Ishkara : Pyaar ya nafrat (Episode 69)

Episode 69

So guys, as I had said I am back to entertain you all with the next episode. I hope you all missed me, I don’t know but I missed you all a lot, really a lot. I have holidays till 3rd September and I’ll post regularly till 2nd, my level best. Today’s episode is different from all other epsidoes, it doesn’t have much of dialogues but filled with emotions and a light on all the bonds Shivaay, Omkara, Rudra, Anika, Ishana and Soumya shared with each other, I hope you all love it.

So let’s get back to the story,

RECAP: Obros united…….All watch Dadi’s video

At present, Oberoi Mansion,

The three brothers broke the hug and looked at each other, a smile had adorned their faces, after ten years, there was a smile complete of happiness, it wasn’t the fake one that they carried like a burden for so long but a smile filled with happiness, love and care. They stood up and looked at their family, who also had the same tears of happiness.

Om walked up to Pinky who had her head bent low, she couldn’t find the courage to face Om, all her harsh words for Om flashed in front of her, in these ten years, she didn’t leave a chance to blame Om for mistaked he did or didn’t do, she made him feel bad by repeating the same story again and again, she didn’t ever understood his POV, she broke into tears and sat sown, crying badly, Om just hugged her tightly and she cried even more,

Pinky: I am sorry Om, I did wrong with you, I blamed and punished you for mistakes you never did, I never left a chance to make you feel bad, being a mother also I couldn’t understand you, I am very bad, I am really sorry, I am really sorry.
Omkara: No Choti maa, please don’t say like this, it’s not your fault, you were deeply hurt and I know you didn’t hurt me intentionally, and you are my mother and a mother has complete rights to scold her son when he does anything wrong and you were doing what every mother does. Please don’t say sorry.
Pinky: I must have done something really good that I got a son like you, you don’t know how much the mother in me missed her son.
Omkara: Don’t worry, now your son is with you forever.

All looked happily at the mother-son, who says relations are by blood, true relations are from the heart and Pinky-Oms relation is one such. Jhanvi looked at ShivRu who without wasting a moment ran and hugged her, they cried the tears they had stopped all these years, and she caressed their hair. After a few moments they broke the hug.

Om went and hugged Anika and Soumya while Ishana hugged Shivaay and Rudra, the bond these six shared with each other was something different. The beauty of this bond couldn’t be defined in words.

Anika and Om shared a completely different relationship from the very first day they had met, Anika was not just his Bhabhi but his best friend with whom he could talk his heart out without thinking twice, she always stood by him and their relation had grown stronger in all these years, although from ten years a wall had been built between them but their relation had not broken but now it had only grown more stronger, if Shivaay was like a father to Om, Anika was no less then a mother, a selfless mother. Om still remembered how hurt he was after knowing about Tej being the culprit for the murder of Ishana’s parents, and instead of being angry over this, Anika talked to him and tried not to affect his relation with Tej, she even gave upon punishing Tej and gave him a new chance. And Om was not just Anika’a brother-in-law but a true brother, who supported her when even Shivaay was against her, she still remembered how everyone even Shivaay blamed her for cheting him with Daksh, it was only Om who stood by her and supported her, there were times when she didn’t share things with Shivaay but told them to Om, although people questioned their relation and spoke bad things, they both were unaffected as they knew the purity this relation had.

Om and Soumya also shared a beautiful bond, Soumya still remembered the first time she had celebrated Raksha Bandhan with Om and how lucky she felt to have a brother like him, Om was always by her side to support her even if it meant going against his own brother Rudra, she really felt guilty for not trusting her Bade Baal Wale Bhaiya, when he needed it the most, maybe the wife in her overshadowed the sister but not fot long, after all how could a sister be angry after knowing the difficulties her brother had gone through, Om Bhaiya inspired her always and he was her role model. For Om too, Soumya was no less then Priyanka, if he did anything for Prinku he made sure he did something for Soumya too, their relation was indeed the most beautiful brother-sister relation which even blood relations couldn’t be this beautiful, what if they were away from each other for some years by heart they were always connected.


Shivaay hugged Ishana and caressed her hair and back, the bond Shivaay shared with Ishana was way different from anyother bond in his life, although Ishana was Anika’s sister, Shivaay cared for her even more than Anika ever did. Although their relation didn’t start up as a good one because of Ishana trying to con Om but after knowing her reason for doing it, Shivaay promised himself that he would never let Ishana feel the same pain again, never ever. If Om was Shivaay’s heart, Ishana was the heartbeat. They had shared so many secrets with eachother which even Anika and Om were unaware of. For Ishana, Shivaay had the same respect as she had for her father, she still remembered the fatherly affection she felt in Shivaay’s eyes when he consoled her, he protected and pampered her like his own daughter, the emotions of this bond would touch anyone’s heart.

Ishana caressed Rudra’s hair, although they were partner in masti it wasn’t as if they didn’t share an emotional bonding, even if Anika was like a mother to Rudra, Ishana was no less, Ishana wasn’t just his Bhabhi but a motherly figure to him, he respected her just like Anika, although Rudy showed him as being unaffected and happy-go-lucky, he always had this pain of losing his Ishana Bhabhi buried in one corner of his heart, although they weren’t connected by heart, they were connected forever by heart. Rudra literally beahevd like a kid with her, he could share things which he even hid from Shivaay and Om, she still remembered how Rudra managed to cheer her mood on any occasion when she felt sad or depressed. A relation completely based on love and care is what they shared.


The bond by which these six hearts were connected was just beyond words.

Although they had seen a lot in life, their love, care and affection never changed. Relations not only become beautiful because you put in efforts, they become beautiful also because you pour in your heart to make them beautiful.

Anika and Shivaay had spent so much time together but not even once did Anika feel that she was being sidelined by Shivaay for Omkara and Rudra, in fact she would be the fisrt one to run for help when OmRu needed it the most, Anika had earned a special respect from Shivaay because of this selfless behaviour, Shivaay felt lucky that he got a life partner like Anika who made his ond stronger with OmRu unlike other wives who separate husband from his brothers, she was really an unique person only made for him and he felt extremely satisfied to have her, he was proud of her. She not only loved his family as hers but also earned a special place in their hearts.

Omkara and Ishana’s relationship was different from other relationships, they were not connected by love as much as they were connected by pain, pain they had witnessed in their lives, and they healed each other’s pain. Om felt happy to have Ishana who gave him something he had lost years ago, she gave him his brothers back because she knew how much they meant to him, he was happy that she had accepted the fact that his brothers are everything to him, and she lived happily with it.

Although Rudra and Soumya tied knots in the most irresponsible manner but they fulfilled their duties with utmost responsibility. They had developed a sense of maturity after they got married. Soumya always knew and was happy with the fact that Rudra loved his brothers the most, maybe even more than her and she felt proud of him for this.

Shivaay-Ishana, Anika-Rudra and Omkara-Soumya shared emotions that no words could define. Anika, Ishana and Soumya are the perfect life partners Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra could ask for and that’s why they became Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya.


That’s all for today, tomorrow I’ll post the last episode of this story, I never thought that the day would come so soon that I would have to end this ff, I cant express my emotions in words.

I hope you like today’s episode, Please do share your views through comments.
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  1. Fenil

    U managed so well.
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    Awwwwwwwww….Beautiful these words can defined this chappy.
    Very carefully and brilliantly written by you Dost.
    Totally loved it.
    Love ShivikaIshkaraRumya.

    1. Thanks dost 🙂 🙂

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  2. Wow, this has been an amzing journey, congrats and waiting for the last part but i will surely miss this family.

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    It is awesome and lovely dear… Ahha… I am crying…. This is going to be end…

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    Finally, you updated… I was missing your ff…
    It’s awesome…. I loved the way you explained the bond they shared each other… I can’t find a proper word to describe them…. It was simply amazing… Love your writing, dear….

    1. Prajkta

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    Dear Prajkta
    AniSouOm Bond IshShivRu Bond Beautifuly Write It??ShivIka,IshKara,RuMya Relation Nicely Write It??Precap Dekh Kar Dil Pe Kuch Laga Iam Really Gona Miss This FF.??But Please Aap Apna Dusra FF “DUNIYA PALAT GAYI”Issi Tarah Fastly End Math Karna Please???Please Last Epi Abi Thak Banaya Nahi Tho Ek Lambha Sa Banayiye Jiss Main O Bro Moments Junior Oberoi Moments Romace Fun Entertaiment Ek Dhamakidhar Epi Banana.Last Epi Ka Sadness Kam Ho Jaayega Agar Ye Sab Milega Tho???

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks UF
      I know you don’t want the ff to end but remember every ending is a new beginning, maybe not completely sure but I might write a season 2 for this if you all appreciate but not now later

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    Awesome fabulous…loved it
    The way u described about each of their bonding was beautiful..u nailed it dear…

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    Such a beautiful description of all d emotions n bonds of Oberois!! I’m speechless

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  8. Nooooooooooooooooo….. I was sooooo happy 2 see u. I was soooo happy dat ur back. I was speechless while reading da epi. But when I saw da precape I started crying. Plzzzz donn end it. Nd if u r really going to end it start a new 1 on IshKara.

    1. Prajkta

      Thanks Mahi for your love and support
      Even I never thought I would end it so soon but everything that starts ends one day
      Although the ff has ended but not our journey and friendship and it’ll never end also.
      I have a surprise for ishkara fans which I’ll post next week, I hope you like it

  9. Ankita27

    first of all congratulations prajkta for OS competition…
    Wonderful update… loved each n every part to the core… i don’t have words to praise…feeling short of words… Beautifully written… “RISHTA WO HAI JO DILON KO JODE, WO NAHI JISSE KHOON JODE”… ??? the way u described om n pinky’s mother son bond kaash ib me bhi pinky aunty esi hi hoti…. ishvay, ishru, omnika, omya, ishru everyone’s bond were amazingly explained… shivika… iskhara… rumya… ?? Bas ek hi chappy baki hai… Eagerly waiting for the next part…

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    1. Prajkta

      Thanks Tanavi for commenting and sharing your thoughts on this ff

  12. Shilpa

    Finally an update…was wondering when you will be updating…missed you and your ff….the episode was just wonderful….the bonds are well portrayed….it’s sad to know that this will be end with one more episode…all the best and take care.

    And congratulations for the OS competition….

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    i m speechless Dii
    What an chapter you r amazing
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