Mere Sai 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Resolves Guru And Shishya’s Problem

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Mere Sai 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Two men come to Sai. Shishya tells that he lost his cool when his Guru lied to him. Sai applies ointment to the Guru’s feet and looks on. Guru cries. Om Sai plays….Sai treats his injury. Guru says my pain is gone. Shishya asks him if you are listening to me. Guru says I want justice, I didn’t do anything wrong. Shishya asks Sai to do justice. Sai looks on.

Mhalsapati brings Tulsa to house and calls Parvati. Parvati comes out and identifies her. Tulsa comes inside the house. Kids ask who is she? Parvati says she is your aunt and asks them to touch her feet. Tulsa asks who is this boy? Mhalsapati says he is Malhari, your nephew. Boy asks why her clothes are dirty, if she is poor. Parvati takes her inside. Mhalsapati asks Malhari not to tell this again and says clothes get dirty in rain. Boy apologizes.

Parvati gives her water to take bath and clothes. She asks Mhalsapati, where he met her. Mhalsapati says she was at the temple. Parvati asks about her husband. Mhalsapati says she didn’t reply when I asked her. He says he will ask later.

Sai says so both of you want justice, you will get, but God will do justice. Both men ask really? Sai says God can do anything. He asks for two papers and asks them to write letter to God with their complaints. He says you will get an answer surely. After first man is done, Sai asks him to give pen to other. Shishya says even I am done. Sai asks them to go out and throw the letters in air. They throw the letter and looks up. Sai asks them to come back and wait for answer. Shishya says when we will get answers. Sai asks them to have saburi. After sometime, both men get restless. Sai says God must have given the answer. He asks them to bring those letters back if they want justice. Both men agree and go out to search the letters.

Sai comes to Mhalsapati house. Malhari goes to bring charity stuff and gives to Sai. Sai says even I want to give you something and gives him fruit. Malhari says some black spots are on it, it is dirty. Sai says you can’t judge anything with its outer beauty, and peel the fruit. Malhari eats it and says it is sweet.

Pavitra says she will check if Tulsa came after bathing. She comes out and sees Tulsa applying dung outside the house. Pavitra asks what is she doing? Tulsa says she is doing as bahu is not doing. Pavitra gets upset. Mhalsapati tells that Parvati will do it later when the rain is not there. Parvati gets upset. She asks Malhari to come and have food. Tulsa says I will feed you with my hand. She feeds him. Suddenly she sees bee/housefly coming near Malhari and asks bee to go, why it is troubling her son. Bee is still there. Tulsa says you will die if you don’t listen to me and kills bee with her hand. Bee falls in the bowl. Parvati says she will bring another bowl. Tulsa throws the bee and eats the food. Malhari refuses to eat. Mhalsapati ji is doubtful about her behavior.

Both men search for the letter and think to go to Sai in the morning and ask. They come in the morning and tell him that they couldn’t get the letter. Guru says how we will get after losing it. Sai says same thing happened with words also, says arrow from the bow and words from the mouth never return. Guru says I never said wrong about him. Sai makes both of them realize their mistake. He says Guru is diabetic and if his injury would had deep then he might have lose his leg. Guru man asks how do you know that I am diabetic. Shishya says I didn’t know and that time my mind was not working. Sai says you can’t change the past, but can make the present beautiful. He says Guru shall not be jealous, but happy with his shishya’s success. He tells Shishya if he talked to his Guru and asked for his suggestions. He says your behavior hurt him a lot and felt insulted. Both of them feel guilty of their actions. Sai asks them to tell whose mistake is big. Shishya says I am wrong. Guru admits he is wrong. Sai asks him to have relation with Guru and also remember and respect him. He says Guru shall love and pray for his Shishya.

Mhalsapati asks Tulsa how did she come? Tulsa says she came in the cart. She then tells that she was asked to leave the house and cries.

Update Credit to: MA

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