KAATIL ~{A Revengeful Love} S2 SHOT 38

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Episode 38
@ Vishal house ??
Vishal and everyone of their upcoming movie was present there and waiting for others soon Jas too reached his house ..
I am sorry for late she said
It’s okay Jasmin come Vishal said taking her inside ..

You called so urgently she said ..
Yes I got your co star he ended smiling who ??? She asked

He is right behind you Vishal ended..Jas turned and looked at SIDHANT who stands with shock expression too ..

Hahaha such a huge suprise right so yeah I wanted to cast you both again as you both rocked in KAATIL and I am sure this time too Vishal said ..

Sidmin looked at each other blanky and met they had kept their wedding unknown to anyone everyone knew about avneil getting married but not Sidmin ..they greeted professionally..

You guys talk I’ll talk to you in sometime Vishal said and left while Sidmin stands ..
You when did you signed this movie Jas asked ..

Same even I want to ask you this he answered ..
Wo I did mostly 2 weeks back she ended ..
I did 4 days before he answered ..

They were happy to work again but it was too awkward for them too as they are now “HUSBAND AND WIFE”
You will not call me your make up artist again right Jas said while they laughed remember something ..

Flashback shows ::
On the sets of kaatil sidhant didn’t have an idea who is his costar Jas entered with some of the makeup artist while sidhant looks at her ..

You are my make up artists right start your work he said ..
Excuse me? Jas replied .
What ? He answered ..

I have been signed for lead herione jas taunted him ..
Wahatttttt you ? He looked at her ..what happen to director he said ..and went outside ..

She is my Costar he asked ..
Yes she is not even your costar she is writer of this story too their director answered ..while jas smirked and left from there showing thumbs down to sidhant ….while he stands with frown ..

Flashback ends ::
They met the other cast of their movie but their eyes were still stuck on each other whenever no one is looking at them ..

They went back home separately and told everyone also about their movie the happiest was Sakshi as she wanted them to come close and understand each other …

3 weeks passed by their condition was still same fighting Sidhant flirting …jasmin scared of his closeness ..they sleeping on same bed with instructions that no one will cross border while avneil was busy too with their new project ..Rohan and others went back to London and kush stayed here he talks to jasNi everyday and ask them if they are fine or not Khushi went back to complete her SEM too everything was going on smooth Sidmin shooting also started ..they were enjoying very much this time very very much …
@ set :::
Perfect the director said as he took the face off shot of his movie while Sidmin moved apart ..

You both rocked it well I wanted to Inform you we are shooting today for night too as I need to shoot some more here so do you guys had any problem ? Vishal asked ..

I don’t have any ask her sidhant said ..
Hmm even I don’t have she ended ..
Then amazing you guys go rest for sometime then we will resume again Vishal said while they nodded..

They came back after their shooting their scene they were sharing the same vanity uhuu why shooting at night I should have said NO Jas said wiping her tears falsely while sidhant laughed ..

I know it kkn you can’t shoot at nights he winked at Jas while she ignored him ..
Whatever she murmured and continue combing her hairs ..

Sidhant went from their and came back soon he kept a wrapped burger on her table while she looked at it ..
I know you are starving have it he murmured..she quickly opened it to find her extra cheese burger ..

Omg thank you ..she said quickly having bite ..but how do you know I like extra cheese burger she said with her mouth stuffed …

I have often NOTICED you having it during kaatil times he answered ..
She gulped in quickly and looks at him NOTICED Haan she said raising her eye brow while they share an eye lock again ….

Wo I mean yeah anyone would notice kkn you are such a foodie too he said ..
Don’t call me that she said ..
I’ll he replied while they both fought again …

Soon they resume their shoot and had pack up early morning ..
Superb scenes you both gave now go and have rest the next part of shooting will be done soon till then take a break Vishal said to all of his crew members …

Jas went to her see her car but didn’t found it she saw Sid who was standing near his car .. without driver ..

Sid too looks at her It seems my driver and your driver went on long drive but forgot to come back Jas said ..while Sid smirked ..
Haha very funny ? come we will go in my car Sid said ..

If anyone sees us than ??? Jas replied ..
Nothing will happen he said helding her hand he opened door for her and let her in while she smiled soon they drove off and after sometime they reached ” S VIHAR”

all the drive Jas keeps on singing songs loudly so that she doesn’t sleeps while Sid was frustrated with her..
Reached he said while she ran to their room quickly while he smiled .

She is really weird he ended going back inside too ..he met Neil in middle they they for sometime soon Sid went to his room and looked at Jas who already changed and was ready to sleep ..she closed her eyes while he went towards his secret bar and took out an alcohol bottle to refrain his tiredness ..

Jas was facing the other side when she turned and found him doing something in corner ..
What’s he is doing ?? She murmured and got up she tip toes and stand behind him and was shocked to see his own bar ..

What the hell ? She said loudly while Sid was shocked seeing her
What you are doing here ? He asked ..
You tell me what the hell is this ? She asked him too ..

Wo it’s my bar he replied proudly ..
Hein so ??? She said ..
So what I need an drink so I came he answered ..

But drinking is dangerous she said wide-eyed ..
And who said that ? He asked ..
Advertisements baby it’s destroys our lungs she answered while he laughed ..
Ahaan ? Baby he said

Wo I mean you shouldn’t drink she said .
But I often does he replied ..
Okay then make one drink for me too ..she ended smirking .

What ? You will drink too he asked while she nodded in yes ..
No you can’t he said ..
Why ? She asked snatching his bottle and gulping in wow it’s taste is so good she said alcohol overpowering her senses ..

What you did he said shocked and snatched his bottle..
It’s so good I’ll drink this daily ..she answered …

Huh no you will not he said sternly
Why not I’ll for sure waise why you hide it ?? Mummas boy Haan so that your mumma doesn’t know right wait I’ll tell your mom that you are so smart Haan she said moving towards door ..

While sidhant pulled her back and looked at her no don’t do this mom will kill me ..Sid pleaded ..
Then to I’ll definitely tell mr bevada or else I’ll drink daily you decide anyone option for me ..she said ..

Okay I’ll not drink I’ll get it remove Sid said ..
Promise ? She asked ..
Yes and dare you call me bevada he gritted his teeths faking a smile ..

Good boy she said stumbling while he lifted and made her lay properly in bed..she falls in deep slumber soon

Such a drama queen she is Sid said Haan I have to leave this habit too he ended looking at Jas ..
He quickly changed and slept beside her too …
Next scene ::
AVNEIL were walking hand in hand while Avni was missing Everyone and Neil saw her ..
What happen Avni why are you so worried he asked while she nodded in no
Nothing Neil just missing my family she said resting her head against his chest while he smiled ..

Haan don’t miss so much or else Neil said while she looked at him ..
Or else what ? She asked ..
I’ll be jealous then he said cutely while she smiled .

Jealous of my family Haan she said ..
Yess jealous of your family he replied while they continued walk-ing

Let’s go inside and cook something I wanna have breakfast Avni ended ..
I’ll make something today he said ..

What ? You know how to cook she Asked wide eyed ..
Yes I know don’t underestimate Neil khanna he said ..

Let’s see she replied they both went to make something for them ..
Next scene ::
It has been evening Sidmin keep on sleeping whole day while jas woke up with heavy headache and screams ..

Ahh ouch why it’s paining she rubbed her eyes and saw sidhant smirking ..
What you have done with me Haan why it’s paining so much she asked ..

Me ?he asked while she nodded in yes ..
I have he said moving closer and closer towards her while she stayed glued to the bed head board ..

You have done it you drank alcohol so it’s happening he replied cooly you wanna drink daily na he ended making puppy face ..
Yess daily she replied sternly ..their faces inches apart ..

Huh that will not happen I am cleaning that place huh he said ..while she pushed his back on his place ..

They both went downstairs and sat with everyone ..
It’s gonna be nearly a month to their wedding but they didn’t went anywhere for their honeymoon Shweta complained while Sidmin who were having their coffee splits together while AVNEIL laughed and blushed at the same time ..

What happen Sakshi said caressing their back ..
No nothing both said together and looked at each other ..

Even I am thinking same you all started to work after wedding directly didn’t enjoyed your holidays Raj too joined her …
Yeah Neil said while Avni looks at him ..

So where should we plan your honeymoon Sakshi said ..
We don’t want to go Sidmin replied quickly while they all looks at them ..

Why ? They asked together ..
Wo wo our shoot is going on na so they said while others looked at each other
Ohh Woh bhi hai go and roam somewhere atleast for few days Sakshi said and rest nodded ..

Don’t worry maasi we will go to farm house Neil said ..
Farm house ? Sidhant replied but we didn’t visited there from many years then he ended …

Don’t worry sidhant we will go it will be a short outing for us too Neil ended ..Avni and Jas too agreed to go …after dinner all retorted back to their rooms ..

Avni and Jas was talking to kush on phone they both went towards the other side of house and saw pics on the wall with garlands over it …

I have saw him somewhere Avni said eyeing one pic while jas looks at confused ..
Where ?? She asked
I clearly don’t remember Avni ended..
Next scene ::
Sidhant and Neil was in sidhant room while Neil was laughing on sidhant condition ..

Oh my god you never removed your bar for anyone but does it so that Jasmin doesn’t drink I mean like seriously sidhant Gupta got scared of his wife Neil said still laughing ..

Huhu yeah I don’t want her to get addicted to any kind of these activities she is really precious for me sidhant ended ..

It’s means love is in the air woahoooo Neil said screaming while sidhant nodded in no ..

It’s nothing like that it’s just I wanted her to be safe and secure he replied convincing Neil more than that he was convincing himself that he is not falling for Jas …

Soon his phone started ringing while he picked up quickly ..and started listening to other side ..
What ??? Is this true ??? Thank you so much he said and ended the call …

What happen Sid .. Neil asked ..
Wo he said something muted and both smiled ..

Pinch me I don’t want it to be a dream sid said ..
No it’s not a dream Sidhant soon
Everything will be fine Neil said as happy as him ..

Mumma says right jasmin is really a lucky charm for me from the day she had been in my life I am forgetting my pains sidhant said ..
Yes I am happy for you bro Neil said and they hugged ..
Next scene ::
Avni and Jas was still looking at the pic which was of a man ..
Where I have seen him..uhmm babaji plzz help ..yeah yeah I remember he is arav …arav uncle Avni ended remembering while jas looks at her confused ..

(So the pic was Reveled to be of arav ..arav Gupta )
And who is he Di ? Arav ?? Uncle ?? Jas asked …

What are you both doing here Neil voice brought them back they both looks at each other and turned to find Neil and Sidhant both …
Wo ..Jas started say …

Jasmin you want anything ? Sid asked while she nodded in no ..
They both come towards them while they gulped in ..

Wo we were coming from there and saw these pics so stand there only who all they are Avni asked Neil …

Wo they he said pointing towards a pic of man and woman they are mine and sidhant grandparents (Sakshi and Shweta parents) ..

And he ??? Jas pointed out in arav pic .. sidhant looks at her something again flashed before his eyes his all happiness drained in a second …

He is sidhant father Neil spoke silently while Avni was shocked Jas was confused seeing her.. she looks at sidhant whose eyes were conveying pain ..

I am sleepy guys will meet you tomorrow good night he said and left while jas looked at him ..
Avni come let’s sleep too we have to leave early morning Neil said while Avni nodded in no ..

You go Neil I’ll just come in a minute she said ..
Arey come na plzz Neil said convincing her while they left too Jas too went in their room ..

She entered and saw sidhant who slept already ..she wondered how can he sleep in few minutes and was shocked too thinking how he slept again she noticed him since they got married that he used to take 2-3 hours of deeply thinking and falling in deep slumber but today he just slept she too lay beside and looks at his face .. thinking that she slept too …

Suddenly she heard scream and woke up to find sidhant moving restlessly in sleep his night mare again haunting him while she was shocked seeing his condition ..

Sidhant ?? Sidhant what happen looked at me she said while he continued blabbering something which was not even clearly audible to her…

What I should do she said I have to distract him somehow she said and went above him she nuzzled her face in his neck slowly kissing and rubbing his hairs while he was distracted he started calming slowly and pulled her closer to him she looked at his half closed eyes and kissed his cheeks and pecked his forehead too..

Calm down sidhant see everything is fine she said while he looked at her..his half closed red blood eyes she kissed his eyes to soothe them ..while he closed his eyes and pulled her beneath him and joined their lips while she was shocked with it but kept quiet and kissed him back ..

He broke the kiss and looked at her more tightly pulling her closer to him he spoke against their lips “NEVER LEAVE ME”he said and slept again …while she hugged him tightly she moved her hand and saw something on the other side of pillow it was sleeping pills she looked at him and cupped his face ..

What happen to him so suddenly she murmured and slept covering them ..
To be continued ….
So how was the episode ?
Thanks to all who commented and liked and dislike on last ???
Will see you all in next ?till then think what it would be ???
Bye allahafiz ??

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