Kabir and Saanchi – A Doctors’ Love Story (Part 1)

Hey guys:)
This is my first time so pls comment what i should do better.

The Story starts where the Serial is now.. so dr. kabir trying to impress saanchi.

After the cardiology book incident:

kusum: Are golu! Next time you should definitely gift her something more romantic.

Kabir: And what???

Kusum: Think about her likes….

Kabir: I have no idea…

Kusum: That day when i asked you both which place sanchi likes to visit, you both said shimla… sooo…

Kabir: Soo ? I cant take her to shimla?! she isnt my wife or gf…

Kusum: Then take the whole class!

Kabir: you mean as a group?

Kusum leaves him alone and lets him think about it…

kabir thinks:
That woud be the best time to befriend with her and to get her know…

Next day after talking to dr.malhotra he announces in the class:
Tomorrow we all are going on a medical camp. We will examine people in remoted areas for free. That is also part of being a good doctor and a very good experience in your internship.

Veer: Yes!!! Yes Yes!!

Saanchi: How long will we stay and where?

Kabir: for 2 weeks and where … thats a surprise

Everyone was excited and saanchi pragya and isha started to pack their clothes and already tried to guess where kabir has planned the camp.

In the evening kabir stands at the window and saw the moon. He thinks:
In These two weeks many things will change… i just hope i really get saanchi to love me….i think i really love her.

The next day …….

In the bus somehow kabir and saanchi have to sit beside each other
saanchi and kaabir getting closer…

  1. Neha7873

    Nice plot !continue soon

    1. Miya321

      Thank you!!

  2. Wowww nice miya..
    Pls update next part asap..

    1. Miya321

      Thanks! 🙂

    2. Miya321

      I will try my best:)

  3. nice pls continue it

  4. Nice very nice continue plss

  5. Ilove this serial

  6. This is really very good miya continue soon dear. Loved it.

  7. first of all, a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi to u Miya………good going dear…….keep up the good work & eagerly waiting for more of kaanchi moments…………

    1. Miya321

      thank you riya

  8. Very very nice awesome superb and waiting for next part

  9. Moonlight25

    Wow Miya a great start…really looking forward to the next part…great one…post your next one soon and waiting for more kanchi scenes ?

  10. Miya321

    thanks to all of you!!!! 🙂

  11. RuCh23

    Good plot Miya ??? let’s see how Kabir make Sanchi to love him ???

  12. a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi to u Miya
    And plz take this story to end and post long and daily plz Miya

  13. a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi to u Miya
    And plz take this story to end and post long and daily plz Miya sweetie

  14. wow nice

  15. Superb ff but write little long ff

    1. Miya321

      i will keep that in mind;)

  16. Kabir sits beside Sanchi sounds interesting

  17. Hema69

    nice plot dear

  18. Nice yaar eager for next part post it asap.

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