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So here we go

The scene of the Pandey nivas

Vasu do aarti n says everyone today i I got my life best happiness my both son r going to marry
Balu: but ur kabir is in abroad
Vasu : he will also come

Kabir comes

Vasu : I am happy that it going to marry thank bihan I always want he as my bahu
Kabir gets shocked that thapki is going to marry bihan
Kabir : maa tha…
Vasu : kabir u came beta he hugs her n says

I am happy that my both son r going to marry
Kabir : my new to
Vasu : yes beta he going to marry sakshi
Kabir : no maa I just tell yes for thapki n when she is fine now y should I force myself in the realroom which I don’t want u dont like her i will be not happy with her
Vasu: ok beta fine I will find a another girl 4 u
But my bihan is going to marry
Preeti bahu suman bahu she callast all the servants and ask to clean the corner corner of the house

Here shradha hugs thapki n cries
Shradha : ur like a sand in my hand now which is going to pass rapidly .when u will go this home will become empty for me I will.miss u
Thapki: u will also get a new home soon
They both hug

Vasu calls kosi and inform that we will do Roka tomorrow
Kosi agrees
Vasu in mind ( I got thapki by a lots of efforts n bihan got his love after many obstacles I know thapki get ready for marriage because of respect but I want them always I want them always forever she gets an idea)
Vasu : bihan bihan beta
Bihañ: haa maa
Vasu : I have so many works and kosi ji also will u and thapki can go n buy a dress for roka
Bihañ: maa but I don’t have a Good choice
Vasu : thapki will have good choice go
(Kabir overheads this)

Bihañ was going on the way to exit Pandey nivas’s door
Kabir : bihan
Bihan: bhai for buying cloths 4 Roka
Shall I too come I m free m bored
Bihañ: bhai come n.a.
He takes a car so that he can take thapki too ???? he smiles
Bihañ was smiling
Kabir sees that in mind I will kill ur smile very soon thapki is mine I loved her first what if fate is not matching but my love is true .I will be villan between u I will never let u become one .
They reach thapki’s house
Bihañ: come n touches the feet of kosi
Kosi : bihan u what happen
Bihañ: auntyji maa send here so that I n thapki can do the shopping for Roka as u and maa r busy can I take her……
Shradha : haa haa jiju u can take her
Kosi : haa beta wait I will call her
Thapki o thapki
Thapki : ji maa
go with bihan for shoping
Maa now
Beta go I m very busy u go for s hoping

Thapki to shradha
Shradha plzz come with me naa
Diiii I don’t want to become a villan between u
U go
Shradha plzz come naa I will also not go if u will not come
Shradha in mind ( o God what is this now I have to go because if I will not go dii will not go and if she will not go my jiju and di will not come close )
Shradha : okk di I will come
They both go
They sit in car
Thapki: I told u too come n.a. see kabir also came with him

They reached the shop
They enter the shop
Thapki get slipped through slippery wet tiles bihan hold her by waist they have an eyelock ( ranjha n.a. plays )
Shradha smiles??
Kabir gets angry ???

They look into each other eyes
Kabir ????
Kabir : goes to shopkeeper
Kabir : can’t u keep ur shop dry
Thapki n bihan come into Sense they get shocked seeing each other they separate
Bihañ to shopkeeper
Show us dress
Kabir: act to talk on phone
Kabir : sorry bihan I need to go to office will u drop me
BiHan: bhai
Kabir : do one thing we both will but a dress for u come let they both but for them he takes him

Shopkeeper ….
He shows a gagra of sky blue colour with pink design n golden diamond
Thapki: shradha see it is soo good n.a.
Shradha : no di

Shopkeeper shows many….
But shradha ignores
Shopkeeper shows another gagra of golden Lenga n green design n green golden blouse
Thapki : it is best shradha
Shradha : yes

They ask him to pack
A strong voice came wait
He takes a gagra which is hanging it is of baby pink colour blue royal and silver n designed with a lots of diamond
Shopkeeper : it is the best gagra of my big shop
Bihañ: so she is also best wife of this big world.
Shopkeeper: it is of 30 lakh
Bihan: not more than my wife pack it

Thapki: but bihan it is just a Roka
Bihañ: so what I wAnt mt wife best

They leave
Bihañ sit in he car kabir was not there so he make thapki to sit front
Kabir looks from far he try to come but they leave

On the way speed breaker was there there bihan put the emergency break thapki get jeark bihan hold her hand they look at each other
Horns of vehicles disturb them
Next road was improper bihan hold thapki’s hand thapki get shocked
He tells rlad is improper I don’t want u to fall
Thapki was looking towards him continuously without any blink
shradha smiles????

Precap : thapki falls on bihan

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