BV+KYY: Baal Veer And Kyy (Magic And Life~Daityani Plans To Kill Nandini)

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Nandini/Hasmukh Pari screamed Baal Veer’s name. Even if she became a fairy, she was scared of fire. She panicked badly but then remembered about her magical powers. She stood calm and closed her eyes holding her magic wand straight by both hands and after sometime, she aimed it at the fire trying to save others along with herself but all went in vain as the fire kept increasing but they kept trying. Baal Veer came and got shocked seeing the fire and he too tried. At last the fire wasn’t there anymore. They all sighed in relief.

‘Thank God you came, else Pari lok would’ve been destroyed,’ Baal Pari said. ‘We all are proud of you,’ Rani Pari said. He smiled. ‘Raksha bandhan is tomorrow so I thought of making special rakhis for sisters to tie to their brothers,’ he said. ‘Yes but be careful,’ said Rani Pari. ‘OK but what happened?’, he asked. ‘Nothing, she’s just worried about you, and I have a brilliant idea, why don’t you make such Rakhis that after wearing it, gift appears automatically in brother’s hand for sister, then you can also add one more thing, you can also make selfie rakhi,’ said Nandini/Hasmukh Pari.

‘Brilliant idea, you’re the best,’ he replied. ‘We all will help you,’ said Natkhat Pari. All this was witnessed by Daityani through magical pool, she was really angry. ‘Now how she got saved again, who’s doing all this? There was one voice whose body couldn’t be seen, what’s the matter? I will see tomorrow,’ she said smirking evilly. ‘Salute to Queen Demon (Rani Daityani),’ said a thin voice. She looked beside her looking down. There stood a man small in height, his hair tied in braid, his colour was brown, he had a mole on his cheek, he was dressed up in brown clothes with ropes tucked to his shoulder to the other side of his waist.

She angrily held his braid lifting him up in air and he winced in pain screaming in his thin voice in a funny way. ‘When your face isn’t good, at least talk good,’ she said and left his braid dropping him to the floor. ‘I m going to Pari lok to see how that so called fairy got saved,’ she told him. ‘This great yudha Shree Shree Tauba Tauba will go there,’ he said addressing himself with respect but in reality he has no respect.

‘If you go, you will surely ruin my plan, you fool,’ she said angrily. ‘So you are saying that if you go, you will aim a very very big arrow, huh,’ he said taunting back and got a slap in return which resulted him to spin until he fell with spinning head. ‘The idea is very good,’ Daityani said and smirked thinking of a plan. The fairies made the rakhis ready and wrapped them beautifully by their magic and everything was ready. Later at night, Rani Pari and Baal Veer distributed the Rakhis seeing the lights off of every children.

Daityani flied to an unknown place with Tauba Tauba. ‘This is Zehreela lok, Zehreeli Maya resides her, she makes different types of poisons. There she is, let’s go,’ she said and he followed her. ‘How are you doing Zehreeli Maya?’, she said as she approached her. ‘Fine, what made you come here all of a sudden?’, she asked. ‘I want killing poison,’ Daityani replied and she gave her, she thanked her and disappeared. She went back to Daiti lok and she looked at an arrow laughing evilly and poured the poison in a magical pot.

She kept the arrow inside the poison and laughed evilly. ‘At least speak up now,’ Tauba Tauba said getting irritated. ‘I m making this arrow poisonous to kill Nandini, the so called fairy, on one side she’s a human and on other side, she’s a fairy, the brainless fairies thought they could hide her forever but no, nothing such happened. Now whatever happens, I will win and no one can stop me,’ she said laughing evilly and Tauba Tauba too laughed along with her. Little did they know that the fairies were too cunning to make the evil win as they were spying on them through magical water.

‘Now what will happen? We saved her by much difficulty,’ Aarpar Pari said. ‘We will do it now as well,’ Baal Veer said and told them his plan. Nandini was roaming around in the college with Navya when they collided with fab5. ‘Hello people,’ they greeted both of them rudely. ‘Hey,’ Nandini said and moved towards them and they got shocked on her confidence. ‘Look who’s talking, the scared one is talking,’ Cabir said and they laughed. ‘Hey hey hey, I m 100% confident OK stupid people,’ Nandini said smilingly to them.

‘Ohhh ha ha ha, then you must be ready,’ Manik said. ‘Ready for what?’, she asked with her hands on her hips. ‘We’ll tell,’ he said and picked her in his arms while she resisted continuously moving her legs and punching his chest. ‘You stupid, leave me!’, she shouted but he was laughing continuously and her shouting on him ended soon as he threw her in the pool but thankfully she could swim and she swam towards the ladder stairs and came out dripping wet. ‘You monster, I can swim OK, your pranks won’t work,’ she said stopping after every word and took some mud in her hands from the flower pot and smeared it on his face and stormed out of the college gate taking her bag.

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  1. Priyu

    Great work nandini ?? he deserves it. Hope Baal veer will do something about the poison. Manik is too much

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