Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 17th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Gungun apologizes to Anu’s family

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 17th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gungun saying Anu’s family would have felt bad, I have to apologize to them. Golu says Maya embarrassed us a lot. Sunanda asks is money everything. Charu says I also felt bad. They all talk about Gungun and Riddhesh. Gungun comes home. She cries and hugs Sunanda. Gungun says I m sorry on behalf of my mom, I got something as a token of apology. Sunanda asks what token. Gungun says I got muffins. Golu says then make such mistakes every day and we will happily forgive. She asks everyone to have it. She says Anu isn’t here, where is he. Charu says he is in his room. She takes a muffin for him and says sorry on my mom’s behalf. They argue. She says I m not interested to marry, what reason will you give this time, that I have a BF. He says yes, and about your mom’s behavior, its about self respect, no man will tolerate that his would be wife has a BF. She says go and tell Charu that I have a BF, I want to see your guts. He says you wanna see. She says yes, you already have Akriti in your life, she likes you, so she doesn’t like me. They argue. Golu and gang come there. Gungun says Akriti loves Anu. They ask what. Gungun says Anu should give a right reason to break the marriage, he has a GF, he should tell Charu about Akriti. Yug says you didn’t tell us. Anu says I m not in a mood to joke. Golu asks who told you that Akriti is his GF. Gungun says I can see their affair, so she has an issue with our marriage. Anu says you also have an issue, do you also love me. She says I hate you, I don’t want to marry you. Golu says we will still get you in this house as our bahu, we will get you married to a tree. Gungun says it will be better than marrying him, I have Zumba class, I will go. She leaves.

Anu asks why do you take Gungun’s side, I m not happy with this marriage. Golu says we will tell Charu and cancel the marriage. Anu says but Charu won’t agree. Golu says convince him. Neeti says don’t spoil your and Gungun’s life. They all laugh. Garima comes to Gungun and says you praised Anu. Gungun says I did that by mistake. Garima says you went there to apologize to Anu. Gungun says I went to apologize to his family, he was showing attitude to me. Garima says you like that. Gungun asks why, he is insulting me less now. Garima says you like him. Gungun says no, never, maybe he isn’t annoying much. Garima teases her. Charu stops Anu for a talk. Anu says I didn’t say anything wrong to Maya. Charu says your way was wrong. They all explain him. Anu says my family is my pride, she insulted you all, I m sorry if you think I did a mistake. Charu says great. Anu asks shall I go now. Golu says Gungun came here to apologize, Anu threatened of cancelling the marriage. Goli asks is he saying the truth. Golu asks why would I lie. She asks Anu to say. Anu says yes, I can’t marry such a girl whose mom insults my family.

Charu says you shouldn’t punish the daughter for mum’s mistake. Anu says it will be a dream come true for Gungun. They all praise Gungun. Ankit says Anu always fights with her. Golu says Gungun came on my one phone call for Goli. Anu says I didn’t call her wrong. Sunanda asks why didn’t you take her side when your junior slapped her. Goli says Gungun is also your family. Anu says I will take a leave today, we will have tea and discuss. Pradyush comes. Goli gets shocked.

Maya says I m going back to US. Gungun thanks her. Garima says at least stay for Gungun. Maya says I do care for Gungun, I m ready to stay but she has to apologize to me.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ish Maya mein itna attitude kyun hai

  2. Silvan Desouza

    Yeh Annu ke gharwale aur jija kya pura din uske peeche hi pade rehte? Aur kuch kaam nahi karte

  3. This show is so slow moving and all that happens is talk talk talk..but no real action…as for the acting of the leads …she’s like a robot with no real expression in voice or her acting and same goes for the male lead….

  4. I am really enjoying this show
    I love the fact that they are not rushing the story and they are giving us time to know and understand each character
    Because sometimes they rush and then they run out of story line and start giving us crazy & unbelievable ones.
    I cant wait for when Anu & Gungun will understand each other and fall in love.
    Maya Mama is too much but Gungun is enough for her
    I love the way Anu’s family pampers her

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