Kaash….Maybe if….. Kaash… Chapter 18

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In Kolkata……

The atmosphere in Jha palace was tense, there younger son Deepak Jha was saved from a nearly fatal accident of a beam falling on him in the work place and also there would be DIL was miraculously saved from a car crash. This strings of accidents seems to just follow Jhas everywhere….

The head of Jha family Raj Laxmi Jha had decided to perform a Shanti Pooja to wade off the evil fallen on her family…. She had even met her family astrologer. But he said had shocked her further.

He said that her grandson Deepak was havening the worst time in his astral chart, all his sins were going to hunt him down one by one. She too was going to pay for her sins. Someone like goddess Kali was going to come to their life and destroy the very foundation of her home, she had to be very careful……

What really sacred her was the last accident that happened in Chennai and the reason Arjun stayed there. It was just a hit and run case which must have been over within two days but now nearly 5 days are over, she was getting restless. No one had any idea what was going on there and Arjun’s idea of calling Dev Mehra of all the people and announcing a project with them had scared her all the more. She had to be careful now or all her work 4 years before would go into drain, which she would not allow to happen.  She had build empire for last 38 years out of nothing and she was not ready to shatter it for the foolishness her grandson…. Or for that matter by any one.


In Chennai…

At hotel…..

Arjun Jha was also tensed with these events and decided to talk to Dev

Arjun: Mr. Mehra whats the position of the case?

Dev: Come on Arjun we are partners now let’s leave formality and call me Dev .…

Arjun: Fine but want to know what this women are playing at, why are not taking this case seriously. The child is not out of comma too…

Dev:  Well that’s something that shocks me Arjun it’s not how Tammana handles a case, I don’t know what she is playing at. But I have a meeting with her today

Arjun: Well how could you be sure…..

Dev:  It’s a long story.

Arjun: Well I have all the time in this world….. After all we are partners…..

Dev:  Well I will tell you after the meeting today. But it really seems that you too have much to hide. And what about your brother and finance are they fine…..

Arjun: Ya just a bit shaken, but what worries me is that that they were deliberate accidents, who are after them….

Dev: Well never underestimate a woman in case of her child. If they know about who was driving the car that day, that means your brother and finance is in trouble…..

Arjun: But what can they do sitting here, this seems all too wired…..

Dev:  Don’t forget they have a backing of a goon. Well I am getting late I will talk to you this evening…

Arjun thinks well if that’s the matter he has to talk to Aparajeet himself and that too today……



 At nest……

The atmosphere was much tensed at home everyone was busy in their own world and their own plan it seemed. Just as Aparajeeta was trying to finish her work she got a call from a private number, she ignored the call. After few continue calls she finally picked up the call.

Aparajeeta: Who the hell are you? And why are you calling? (Irritated)

Arjun: Wo… Wo…. People say hello when they pick up the phone sweetheart…… At least till they know who is on the other side…..

Aparajeeta: Well I am neither sweet nor have any intension to be in your heart…… who the hell are you? (Now really getting angry)

Arjun: I never thought you would forget my voice so soon…. But yes people change…. Well for records I am Arjun Jha…… (Sarcastically)

Aparajeeta was quit shocked she did not expect Arjun’s call so soon, she was really at loss of words.

Arjun: Wow that’s a first the great Aparajeeta Bose is at loss of words…….

Aparajeeta: What do you want Mr. Jha?

Arjun: Well that’s like Aparajeet straight to the point…… (With an evil smirk)

Aparajeeta: I asked WHAT.DO.YOU.WANT? (Stressing on each word)

Arjun: Well I wish to meet you. TODAY….. (Stressing on today)

Aparajeeta: Well I am busy today; we can meet after two days. (She was about to cut the call)

Arjun: Dare you cut the call Aparajeeta…… I wish to meet you today and you will meet me today.

Aparajeeta: I not your employee Mr. Jha to follow all your orders. I am busy we can talk latter….

Arjun: Well Aparajeeta if you had known me even a bit, you would have understood that I say what I mean and I don’t have the habit of hearing NO…..

Aparajeeta: Well good for you. But in my case I think you have to learn new habits. Well it’s never too late…..

Arjun: Ok Aparajeeta we will see, bye…..

Arjun cut the call but Aparajeeta knew that she made a wrong move in haste. There is nothing more than an interesting to Jha’s then a challenge thrown on face.  She knew she will meet Arjun before the day ends and she had to prepare herself for this……..

Arjun was really angry with Aparajeeta’s cool behavior, he wanted her to be frightened but instead she threw him a challenge. She made a wrong move, now she would meet him before the sun set today….. And what she said she was not his employee to follow all his orders, now she will learn what does it mean to follow order and what does it mean to his employee…..


In hospital……

Everything was prepared for Dr.Kartiks arrival, but Jo was still confused that how did he agree to treat Abhi and what were his conditions…….


It’s really hard just sitting here and waiting, and as icing on cake everyone is busy in their own world. It just seems that everyone is hiding something from me. And Meghu’s phone is out of reach from last few hours, she hadn’t even called to enquire about Abhi’s health. She just called in the morning and made some weird request.

First was that Dr. Kartik would be staying with us, second that she had decided to sell the house. It’s really sad the Nest was the only place which I could remotely call as my home now that too was slipping away……. But it was nothing compared to her son and the pain her sisters had to go through…..


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