Chikoo – Yeh Ishq Nachaye 17th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Chiku wins the scholarship

Chikoo – Yeh Ishq Nachaye 17th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini saying what proof was he talking about. She checks the cupboard for the watch. She gets shocked. The college principal announces the dance competition between Dhanush and Chiku, the best one will win the round and the scholarship. Dhanush performs on the song Dil Bechara…. Everyone claps for him. Kamini says I can’t let that man ruin my children’s future. She calls Sameer. He asks didn’t you get the watch. She says we can meet and help each other. He says you are desperate to meet me, do you regret your actions, I will come to Joshi house tomorrow. She says we will meet somewhere outside. He says matter should be at home, wait for me. She worries and says my rule will end in the house, no.

Chiku compliments Dhanush for his dance moves. Dhanush says dance for yourself today by forgetting the world, give your best performance. Chiku is called on the stage. Mini looks on. Chiku performs on Taal se taal mila…. Dhanush smiles seeing her. Mini goes and thinks she will dance when music is there. She stops the music. Chiku stops dancing. Principal asks why did the music stop suddenly. Pushpa asks Sameer why are you worried. He says Lord has to support Chiku, when she is close to succeed today, she must get a fair chance to show her talent. Chiku thinks what to do, how did the music end. She recalls Dhanush’s words. She closes eyes ad recalls Nupur. Chiku performs wearing ghungroos. Everyone claps for her. Dhanush goes on the stage and plays the guitar. He sings Jag ghoomeya….

Everyone likes their chemistry and claps for them. Principal says Chiku didn’t stop after the obstacle, the winner of this round and the scholarship competition will be declared, they both had good intentions to compete, the winner is Chiku. Dhanush cheers for Chiku and congratulates her. Everyone claps. Principal says I request Chiku to come and say a few words. Chiku says I have learnt a lot in this scholarship competition, the credit for my victory goes to Dhanush. She thanks Dhanush. She says I will never forget the encouragement you have given to me. Principal says I m proud of you two, I want Dhanush to make her wear the medal. Dhanush makes Chiku wear the medal. Everyone claps. Dhanush says what you told about me matters a lot. They smile.

Nivaan asks why do we have a party here. Kamini says rich people don’t need any reason to party. She argues with Aai. Nivaan asks can I call my friends. She says of course, you can invite anyone. Dhanush recalls Chiku and smiles. Alka comes and scolds him for not winning. She says I regret about you, your dad had seen big dreams for you, you are a stain on our family. He calls it enough. Sameer says Chiku is a winner. She thanks him. Nivaan and Aarav call her and invite her for the party. Sameer says you will go. She says okay, I will come. She thanks Sameer and hugs him. He thinks you will get all your answers tomorrow.

Dhanush compliments Chiku. He proposes Chiku with love. He says I love you Chiku.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Today episode sounds great but about the party i doubt sameer might think the problems about nupurs death Will be solved but although sameer is smart kamini is smart er i think she Will think of something to Hurt sameer and unfortunatly i think she Will succeed again she never looses that devil of a kamini i would like her to die OR put in jail for ever but the makers always let her win in the end it happend in the first show and proberly now also i am glad chickoo won the comptitions now i hope mini Will loose everything But i doubt IT my question to the makers is why in these chickoo shows the wicked people win the good ones loose why? Have a lovely day

  2. finally she won it and precap is sweet but still am afraid of it
    I hope,it isn’t a plan of danush to broke her.

    1. Chill it’s going off air after 2 nothing will happen..

  3. Kamin will never hurt chikoo parents they are smarter than her but I think Kamin will doubt after she knew chikoo is back but nupur husband will back in the house to make sure nupur murder is punished.Chikoo will help him to find evidence.

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