Kaamna 27th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Akanksha decides to leave Manav for Vibhav Kapoor

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Vibhav says she should let Manav kill him, who is worrying, Akanksha replies she cares, he asks the reason when she finally accepts that she loves him, Vibhav hearing this acceptance of love closes his eyes while Akanksha is crying, he asks if she is telling the truth, she once again accepts that she loves him, she informs he said the truth that she must choose a single person and she has chosen him to spend the rest of her life, but she doesnot know how to end this relation with Manav, Vibhav exclaims she has accepted his love so must now leave everything on him, now not even god can stop him from getting her, she must pack the bags as the Manav whom she thinks is the chain is actually the rope, she must pack her bags. Manav is walking straight into the office of Vibhav without even stopping at the request of the receptionist, Akanksha questions what about Yatho, Vibhav assures he would also be with her.

Manav entering the office warns Vibhav to stay away from his wife, Vibhav questions then what will he do, he asks what was Manav saying that he should stay away from his wife, but what if his wife is the one who cannot stay away from him and desires to be really close to him, Manav in anger takes him by the collar warning him to close his mouth and not take the name of his wife, Vibhav questions how much does he love his wife, Manav replies so much that if he say another word then would go to the Shamshad and he will be in jail, Vibhav exclaims how much does his wife love him, Vibhav turning on the video shows how Akanksha accepted that she loves him a lot and wants to be in a relationship but she doesnot know how to end the chains of this relation with Manav, he after hearing this leaves Vibhav so sitting down on the chair, Vibhav apologizes to Manav saying he cannot imagine what he must be going through because this has never happened to him, he knows Manav is in pain and he must take a deep breath before letting it go and also leave the person who doesnot want to live with him, what is the need to live with such a person who doesnot want to live with him anymore, Manav doesnot accept that it is the truth, he exclaims Vibhav is a fraud and edited this video, Vibhav asks him to go back to his house, where he will see that Akanksha has packed her bags and is waiting for him to go and pick her up, he swears on his mother that he is telling the truth and explains he never lies on his mother.

Manav reaching the house calls Akanksha, he is glad to see that she is standing there and he hugging her mentions that he informed Vibhav she would no longer come to the rehearsal, hearing this Vibhav started making stories by saying that she is going to leave him and he would see that she has packed the bags, Manav gets really tensed after seeing the bags thinking that it is the truth but then he sees the keys, so apologizes saying he did not see she was packing to shift to the bungalow, Akanksha informs Vibhav is telling the truth and she is leaving him to go and be with Vibhav, Manav questions how can anyone leave the house on such a small thing, he tries to pick the bags but Akanksha stops him, Manav exclaims there is no need to leave the house on such small things just because he did not allow her to go for the rehearsal, he exclaims that Vibhav was making stories about them both, he even showed the video but Manav know his Akku is not capable of doing anything like this, she loves him. Akanksha disagrees saying she doesnot love him but in reality loves Vibhav, Akanksha mentions they both have been living a lie that she loves him but their marriage was just a condition, otherwise her mother would have gotten hr married to another man, she has always forgotten her dreams because of his rules, she knows they would never be fulfilled and the recording which he heard was her voice, Vibhav knows how to properly treat a women and fulfil their dreams, she needs to live with a person who can fulfil her desires, Manav in anger questions if she even knows what is she saying, they both must calm down and go back inside however Akanksha informs her decision would never end, she takes her bag to leave but Manav tries to stop her making her vow that today is the birthday of Yatharth but Akanksha questions why is he not understanding that she doesnot want to live with him.

Manav is not able to bear it, he sits down on the floor thinking about their perfect life which he had with Akanksha and Yatho, he has tears in his eyes, he asks if she can do a favour for him, he requests her to not leave today since it is the birthday of Yatharth and if he searches her then there would not be any excuse, when Yatho falls asleep, she can leave so he will also think of an excuse by tomorrow. Akanksha takes the bags inside thinking while Manav is still sitting on the floor.

Vibhav questions what she means that she will come late night, Akanksha says that he requested her to wait for some time since today is the birthday of Yatharth, Vibhav says that Manav is just playing an emotional card, Akanksha replies she is not that stupid to not understand if someone is playing a game with her, she doesnot know that Manav is standing behind her, she turns and is shocked, he apologizes explaining he doesnot have the habit of knocking, Vibhav asks if it is Manav, he asks Akanksha to hand him the phone, Akanksha asks Manav to talk with Vibhav but Manav replies if he wants to say that he has won and Manav lost, then she can tell him he has accepted defeat, Akanksha replies she has decided to stay back on his request so can he not accept her small requests, Manav replies she has learned to do business like him, he felt that she stayed back for Yatho, Akanksha replies she doesnot want to hear his taunts, she requests him to talk with Vibhav, Manav agreeing takes the call, he answers the mobile asking what else does Mr Kapoor want from him, Vibhav replies he got what he desired but what does Manav want as this birthday is just a drama but this will not go on for much long. Manav replies he just knows one way and it is that of love and if that failed then what more can work, Vibhav says they will get straight, he asks Manav how much does he want, Vibhav replies he knows Manav doesnot take bribe and even if he accepted then would have not earned much, he is ready to give him 100 million as a compensation, Manav placing the call on speaker informs the person whom he is taking away from him is his life, so what price can they place of anyone’s life.

Precap: Manav places the breakfast in front of Yatharth, he refuses to eat the burnt bread but Manav insists that he should not complain, Yatharth wonders where is his mother, he prays that she come back really soon. Manav thinks after Akanksha leaves with Vibhav that he failed to be a good husband but will not fail Yatharth as father, he will fulfil both the roles of a father as well as a mother.

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  1. So sad akanksha choose luxury over her loving husband and son.

    1. It will be interesting to know how the story will progress from now on.

  2. I wish vaibhav ditches her sooner or later….how can she do that to an honest loving husband! Poor Manav…it was so heart breaking to see him cry . I hope Yathu stays with his dad but m pretty sure kamna n Vaibhav will try to take him away tho. Kamna is as disgusting nd characterless as Vaibha!! Go live ur luxurious life…but for how long???? Who knows kaamna can ditch Vaibhav too if she finds someone better them him….gold digger!!

  3. This is the women of 21st century who are ambitious. They don’t think so much on moral rights. They want to be independent and all the f**king laws are women centric

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