Pandya Store 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Shiva gets angry on Raavi

Pandya Store 12th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone having food. Shiva coughs. Dhara asks Raavi to get water. He says no need, I can get it myself. Suman jokes on Raavi. Rishita says Suman looks cute when she talks sweetly like this. She jokes on Shiva and Raavi. Dhara takes Chiku. She asks what will Chiku eat today. Suman thinks don’t know how long Dhara’s happiness will stay, I feel scared that Chiku’s mum may come home. Shweta calls her mom and dad. Servant says they are not at home, they were talking of going to Somnath. Shweta thinks they went to find my baby, I have to stop them.

Gautam gets a call. Doctor says we got the letter from the baby’s mum, she wrote that she wants to give the baby to the lady who got her to the hospital, if you want to keep the baby, then come and take the letter. Gautam smiles and says I will come. Dev asks which letter. Gautam says there is a letter found in Chiku’s mum’s file, she wrote that she is giving Chiku to Dhara and me by her wish. Everyone smiles. They all get happy. Dhara asks Suman to double their happiness. Suman says fine, last time, I will give money for the party, next time you all throw the party yourselves. They all cheer for Chiku. Gautam goes to meet the doctor.

Everyone gets busy in the party arrangements. Rishita calls Dev. Krish jokes on him. Gautam comes home and calls out Dhara. Dhara gets Chiku with her. Dhara shows the decorations to Chiku. Gautam smiles seeing Dhara. Dev says she is beautiful, right. Gautam says yes. Shiva and Krish tease Gautam. Gautam pulls their ears and says you pull my leg. Dev says you look cute when you blush. Gautam says a lady will come, she will question us and see our family, she will decide if we will have Chiku with us or not, don’t do anything wrong. They see Dev, Rishita, Shiva and Raavi arguing. The lady comes and asks for Gautam. Dhara thinks did she see this drama.

They all do overacting in front of the lady. Suman comes and asks who is she. Gautam says she is from the child NGO, she will decide if Chiku will stay here. They all introduce themselves. Gautam says we will give much love to Chiku and also good education. Dhara says we will try to give him everything that we missed in life. She shows Chiku. Lady says we are seeing your bonding with him. Gautam says we are giving our best, Chiku will stay with us. Suman says Krish is the best child, take Krish with you if you want. Shiva jokes. They all laugh.

The lady questions Gautam. He answers. She asks do you know his biological parents, do you know them. Gautam says we don’t know much, if they contact us, then we will take their opinion. She says your answers are satisfactory, I will talk to my team. He asks her to attend the party. She says sorry, its not possible today. She takes Chiku’s pic. Rishita says I m going to get ready now, Dev come. Dhara says now no one can separate Chiku from us. Gautam says everything will be fine.

Rishita and Dev get ready. He compliments her. She says I feel stressed, there is a baby in my womb, I feel baby will come soon. Raavi says my family has kept a party for my success, I m bringing a contest, tell me my fav party songs, you will get a chance to party with me. She shows the shirt to Shiva. He argues.

Dev asks baby not to come today. He asks Rishita not to think of her delivery today. he says its Raavi and Dhara’s day, let them stay in limelight, promise me. She says I will see later. Raavi says you used to fight with me before, I did a mistake to ask you for water, calm your ego for Dhara and Chiku’s sake, please. He says ego, right, you will call me a jealous husband, good, its your party, I will leave. She stops him. She requests him to attend the party. He says congrats for your success. He goes away. She says he got angry, how will I stay without him. Rishita asks her to come, guests have come. Raavi goes.

Everyone comes in the party. Suman sees Shiva and asks him to wear something good. Shiva says this is okay. The lady says its Raavi’s day today, he will look good and shine if he stands with Raavi. Shiva leaves. Shweta’s parents come there. Shiva doesn’t see them. They ask for Raavi and go to Pandya store.

Rishita feels the labor pain. She screams. Everyone is busy attending Rishita. Shweta’s mum takes Chiku with her.

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