Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Gungun contacts Armaan

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 12th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Gunjan meeting the doctor and telling her problem. Doctor says its called diplopia, it can be the symptoms of something serious, we will do some tests. Gunjan asks is it anything dangerous. Doctor asks her to get the tests done right away. Gunjan says I have to go home early today. Everyone waits for Gungun. She calls Charu. He scolds her for not keeping her duties towards her husband and family. She says sorry, I will need some time, don’t wait for me, I have to go somewhere. Gungun comes home to meet Garima. Garima asks is everything fine, come, sit. Gungun says I came to take your blessings. Garima blesses her. She says I got nominated for the World press award, it’s a big achievement. Garima asks her to handle her family well. Gungun asks will you get upset if I get some dangerous illness. Garima asks her not to talk bad things. She says I will get some food for you. Gungun calls Armaan. He wishes her happy anniversary.

She says I called you to fight. She calls him Anubhav and cries. he says its okay. She says I didn’t get time off, I thought to go home early but… He asks what happened. She says sorry to cry in front of you. He says friends are special, we can’t share few things with family, but with friends, tell me the problem. Gungun says there are many problems, you aren’t here with me. He says its good I m not here, I would have not stopped myself after seeing your tears. She asks why did you go so far. He says not for money and good job, I didn’t want to stay there. She says you wanted to hide that you like me, I went to a doctor today. He asks why. She tells him everything. He asks her to hang up the phone. She asks why. He says just hang up. He calls someone and cancels his meetings. He says I m going out for some days. Gungun comes home. The family meets her happily. She asks about Anu. They say Anu has gone to his room, he was tired, maybe he went to sleep. Gungun comes to her room. She knocks the door and asks Anu to open the door. He comes out with his pillow and says I m going out to sleep. She asks him to come along with her for her medical tests. He asks why do you need me, you are the editor in chief, you will get a line of people to accompany you. she says its serious.

He says even I m serious, you just have to go for blood tests, I m busy, and wish you a not so happy marriage anniversary. Its morning, Sunanda and Sargam ask Gungun to have food. Chandru says tell her that I have made kheer. Sargam says yes. Golu says so I m scared of having kheer. Chandru says fine, don’t eat, everyone will get it to eat. Gungun says I m getting late. Sunanda asks her to have food with them today. Gungun says I took a leave tomorrow, I will have food tomorrow. Sargam says learn to respect elders, the fast is today, come, have food with everyone. Anu hears them. Sargam asks is your work imp than this family, this is a family, not any hotel. She scolds Gungun.

She asks her contribution towards the family. Gungun says you work at home, I work outside, I get money, isn’t this a contribution. Charu says you got ego in you. Golu says maybe she really has to go somewhere. Charu says she can go, everyone gives money to the family, no one lectures, I don’t need her salary from today. Golu says this would have not happened if you listened to the elders, have the food. She refuses. Charu says we don’t waste food. Gungun says I have blood test today, I have to be empty stomach. They all ask her is she okay, why didn’t she tell them. She says you all didn’t let me complete, I know I can’t give time to the family because of work, I m working hard, if you can’t appreciate this, at least don’t scold me, you got troubled by me, even I m troubled, I can’t handle this now. She leaves.

Gungun gets the tests done. She asks why did you get my MRI done. Doctor says I will tell you everything once the reports come. Gungun goes to office. The girl says its time for your meetings. Gungun says give me 15 mins. The girl asks shall I get food for you. Gungun says no, I have kept a fast today, my family has kept a fast, they won’t like it if I don’t keep it, I will manage.

Armaan calls the doctor and asks for Gungun. He says I m Gungun’s friend, I wanted to talk to you about her condition. She says you can ask Gungun. He says she won’t tell me or her family, is everything okay. She says its good you called me, I wanted to talk to her family, I can tell you if there is anything serious, after checking the reports. He says call me after seeing the reports, I will in India by tomorrow.

Anu meets Akriti and says I should have married a girl who… Akriti says who would take care of you and your family. Doctor says Gungun, you have a brain tumour. Gungun gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I don’t understand why the writer has to bring back armean and akriti into the story again for now where he has one week for the story to end,I was hoping for the writer to make anugun married to wk but the writer is making the story boring, is the story not about gungun and anu ,two different people from different lifestyle coming together and how they adjust to each other?so why this.

  2. Anubhav is a jumping jack, first Jumped to Akriti then Gungun and now again Akriti, worst character ever seen on Indian Tv.

  3. Can someone please tell when this show is ending, that day I’ll see starplus at this time slot to see something new and fresh.

  4. What a twist.Anu again looking back for his ex? Disgusting

  5. Anu is seriously disgusting

  6. Why blame him?he is Just an actor, blame d writer

    1. Mysterious Person

      relax dude…@Surabhi is just blaming a character called Anubhav not the actor Manan

  7. @mysterious person yeah 🙂🙂

  8. Wasn’t is going off air in August??

  9. AngelineZabini

    I hate to say this but Maya was right.. gungun shouldn’t have married anu and his family…. Anubhav has become a heartless person who doesn’t even care to know about why his wife is seeing a doctor or why she’s asking him to go with her!!! I wish they divorce, gungun gets better and marries Armaan, who is the best!

  10. Achanak they change characters with 365 degrees… no logic, no sense
    Someone goes to doctor and people show them attitude
    Within a minute Anubhav forgot all wrongs done by Akriti and imagines her as perfect wife.
    What the hell is going on writers… Hope serial isn’t extended much more.

  11. Charudutt and family were silent when Akriti did manmaani, shouted at people and did all natak and now scold Gun gun..

  12. Armaan itne jaldi wapas paunch gaya? Kaunsi flight li usne? Akriti achanak Anubhav gotchu ko achi lagne lagi? The girl who threatened to drag the family to court? Scientist ka dimaag phira Hua hai kya?

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