kabir or sanveer true love sdch (part 1)

hi guys was busy in exams so couldnt write anything.sorry for any mistakes in story.so here it goes,
Characters are same in story.
Story based on current track,

Malhotra and gaytri were taking 7 pheras,veer stopped them.sanchi is also there with veer
all are shocked to see savitri alive.
Veer-now this marriage cant happen
Malhotra-all the people plz go marriage is not happene.
All people leave and are gossping against savitri devi being shown dead.dr kabir also leaves
Veer-mr malhotra how dare u to speak lie that maa died.you lied to us till 15 yrs.why?
Dadi-i thought u cared abt savitri.but u cheated all of us
Priya runs to hug savitri
priya-maa,aap kaise hoo?plz answer
Veer-priya maa is in coma she cant say

Sanchi goes from there.she thinks its not correct time to say anything.
Veer-so u mr malhotra wht would u say now?
Mr malhotra acts-i am sorry to everyone.but i was helpless.he narrates false story to everyone.
Sanchi stops and stands to listen the lie being told by malhotra
Mr malhotra-15 yrs back when savitri was misplaced in hospital i thought tht she was dead.so i opened hospital in name of her.but after 1 year i found tht savitri was found by local hospital.when i went there savitri was allright,she told me that i would say to everyone tht she is died.because i had put all my wealth in hospital,by her charity funds.but soon she got a paralysis attack and she get into coma.i had to keep her promise so i hid her in 10th floor
Veer-i dont believe u.i am going
to maas room,she will now stay in your room its her right,and u mrs gaytri pack your things from room
Sanchi (in mind)-i think malhotra is saying lie.
She goes to hostel.trio discuss abt whole thing.
Gaytri-anand i am going from this home.
Malhotra-gaytri plz dont i will solve the matter
Priya goes with veer to room and says sorry.she sees vikrant and goes to him.
Vikrant-baby aaj tum ruk jaoo i will not stop u.but come soon as u know wht can i do.
Vikrant goes.

after 8 years
A women is cooking food, she goes to wake a man
Its dr kabir
the woman is none other sanchi!
Dr kabir-sanchi…
He grabs sanchis hand. Sanchi falls on bed.they stare each other. kabir kisses sanchi on lips.
Dr kabir- i love u ……
Sanchi-sir aap…
Just then a knock is heard.a maid gives a parcel to sanchi.
Dr kabir-what is in it?
Sanchi opens parcel
A card is there’dr kabir invited to dr veers sucess party with family’
Sanchi-sir..i think we should not..
Dr Kabir-sanchi 8 yrs had gone we have moved on.we should go there. Veer would get glad.if we went there.
Dr kabir-sanchi i am with u dont worry
Sanchi runs to washroom she vomits.
Dr kabir-sanchi…kya hua?
Sanchi-sir since 2 days i am feeling like puking
Dr kabir smiles..
He makes sanchi sit
Dr kabir-hmm..let me check
He puts his hand on sanchis stomach.
Dr kabir-your pulse are fast.sanchi u are pregant…
Sanchi-i am so happy
Dr kabir-me too

precap-veer-isha i think sanchi loves me.she will come and i will propose her…

  1. Moonlight25

    Rj…wow this is really confusing…Veer doesn’t know that Kanchi are married and hopefully you will reveal what happened in those 8 years that so much have changed…post your next epi soon…its really nice..by the way really good epi ???

  2. Rj it is very awosome but if sanchi is with kabir then what is in veers mind in precap is it a flashback
    If not then plz make fb si we can know what happen in 8 years

  3. Very nice and update soon

  4. sanchi? kabir

    Loving it but its short post one or two more today

  5. Wow superb and amazing and waiting for next part

  6. According to ur story line,I think after the death of kabir sanveer unite.it’s just my thought dr.don’t be try to misunderstand.
    Anyway nice epi rj..

  7. Awesome veer don’t know about kaanchi and saanchi is very happy with kabir but what happened in this year’s so confusing but I know will clear the confusion. Update soon yaar now can’t wait plsssss??

  8. It is amazing bt what happen 8 years before waiting to know it.

  9. Is the heading proper?It should be kaanchi or sanveer na

  10. Abhilasha

    Interesting yaar…… Sad for veer but happy that for now kanchi are married!!

  11. Lovely. This is awesome. Please post the next part soon. Can’t wait anymore.

  12. RuCh23

    I think the precap is either a flashback or veer doesn’t know that kanchi is married ??? anyway amazing story dear ?

  13. Nice story

  14. amazing update rj……..hope the precap to be a flashback or veer doesn’t know kanchi’s married………..

  15. Awesomd story i like sanveer. Please post the nxt ep early.
    Twist makes it awesome…

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