single, I m not married and can do anything, stop controlling me, give water to your pregnant wife, don’t command me. She goes. Rohan gets water for Tanya. Akash says take her home, doctor will check her, she looks unwell. Rohan takes Tanya. Mahesh says I got ready, Sumit had worn this sherwani on your show. Sonakshi attacks him with the knife. He gets a cut on his face. She threatens him. He pushes her away. He says you compelled me to do this. He drags to the mandap. Pooja goes to Rohit and asks what happened between you and Raima last night. Rohit recalls. He asks did Raima tell you, she is so stupid, I don’t want anyone to know this. Pooja asks did you take this decision. Rohit says yes, its good for everyone, I have told Sona, she understands this. Pooja asks what, are you sure. Rohit says we know what we are doing, there is no option if we three have to stay happy, don’t tell this to anyone, for my sake. He goes. Sulochana smiles. Pooja gets worried.

Sulochana says Raima, Lord is with you, pheras should start soon. Mahesh plays mantras on phone. He exchanges garlands with Sonakshi. Suman says Sonakshi didn’t eat any food. Veena says I will also meet her. Mahesh hears a car horn. He stops the recording. Someone knocks the door. Sonakshi shouts. Mahesh stops her. The men knock and ask is anyone there, open the door.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh god Raima is playing such a CHEAP game😞😞😞, Sulochana who was just ruling her mind till now has also succeeded to rule her HEART with evil👿👿👿, I used to love this show coz of the differences it had, and 1 of that difference was Raima😢😢😢
    Good job, SONAKSHI, you gave one on that a*sh*le Mahesh’s face with a blade👏👏👏, i used to pity him and Raima in the beginning🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️, coz I though Mahesh was behaving so is coz of his OVERDOMINANT WIFE🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️, but what he is doing right now is just 2 much!!!🤬🤬🤬
    Liked the way, Pari showed attitude to Rohan👌👌👌, but I didn’t like the fact that she is using AKHIL only to get ROHAN towards her🥺🥺🥺, she desrves neither ROHAN nor AKHIL😡😡😡.

    1. SerialLover

      Yes, this became like any typical serials with a lady villain within the house, and good people turning bad because of her. And I think Nishi is gone forever now. It was sooo good to listen to her speak, and how she turned in favor of Sona. Had she been there, I am definitely sure this Sulochana would have been in her limits. Please someone kick her out!!!

    2. Hii @lisa.. Seeing you after loongg time.. 😍😍😍😍 Don’t worry yr.. This raita(raima) is going to get some good slap some Suman.. Till then just tolerate her.. I read that siyappa’s character is going to end with the marriage track.. I also feel this raita is unbearable now.. 😡😡😡😡😡

  2. Today both dipika and vineet just nailed it yr.. Killer spine chilling performance.. 👏👏👏 but still I think it’s my khkt.. It’s OK they became sometimes over dramatic.. But think those from other angle.. Like they use kinnars to save sona.. Generally many people uses ‘kinnar’word as a slung, they change the concept of ‘namard’ and ‘mardangi’.. They show us that every fan is not like vimmy, some are like Mahesh.. Every guy is not Rohit Sippy.. There are Mahesh too.. For whom his own desires matter most..
    KHKT showed us Love >>>>> rituals.. That’s why veena doesn’t stop rohit from meeting sona.. They use their own stereotypes to break them.. Like siyappa aunty said “TV serials mein hota hain to real life mein kyun nehi”.. They showed that ML is enjoying function.. Not like FL is in danger.. So mata Rani will sign ML and he goes to save her.. Here FL is enough for herself.. She fights back for herself.. Really I love KHKT.. and still if anyone thinks Khkt is over dramatic then just watch other shows.. You’ll automatically know how progressive KHKT is.. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. SerialLover

      You are right, but by dramatic, I didn’t mean only mata rani giving signs, but that same old scenes which were only used to drag the serial beyond limits.
      Like they are doing in Muskaan serial right now… Like the hotstar’s Muskaan front page tells: “Can Ronak pull Muskaan out of the complicated turmoil of her life?” and the answer has not yet been realised., The dead sirji has come back, and Ronak has become the owner of an office within just 6 years..
      I don’t want to compare this serial with that, as that is way beyond limits.

    2. What u said is true
      That’s the reason why I am living this show
      Please show ronakshi’s wedding soon
      In today’s epi dipika and vineet nailed
      She was perfect in showcasing the emotions and I really want to see her escape from mahesh
      I was happy yesterday when they showed the precap that pooja is coming to know about bride swap.But unfortunately it doen’t worked out properly😥😥😥😥
      Looking forward to see RONAKSHI MARRIAGE

      1. SerialLover

        Yes, and the misconversation and misunderstanding between Rohit and Pooja… I hated it…

  3. The bride swap thing isn’t bothering me but the timeline is, Sonakshi had an hour to go to her shoot do the scenes be back and get ready, on top of that she’s been kidnapped, went unconscious etc etc yet the wedding time still hasn’t arrived. Also when they were going to do close up before at her house she was still in her full bridal wear how was she going to give shots like that, you’d think to safve time she’d be ready for the shots. I know with illogical storylines they take artistic license but these things niggle at me.

  4. Skipped many parts of the show today for the second time.just waiting for RonaKshi’s marriage

  5. i hope that no one takes my comment in a negative way as i am simply wanted to give my opinion and i read it again and again to prevent any offended words.
    i watched this show from beginning because i liked the story line plus i left watching Hindi serial and i wanted to make a comeback and not be a judgement person. i have waited with patience and didn’t wanted to ruin the mood for the serial lovers but when i saw today’s episode i am kind of extremely disappointed because:
    1) i know what is going to happen next ( no suspense )
    2) Dont like sonakshi’s acting ( i didnt feel any emotion while watching her )

    i think i wont be able to see the serial anymore.

  6. This serial, is one of my best. But since yesterday, I have not been happy Sonakshi. How can she leave for work, one hour to her wedding. How can she be so gullible to give her wedding clothes to her grooms ex. I pray that the wedding should happen with Raima. After all she is younger.

    1. SerialLover

      No, Rohit will get married to Sona only, not Raima.

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