Kumkum Bhagya 28th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Ranbir completes lohri puja with Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 28th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ranbir holding Prachi’s hand and dancing with her. Prachi dances with him. Rhea is upset. Song plays….Dida smiles. Aaliya stops Rhea and asks where are you going? Rhea asks how to control my anger, and asks if you can’t see Prachi celebrating. She says she is seeing good things happening with Prachi in this lohri function, says Ranbir shouldn’t have gone near her, but he hugged her, I should have won the competition, but Prachi has won. She says they both are dancing together, look at them and tells that all this should have happened with me. Aaliya asks her not to create drama and says you all wanted to make my lohri special. She tells that she is sure that Prachi’s eyes will be on Ranbir while we do the rituals. Ranbir and Prachi look at each other, as their dance ends. Pallavi comes there and asks Rhea to come and do the puja. She asks Aaliya to come too. Aaliya gets an idea and says now I have to search Dida’s specs, so as to make Prachi heard. Prachi thinks to bring Dida’s specs and goes inside. She finds someone following her and checks. Aaliya hides. Prachi asks if anyone is here? Pandit ji asks all elders to come for puja. Pallavi asks Dida to start the puja. Dida asks her to start the puja and says it is done for the good start, as you are saas of a bahu and asks her to pray for happiness. She says I handover my responsibility and position to you and congratulate her for her new start.

Pandit ji asks Vikram and Pallavi to break the coconut. Prachi sees Neeti, who tells that she was getting ready and got late. Prachi asks her to go. Neeti looks at Aaliya as she goes. Vikram and Pallavi do the puja first. Pandit ji asks them to take rounds around the lohri fire. They take the rounds. Pandit ji asks others to do the puja. Others too do the puja. Jai asks Ranbir whom is he searching? Ranbir says dhol guys. Jai asks Dhol guys to play dhol. Shahana asks Dida, did you see Prachi. Dida says she shall be here for puja, where did she go? Shahana says don’t know where she went. Ranbir also looks for Prachi. Pallavi stops him and asks where is he going? She says puja is going on and asks him to stay back. Prachi goes to Dida’s room and checks for her specs. Aaliya comes there and locks the door silently without getting noticed by Prachi, and goes. Ranbir asks Pallavi to get the puja done and says I have some important work. Pallavi says Rhea and you have to do the puja in the last and have to take rounds around lohri fire, this is our family customs. Aaliya is going out of house and sees Shahana coming there. She hides. Shahana thinks Prachi might be outside, I shall check her out. She goes. Aaliya also goes out and whispers to Rhea that she has locked Prachi, so that she can do puja. Rhea says you are the best, and thanks her. Shahana asks Neeti if she saw Prachi. Shahana says she had gone inside the house. Shahana says I will call her. Pallavi asks if anyone is left now, and tells that her son and daughter in law will do the puja and take rounds in the last.

Dida looks for Prachi. Aaliya tells that she heard Prachi telling Shahana that she will come out after Rhea and Ranbir finish doing the puja. Dida looks on. Pandit ji gives aarti plate to Rhea and Ranbir. Prachi finds the door locked and knocks on the door calling Neeti. Shahana comes inside and calls Prachi. She hears Prachi calling Neeti. Ranbir and Rhea begin taking rounds around the fire. Prachi asks someone to open the door. Shahana comes there and opens the door. She asks what are you doing here? Prachi says I came to get Dida’s specs, but couldn’t get it. Shahana says puja started and asks her to come. Dida thinks where did she go? Prachi comes there. Dida asks her to do puja. Prachi sees Rhea and Ranbir taking the rounds. Ranbir and Rhea stop seeing Prachi. Shahana asks Prachi to do puja for her baby. Rhea thinks how did she reach here? Dida asks Prachi to come, as the mahurat is ending. Prachi is about to go forward to do the puja. Pallavi stops her and says first let Rhea and Ranbir’s puja be over, then you can do whatever you want. Dida says mahurat is ending, let her do puja. She asks Prachi to go. Rhea thinks she shouldn’t have been here, if her sight falls on us, then our puja will be ruined. Dida gives aarti plate to Prachi. Prachi also begin taking rounds around the fire, and walks behind Rhea. Rhea gets angry and makes the firewood falls on Prachi’s foot with her foot. Prachi shouts. Ranbir gets worried and asks her to sit. Prachi says I will not sit and have to do the puja. Ranbir says ok, you will do puja with me. He holds her and makes her takes the rounds with him. Song plays….Galliyan. Shahana rejoices and dances. Rhea fumes in anger and stops taking rounds. Prachi and Ranbir end the puja. He asks her to come and sit. Prachi doesn’t listen to him and says she don’t need his help. He says he shouldn’t hear her and lifts Prachi. Everyone looks at them. Ranbir says I am taking you home. Prachi says you can’t force me. Ranbir says you can’t do what you want. He takes her inside the house. Rhea gets upset and shocked.

Precap: In the night, Prachi feels pain in her tummy suddenly and wonders why. She calls Doctor and tells that she is feeling a bit uneasy. Doctor asks her to visit hospital at 11 am. Later Ranbir talks to the same doctor, who asks him to come and collect his mom’s medicine at 11 am tomorrow.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Rhea your days are ending 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😌😌😌 the countdown begins!! Loved the episode. The lil argument of Chiklu in the end and Rheas face is everything🤣🙌🙌

  2. I dont understand the writers logic with Pallavi’s actions. Prachi has already proven to the guest at rhea/Ranbir wedding that she is Ranbir legally wedded wife so what’s up with Pallavi saying pranbi would perform puja with his wife and having rhea do the Pooja?

  3. I heard upcoming ranbir has memory loss track

  4. No Abhigya – no KKB! Calling all Abhigya fans to stop watching this garbage show! Let’s not support meanness, let’s not support Pranbir by artificially increasing it when it should be equal to 0. Return Abhigya. No Pranbir!

    1. Yeah you can go ahead and stop watching, nobody is forcing you to watch. My Gosh, have you met Muggs and Krish in real life that you’re spewing hatred like this? I understand your upset about Abhigya leaving but they’ve spent a Decade doing this show with no destination……let them go and do other things that they want and be happy, let them live life and enjoy after spending and decade working on the same characters with as story that hasn’t moved since the 7 year leap of Kiara……this show should have ended waaaayyyy before that but nope, kidnapping, murder, blackmail, rape and all the things in between they’ve acted out for A DECADE…. they have every right to leave.

      And leave Pranbir alone, find somewhere else to direct your malice because Muggs and Krish haven’t done anything to deserve this and neither have their characters.

    2. Who cares. We all have opinions about this show.

    3. You do realise ratings increased since abhigya were sidelined and pranbir have been given all screen time. Ratings were far lower than 2 and out of top 10 with abhigya past couple of months but ratings suddenly increased and show was back on top 10 the moment pranbir became the central focus completely after abhigya coma. So ratings were low because audience are bored of seeing the same couple who have no story left. Ekta has learned her lesson from teh rishta it seems that the moments audience are getting bored after done years the couple needs to be replaced.

    4. Esie. I direct my anger at those who need it! On those who parasitize on someone else’s work! For those who took someone else’s place! For those who, instead of improving their acting skills, do so that they would remove the real actors who have given this series for many years!

    5. Hina. This is what I’m up to! In order for Pranbir to get the rating that they deserve, and not the justifiably high numbers that they managed to achieve only due to the fact that the scriptwriters systematically spoil the Abhigya storyline to nominate their favorites!
      Pranbir, even with such artificial manipulations, did not reach the mark with which they threw off the series with their appearance!

  5. Hina. Do you realize that ratings have dropped since Pranbir came out? Most fans stopped watching the series 3 years ago. This talk about an alleged increase in ratings would make sense if Pranbuir had at least recaptured the rating that had long since been destroyed, but it is still below the minimum rating

  6. The reincarnation of Abhigya, or a generational leap with the introduction of another long-awaited good couple and actors – that’s what can return the old trp to the KKB, and not the artificial nomination of the producer’s favorites who are not even capable of raising the rating they once crushed!

    1. @AHHa, oshhhheeeyyyyyy, Freedom fighter! Abhigya Defender! One man Army! Captain Abhigya! Terminator and Rambo combined 😂😂😂 Stan energy here is strong lmao💀

    2. Girl Abhigya are leaving now so it’s doing you a favour. You don’t need to watch the show then if they’re not there?? What’s the point in going on about it as if you don’t want to watch pranbir knowing they’ll be the leads? Wait for your faves new show and watch them there. And Pranbir fans can continue enjoying watching their faves. Your opinion is really illogical either watch it or don’t? We know many Abhigya fans will leave the show good for them you do the same too. Let Pranbir fans worry about the rest.

    3. @Shifa, babes, you can’t debate with an Abhigya Stan lmao, we’re wasting our time writing paragraphs and telling facts…..they…. just…. don’t….Gerrit😂😂😂😂

    4. You are simply mean. Everyone is entitled to their comments. Stop being nasty

    5. Esie. Here I am alone and there are many of us on Twitter. I do not believe that justice will prevail, but we should at least write about criminals in the show business!

    6. For all we care start a petition! Seriously I don’t think anyone cares. You just can’t accept that your faves have exited and others will be the lead now. Get over it and wait for your faves new project. I genuinely hope they do get one they deserve it! But the toxic Abhigya fans need to not watch the show anymore you’ll be doing yourself a favour. It’s up to you if you want to cry about it to a wall!

    7. @AHHa we know there’s Many of you and that’s the funny part lmao, justice? Okay go ahead Sultan of Abhigya land😂😂😂😂

    8. You are not alone here. I have been on this page since KKB appeared on this site. Abhigya fans made this page rock. I am not a regular commentator. I have made only about two comments here. Ever since the Pranbir fans appearu here , it has been one one insult or the other on Abhigya, I don’t reply them because it is not their fault. If the producers had not stolen everything Abhigya had and given to Preeran or Pranbir there would be no insults.
      1: The makers stole Pragya’s maa Sarla, grandma and even their maid Janki plus the Kumkum Bhagya marriage Hall and gave to Kundali Bhagya’s Preeta. All in the name of being Pragya’s sister. And then they put Kundali on a time slot that as soon as KKB ends fans could still leave their TV on to watch Sarla. This made Kundali increase their TRP. No only that, they started killing Abhigya storyline so that the then new show Kundali could have a footage.
      In as much as they tried to kill KKB Abhigya was still the best Jodi year in year out.
      When they created the Iconic Jodi award specially Abhigya so that Preeta and Karan could win the regular Jodi award, I knew the makers where saying goodbye to Abhigya.

      2: Abhigya did not consumate their marriage until their until the forth year of the show and when they did, the makers gave them a 7 year leap. Welcome Kiara , Sunny and King.
      When they saw that Kiara’s track was much loved, she was taken away As if 7 years was not enough, they gave a 20 year leap. Taking Pragya 3 decades away from her original family. They started giving strange women to become Pragya’s foster mothers. They took her away from her husband, family and made her live the life of a vagabond. To make matters worse , they married Tanu to Abhi. Something we could never think.
      They made Stit play mother to a woman just a year younger than her. They made Abhigya fans feel other and spent while they making the other c fans feel younger. The makers did all they could to destroy Abhigya, the original movers of the show so that they could tire out and leave.
      All we needed was a good and respectable ending to their story.
      The makers have seen that Abhigya is a money spinning pair.That’s they use to start new stories. Just say this is Pragya’s sister or daughter and people become interested.
      After they have used the name to get footage to the story then they push her aside.

      I laugh when people talk about increase in trp after Abhigya left. You call 2.1, 2.2 an increase? When Abhigya were ruling the show they 3.6, 3.9, 4… The very year they started, they won the best Jodi award and they won it for 7 years consecutively. Even as Kundali was rating higher in trp, their lead could not win until they had to tie it with another couple and Abhigya given the Iconic.
      The fact remains that in as much as Ranbir is handsome and Prachi is beautiful, they are a mismatch. A handsome face and a beautiful face do not make an electrifying pair
      People are just watching their faces not talent.
      The first Rhea(Nina) was a better match for Ranbir. Ranbir’s interest in Rhea started with her.
      If she was still in the show, it would have been difficult to hate Rhea. Nina hated the prolonged unjustified anger of Rhea towards her mother.
      She hated the negativity and left. The Rhea she played was not as wicked as this Rhea
      All the same, if fans of Pranbir say they love them them enjoy them but please, stop talking nonsense about Abhigya fans. If we are toxic is because the makers and other fans made us so.
      We were not toxic until they stole what belonged to us and gave to Kundali Bhagya.
      We were not toxic until King’s fans what King to take Pragya and leave Abhi. We were not toxic until they took Kiara and Sunny away. We were not toxic until the arrangements to take our show and give to a so-called new generation that has the female lead that is the same age bracket with the original lead.
      But you guys will not understand until it happens to you.
      Watch out, when Prachi get a miscarriage, Ranbir will blame her and there’ll be a separation. Or she may give birth to the baby and then Aliya and Rhea will send someone to kidnap the child and then the kidnaper angrily kills the child. Zee tv always kills the first child. And then separation. They might even kill Ranbir and before he dies he will make Sid and Prachi promise to marry each other.
      The Pranbir fans used to mock Abhi while Ranbir was the good man just to buy the heart of fans towards Ranbir. Now it is Ranbir’s turn to go through the fire.
      I no longer watch KKB. I come here to read the episode and read comments because it become an old habit. In time, I may stop reading because KKB has nothing to offer any more. They are just keeping the show to continue to give life to Kundali Bhagya so that the history will continue.. I like Krishna Kaul but they are running his character in such a young age. I like Mugdha as a person. All I’m saying is that I hate the fact that that my favorite show is no longer my favorite show because it was stolen and given to her. And Pranbir fans are happy that it was so. A show like KKB that started well and gave zee tv so much popularity should have ended well with the originals.
      The lead pair now could not have matched the pair of Bulbul and the original Prab. Even Akash and Rachna were a far better pair. But Pranbir fans do not even know them.
      It was sweet to watch Pragya dying for Suresh’s love while he was madly in love with Bulbul. Are we talking about the guest appearances? Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan. Shraddha Kapoor, Sonaam Kapoor etc. Bollywood supervisors loved to appear on the show to promote their new films. But since KKB got depleted, no one came. Who wants to be a part of this garbage?

      I have told the producer what I feel on her Facebook page
      I told her I’ve watch any of her shows again and to do that I don’t watch Television anymore. I told her she broke my trust. As for Zee tv I had banned them.
      Before the producer out Abhigya into everlasting coma, she had made her first Audible Original called Dharmiyaan with Shabbir and Sriti(Abhigya) Why did she use them as a start? Because they a solid fan base as very talented performers.
      Dharmiyaan is so interesting to listen to.
      So you Pranbir fans, joint rogues of our beloved show, before you talk I’ll of Abhigya and their fan base, think I can single handedly chase you out of this with my toxic fingers. So keep quiet and enjoy your favorites because any negative comment about Abhigya and Abhigya fan with not be taken lightly anymore.

      No Abhigya, no Kumkum Bhagya.
      No duplicate can match the original. Get that picture.

    9. @ Esie, just wanted to point out that you are today (whether I agree with you or not is not the issue) doing exactly what you complained about yesterday except not directed at an actor but at a commentator. Because I read your comments on a regular basis and I know we have agreements, I cannot infer that what i read here paints a ‘whole’ picture of ‘Esie’. That wouldn’t be fair to you. Please remember that this site is specifically here for us to ‘unwind’ whatever emotion and observation that is concerning for us. We do not need to ‘take on’ other commentators. All of this is just information in the end and something can be learned from each contributor. Context must be remembered here. Even, though I may disagree with some of your analysis, I do enjoy your fierce loyalty to the personal truths that you share here.

    10. I didn’t mean to be, well, mean ….but okay I’ve heard you.

      @AHHa I’m sorry for being mean to you

    11. Shifa. YA ne khochu chto by na ikh trude kto-to nazhivalsya! YA khochu spravedlivosti dlya Abkhig’i! YA ne khochu Pranbir v shou! Yesli tam net Abkhigii, to tem boleye nem dolzhno byt’ ikh! Abkhigiya zasluzhili ostavit’ posle sebya dostoynuyu zakenu, a ne tekh kto lduchshei vsego “druzhit” s sozdetelyami!
      I don’t want anyone to profit from their work! I want justice for Abhigya! I don’t want Pranbir in the show! If there is no Abhigiya there, then all the more there must be none! Abhigiya deserved to leave behind a worthy zaken, and not those who are the best “friends” with the creators!

  7. At least they performed this puja together for their child, although Ranbir doesn’t know that.

  8. The creators continue to parasitize Abhigya by making their favorites repeat their scenes! I’ve been trashing this show ever since it turned into trash, but one promo was enough to show the extent of Pranbir’s squalor! Which is even more evident in scenes like this that were previously brilliantly performed by Abhigya.

    1. but remember AHHA (I do agree with you) that this is more the fault of the production team… as said in my other comments. These new actors aren’t really being given an opportunity to …act! Abhigya were surrounded by seasoned actors. Shabir had a chance to grow his ability… just like Krishan Kaul. The current scripts are based on cartoon level dialogue/scenes. This is the fault of the producer. Further the whole idea of media is to create as much reaction as possible. The producer is manipulative and works hard to create strife, everywhere. Why wouldn’t she purposefully do the same here. The more discussion or fighting the better for the producer and her attention seeking needs. It is the discussion after each episode which helps to keep this site and other entertainment sites alive! And I am always personally amazed that people expect perfect politeness in commentary when the show itself only gives attention to creepy criminality. Well, and evil, overdressed, plastic faced women. lol.

    2. Akituster. They are given every opportunity. That’s why they’re on the show right now. The problem is that they do anything but play! I’m not against Abhigya, I’m not against the replacement of the main couple in the series, I’m against Panbir! And I consider Mugdha Chaphekar responsible for the fact that the creators for 3 years purposefully destroyed Abhigya, forcing them to “give way” to this incapable actress!

  9. Disgusting attempt to match the level of the KKB, which they expectedly failed with the track!

    1. Expectedly and PURPOSEFULLY. Fully agree.

  10. It is so true. The memory loss is just one of the many overdone, overused themes and here we go again!! The Abhi and Pragya storyline. Useless writers and producer. Have as much creativity as a lump of coal.

    1. Hey Sleepy! Nice to ‘see’ you! Or the producer much prefers to create strife, because that makes more money than a good production. As well, the producer needs to continue moving in the direction that her ‘partners’ require for the NWO and the new attitudes that they are successfully building. India is too easy, to take care of as not many protest the dehumanization occurring. It’s karma, you know.

  11. AHHA and Esie, I have replied to your comments on yesterday’s page. Dear Esie, I do agree with AHHA comments. The trp did fall miserably when abhigya were destroyed. Some Abhigya fans (most stopped watching) continued to lurk awaiting for the abhigya’s return as kept being promised. The disappointment is simply being heard. Esie, you are correct in that this is not the fault of the new actors. If you learn about abuse in relationships and consider the viewers and the show as having an abusive relationship then the commentary begins to make sense. What a game! But don’t you see the difference? the new part of the show featuring Pranbir is a completely different show. Different budget, different director, different style of actors… all the while dangling abhigya as bait for the loyal longer term viewers. Excepting for Krishan Kaul (a wonderful growing actor) there is not much opportunity for any actor to really show their talent because of the choppy script/scenes. And the hatred. The one and only constant is the ugly hatred of overdressed women, with clearly plastic faces. The new show is being written to appeal to younger viewers. Younger viewers are interested in separate things as compared to the older viewers. …Not just characters! There is a clear change in the level of skill, as I said earlier, likely designed by all the production changes. The very fact that the budget was cut with the dp, tells you how important the dp is as compared to abhigya. Even the producer herself doesn’t take the dp as seriously as she took the abhigya story.

  12. Moutsinga Mounguengui Jocelyne

    Cette série a commencé avec beaucoup d’appoint et des personnages dynamiques. Mais tout au long des années, les personnages ont évolués dans leur jeu. Tous ceux qui ont été avec Abhi et Pragya au début ont disparu. La seule qui est restée, est Mitali depuis le début. Cela démontre la manière la série à perdu de son dynamisme après la saison 5.
    Si Abhi et Pragya doivent partir, ce n’est pas en les mettant au coma seulement et les disparaître dans le néant.

  13. Ever since the Pranbir track got introduced I have stopped watching KKB. In fact I haven’t watched it in years before the 20 years leap. However, the comments here keep me lively, because you get much fun there than in the show.

    I believed KKB should have ended with Abhi and Pragya’s reunion after introducing Kiara and maybe end with her being pregnant with the twins. Purab and Disha would still be together and we can hope Kiara and Sunny gets married. Also, we can also hope that King would reform Aaliya and she can actually get married to him. Tell me, wouldn’t that be a happy ending?

    What irks me about Pranbir/Rhea track is the fact that they are twins. Tanu and Pragya are rivals for Abhi’s attention, they are two different people but why should two sisters fight over a man? It’s a taboo, you don’t envy your sister’s boyfriend let alone get married to the same man.

    KKB is a waste of talent and Sriti is too talented to rot alongside the storyline. I’m glad she’s out.

    I don’t know why but I don’t like the character of Prachi (Mother India personified), I hate Rhea and Aaliya. Pallavi is not worthy of harboring any feelings for her, she’s plain stupid.

    In the real world, Pooja or whatever her name is, that lady is an attention seeking wannabe star. She’s pregnant and doing this? If she doesn’t care about herself shouldn’t she be concerned about her child? Do viewers need to wait until she delivers in one of the scenes?

    That Aaliya is simply terrible with that horrible face of hers. Gosh, I can go on and on.

    They made hugging Ranbir a prize to be won for crying out loud!!!

    Esie, you’re a Nigerian, do you think someone is crazy enough to try this with a Nigerian girl?

    These people are misrepresenting Indians, ruining their values and culture in the face of the world. I would rather go and watch 3 hours Bollywood movies than any of their shows.

    We know it’s not real but that’s the purpose of watching. It’s meant to be a reprieve from the ordinary, something we watch to uplft our spirits not this show of pure hatred and vile characters.

    Shame on Ekta Kapoor and the actors who are comfortable playing such disgusting roles

    1. This one is much

    2. Hullo Lois… I so agree!!

    3. @Lois, I’m actually Zambian haha, I may “sound” Nigerian because Nollywood is a big part of Zambian pop culture so we do sometimes get mistaken for being Nigerian 😅.

      But you’re right, absolutely nobody would try this nonsense on a naija girl or on any African woman, we no get sense for head oooo😂😂😂 nobody can manage us lmao💀💀

  14. Hey Colin, regarding your comment on yesterday’s page. Yes, for about one year (?), all of fandom -for and against- newspaper articles etc were speaking to Kanchi’s jealousy of the chemistry that Sriti and Shabir shared. Youtube video’s of the toll, on the marriage were shown as proof of the conflict. Kanchi’s friendship with the producer was reported. It was big. But KKB was bigger and more talked about then as well. And it was timed perfectly for when pragya’s role began to take a dramatic shift. Sriti Jha seemingly took it all in stride. It didn’t affect her acting. When she was given the role of the doppleganger of Pragya and Aliyah and the Tuna-fish all of a sudden took over the screen. With the first leap many people noticed how Sriti’s acting shifted… almost like she had been beaten in this crazy game of the producer’s and her friends. Sriti was admired by fans for remaining respectful, calm and an example of a true ‘lady’ for her public and work behaviour even as she and everyone else was watching her being sidelined, insulted and isolated. I still maintain, that of the pair Shabir/Sriti… that Shabir grew into his role and it was always ‘Pragya’ who carried the show… until Shabir joined her level of excellence. It was obvious that Sriti’s Jha’s credibility was being destroyed because of a jealous wife. there were many references to the ‘real’ story versus the reel story. Many fans had forgotten that Sriti and Shabir were actors and not actually married. The number of promotions that the two did together must have been difficult for Kanchi. After all, the threat of that brilliant chemistry between Srti and Shabir didn’t end when the cameras were off. Even I wondered if they were having an affair. Many youtube video’s etc began to appear showing off Sriti’s full life, boyfriends etc. And Shabir’s family and children and HAPPY wife. There was a clear effort to separate the two in real life. Unfortunately, for Kanchi many youtube video’s also appeared of Kanchi and Shabir looking like they had been fighting and had stopped arguing for the sake of journalists. But that was not enough for the jealous Kanchi. Sriti had to be destroyed to satisfy Kanchi’s demands. The producer worked hard to isolate Sriti and Pragya. Through all of this I came to admire a true and honorable person, who did not look downwards to the level that the producer and her friends, pets and acolytes (Rhea) live.

    1. Never understood why Kanchi had forgotten that she married an actor. With fame comes voracious public interest. Most partners of ‘famous’ people deal with the issues of fame privately. But not in Ekta’s world. Professionalism is dumped out the window in order for the producer to calm her favourite pets and give those pets everything that they want. Funny/sad, what some kind of ‘people’ will do for their ‘friendships’. Must be very desperate types to go to those lengths to make a ‘friend’/pet happy.

  15. Dear Esie, I’ve been told that I’m mean, as well. I make a lot of comments on appearance. (They are actors for gawd’s sake! Appearance is at least 50% of the game!) I wouldn’t worry. it’s about listening and respecting an opinion, even when you do not agree. You’ve written things that I could have written. And AHHA writes things that I could have written as well.

  16. OOPs did it again. Mixed up the pages. Leisa and Esie, I replied to your comments on yesterday’s page.

  17. @Akituster Yours is one of the comments I look forward to. Call a spade as you see it. No doubt KKB is a play of favourites as evident in that Pooja

    1. Thank-you Lois. I do appreciate your comment. And spades are necessary to dig through the horseshit. (lol). Smelly job. lol. The brat part of me has arrived.

    2. That’s one of the reasons why I stopped watching this show since a long time. This show and producers and even the freaking channel are so f*** biased towards half the actors in the show. The cheap Ekta as we all know is besties with Shabir and Pooja. She is mainly close to Shabirs wife therefore she met Shabir that way. But since Pooja appeared my god half of the screenspace was taken by her! The old Riya Naina Singh was in the show for a year at the most but frankly speaking she was barely in it! Her character was always on holiday and she was barely seen. The actress quit because she didn’t like how her character didn’t make sense anymore and she hated how there was no justifications to Riyas behaviour. Of course the Queen Ekta herself couldn’t let her precious show flop so she cleverly got her close friend Pooja (who was even at another show that time but it didn’t matter to the Queen) and she got her to fill in a very very grey shaded role and since then the actress face was seen 90% in every episode. Tell me something since she appeared, did she take any leave? Was her character ever on holiday? On the 2 minutes wedding which didn’t even happen the actress demanded a hefty price dress which she even admitted she had to run in it and hated it. She knew she had to run in a dress bigger than her yet still chose the dress and complained after. Of course the makers happily gave her dress. Anything for baby pet right? What about when Sriti or Mugdhas character got married? Their wedding wasn’t as big and grand Rheas three marriages. Their dress was simple and unique and if they demanded their own style of dress do they really think their wish will be fulfilled? I can’t stand the whole biasedness anymore. Sriti and the others are constantly overlooked and taken advantage of and they don’t deserve this. I prayed they leave the show since years and it seems my wish has come true. But sad for the new actors I also feel bad for them because the writer loves Riya more than Pranbir. The woman who tried to kill her sister multiple times, obsession over a guy, stole her sisters man, married him, humiliated and made a fake mms of her sister, doesn’t value her parents existence but all this doesn’t matter right. Why? Because it doesn’t matter what she does she will get whitewashed time after time. People still continue on with their lives even after she will commit a murder they will find a way to justify her actions as normal and just a poor girl who grew up without mommy. In my opinion, all the actors should leave the show expect the ones who get special treatment. That will show the f*** writers and producers their place! See how their channel and budget will go down. All that will be left is their favourite pets.

    3. YA ne ponimayu pochemu Vy nazvayete Pudzhu favoritom prodyussera? Razve teper’ ona stala glavnoy geroiney seriala? Net. Razve radi neyo byla unichtozhena Abkhig’ya? Net. Eto vso bylo sdelano radi Mugdha Chaphekar! Imenno ona yavlyayet’sya glavnym favoritom sozdateley i glavnoy prichinoy po kotoroy shou privrpartoilsya v musornuyu yamu!
      I don’t understand why you call Pooja the producer’s favorite? Is she now the main character of the series? No. Was Abhigya destroyed for her sake? No. This was all done for Mugdha Chaphekar! It is she who is the main favorite of the creators and the main reason why the show has turned into a garbage pit!

    4. QueenK. Writers love Pranbir! For their sake they destroyed Abhigya! And Pooja is as much a hostage to the situation as are Sriti and Shabir. And it’s good that she can receive privileges, at least one talented actress in the series remains. I want her to quickly go to hell and leave all this rabble to sink in her swamp without her!

  18. Seeing all these comments I just want to say one thing. First of all it’s not confirmed Shabir and Sriti are leaving! I know news have spreaded like wildfire but you should wait for official confirmation from the actors itself! Secondly, if it’s true I don’t know why people are assuming that the producers decided to end Abhigya and gave them an exit pass. What makes you so sure the producers did that? The only couple who made Zee Tv worth watching, 8 years of hard work and gave a huge budget to Zee, after all that would the channel really make a decision to throw them out? What if the actors wanted to leave themselves? It has been 8 years it’s normal for actors to get tired and they’ll want to move on and try something new. Maybe they
    didn’t want to spend their whole life just on one show. This was the same case with this star plus show and many other shows in general. Besides as a viewer who used to watch kkb since the start, for me Abhigya track ended when the 20 years leap appeared. I have nothing against the new generation but Abhigya ended then because it was about the twins and truth be told they were onlookers repeating same storylines on Abhigya which was seperation after separation. The writers didn’t know what to do with Abhigya anymore therefore they kept them on the show throwing random tracks on them. It wasn’t the same watching my Abhigya anymore i wanted them to get out of the show and try something new. You need to understand it’s been many years and some actors in other shows can’t survive more than 2 years in a show and they quit as they get bored and the show is dragging on. Be lucky we stayed this long. Maybe the actors realised that their characters have given their all but there is nothing left. They decided it was time to explore something new. And if you’re really fans of the actors you will respect their decision and support them. Hope that they land in a good project soon. Maybe work together again one day? Given if this is the case, and you have problem with other characters then you don’t need to continue watching them. For Abhigya fans no Abhigya means no watching kkb. So keep it like that and don’t bother with anything else. You’re not fans of the show anymore so why are you bothered with the show if your favourites aren’t there anymore? It’s not our business anymore. What happens next is upto the writers.. Don’t be selfish and criticise others. Do you think the actors will like seeing their fans behaviour? Especially Sriti she is close with the new cast and she even once said to fans don’t bully or troll any of her friends.. My point is that if the actors left the show on their own accord then why should we be so bothered. Respect our faves decision. They are talented and will find much better work. The rest is not our concern. Be thankful we got to see 8 beautiful years of them. If you don’t like the new couple then you don’t need to watch them. Let their fans worry about them and they’ll watch their faves whilst we do the same with ours. And trolling real life actors is NOT COOL at all! Aren’t they humans like you? Don’t they also have feelings? Think about if you were in that position. Many actors lose their life because of social media trolling so think about what you say before you speak before you make the biggest regret of your life.

    1. I agree with you. We should wish sriti and shabir the best in their future works

    2. Because the series has Mugdha Chaphekar. But she cannot bear the fact that she has to share screen time with someone and she is not all 20 minutes in the frame, but only 15! It’s not enough for her to get a role, she needs to oust her “competitors! Only she miscalculated with the fact that she doesn’t provide the audience with the same services as the creators of the series, and they can appoint her as the main character as much as they like, the audience will not accept her from this and will not half-love her! But apparently she love is not needed, it is enough for her to amaze with the work of others! I hope that she will not be able to revel in her meanness for a long time! And the audience and then the channel will appreciate her efforts by closing the series!

    3. Of course they could leave the series themselves. And I’m happy for them and wish them good luck. But if this is so, then they made the decision because their place was given to others, and instead of writing an interesting story for Abhigya, the creators promoted this rabble in every possible way. Who wants to work in an environment where producers are more important than your work, merit and talent, and the services that they provide behind the scenes?

  19. From the latest comments… is Naina Singh wanting her old job back? Sure sounds like it from the soft-sell that I was reading above.

    1. Anna what us your problem with Mugdha? she is your friend,family that stole your man too?
      The actress playing Rhea can not act period.
      to me she is just an attention seeker trying to hide the fact she has no acting skills.
      Who cares if Pranbir or Abhi/ pragya in the show.
      The serial was is and will always be crap.one man 2 wives many marriages,long leaps,separation repeated n repeated.
      What is the value of this show nothing but ,entertainment n repeated plots.
      Get a life …This is a fiction serial.Oh Gosh dont take it so seriously.

    2. Ally. It’s simple – I do not believe that the creators are so unprofessional that they would take the worst actress of all possible for such a role. From this, and my confidence in the fact that she provides some services to the creators thanks to whom she can amuse her chaslavia flashing on the screen. As for Pooja, she copes brilliantly with her role, of course it’s not right that she continues to act in her position.

    3. @ AHHA please translate ‘chaslavia’. New word for me and I’m curious as it reminds me of ‘lascivious’.

      thank-you, in advance.

    4. Akituster. To be honest, I don’t speak English very well and I use a translator when I write comments))) Apparently, this is why a word that you don’t know crept in))) I myself had to figure out what kind of word it is, since literally it doesn’t sound like that, but apparently the translator did not cope with his translation))) It means arrogance, love of glory and reverence, the need to confirm one’s superiority over others.

  20. I can’t understand what kind of shit have arranged here, insults are already going on here, not a couple, but personally an actress with whom you are not personally familiar and writing about what she does and how she does it is not well-mannered and not correct in relation to actors, you can hate them, but don’t say what you don’t know. To respect or disrespect someone is everyone’s business, but showing respect is a sign of your upbringing. Here some write that Pranbir is not worthy to replace a pair of Abhigya, but why replace them if they are in principle interconnected. Since the Pranbir couple consists of Prachi, who is the daughter of Abhi and Pragya, and Ranbir grew up in front of Abhi, and whom Abhi considers his son. It’s just the life story of their children. If Abhigya had only one daughter, Kyara, and if this misfortune had not happened to her, she would have been able to grow up and have her own personal life, then the effect would have been the same as with a couple of Pranbir. Would Abhigya’s fans be able to accept Kiara? Most likely not, they do not need outsiders in the Abhigya pair at all, then the creators did not need to include children in the Abhigya pair at all and they would have lived childless for the rest of their lives. If you accept a couple of Abhigyas, then why don’t you accept their children? Some fans of Pranbir also do not want children to appear in a couple. For some reason, fans don’t want children in any of the couples. But now screenwriters and creatives need to make every effort and jump over their heads to come up with a decent script that could hook the audience and that would be appreciated by them, and not just copy scenes from Abhigya and transfer them to a couple of Pranbir, showing disrespect to the viewer and showing their incompetence to create something new.

    1. You can never understand the mental tureture Abhigya fans went through.
      We loved Kiara ,. We loved Sunny. What was the use to for a 20year leap?
      And what was the need to make twins fight and hate each other? They should have made Rhea Aaliyah’s daughter. It would have been more understandable and interesting.KKB’s Original theme was Sense and Sensibility. Pragya means intelligence or wisdom. She made things happen, held family together. Why would they not let her do that when it came to her twin daughters. ? The reason is that they want to shift focus from her and give to her daughter. In doing that you hey we’re killing her character.
      They made Pragya become older than her own mother.
      What was written for bPragya that was interesting anymore?
      No mother, no sister, no friend. No husband. They wouldn’t let her stay in Abhi’s house for bmore than one literal week .
      I don’t believe they ran out of ideas. The makers just don’t want anymore attention on Pragya.
      The next they I readthe actress playing Pragya had COVID That’s why she didn’t appear at Zee Rishtey.. The one essaying Preita in Kundli also had COVID but it was not reported until she recovered and went back to work.
      You guys won’t understand until you experience similar things.
      The makers have started making Ranbir’s character useless. When Abhi was there it was different. They made Abhi odd and made Ranbir lovable. Now Ranbir is a zombie.
      .It is not good to steal a show from Original characters and give it to those who did not bkno even the beginning of the story.. I grew up on this show. It was my fairytale story. I needed a happy ending for Abhigya, but bit it was not bto be. Please don’t interfer if we are complaining. Even before Mugdha was brought into the show we have been complaining because the makers snatched what we had then and gave to Kundali.
      KKB survived 8years because of us toxic fans as people want to term us.
      I no longer longer watch new episodes of the show . I just come here to chill once in every while.

      Please let us be. Anyone who is into Abhigya love can’t be in Pranbir love. Enjoy your new couple and let us weep in agony. Please.
      Who knows it feels it.

    2. @Darleen
      I might agree to all the rest you said, but not to
      ” Anyone who is into Abhigya love can’t be in Pranbir love”

      ABHIGYA and PRANBIR are not interchangeable , neither is the ‘alternative’ or an ‘option’ to the other. How can it be ?? ABHIGYA is the original pair , PRANBIR is the pairing of one of their daughters with a guy. How can you say that a daughter has replaced her mother’s love life story with her own ?? It cannot happen.

      And , complain about the way ABHIGYA have been shown the door (if indeed , they have been SHOWN the door , and not decided to walk out of that door themselves , feeling there was nothing left for them to do anymore that they found worthy) , but not that it has happened. It was bound to happen , if the show continues for years like Yeh Rishta………. then it will happen to PRANBIR as well , it’s inevitable that they will have to discharge the older couples eventually if they are just going to keep the show running.
      Because as years go by , people get older and eventually they do disappear. It happened to Naitik and Akshara of Yeh Rishta , then it happened to Kartik and Naira / Sirat as well. Now it has happened to Abhi and Pragya of KKB. Because , if they have decided to give the mantle to the next generation then it is only fair that they relieve the previous one. The only problem , as I said earlier , is the unceremonious manner in which it has been shown. It should not happened this way. ABHIGYA should not have been put into coma for months , then one day , just an announcement that they have quit. This is not the way it should happened , they deserved an happy ending for themselves, and also their interaction with their daughters should also have been shown to the conclusion before they took their leave

      This all should have been there before they left. If Sriti and Shabir , do not want to continue themselves , because they feel they have done all they can in KKB , then it’s also not right to say that just close the show as well. ” The show must go on”

      ABHIGYA fans’ outrage is right , but it has targeted PRANBIR and their fans for no reason. PRANBIR fans never wished for ABHIGYA to leave , on the contrary we were waiting for them to wake up and see Rhea’s truth , so that she gets what deserved , and what she should have got long ago. If ABHIGYA disappear like this , without waking up from coma , then “our” Prachi will also be left without justice. Abhi needs to apologize to her for the unfair treatment he has given to her and Pragya and he needs to disown Rhea and Alia officially. All this won’t happen if ABHIGYA will not appear anymore so it’s a loss for PRANBIR fans as well

    3. @Colin, there may not be an art to find the mind’s construction on the face,but it is known that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks
      Just let it be.

    4. I know one thing – she didn’t show anything interesting in more than one frame, but even close to what she should have! Always either her face doesn’t depict anything at all, or it’s incomprehensibly skewed when she tries to show some emotions … At the same time, there is always an absolute, ringing emptiness in her eyes! No one would have offended her if she had not proved in 3 years that the creators had made a big mistake with her choice! I personally believe more in their professionalism than in the decency of them and this person who imagines herself to be an actress!

    5. YY. Let’s separate the actors from their characters. I am not at all against jumping generations and substitutions of the main pair. I am against the fact that it would be like in kkb! Why should we, instead of a great duo of talented actors, have to accept a duo of 3rd rate actors, without the slightest spark and where she looks 10 years older than him? Did Abhigiya deserve such a replacement for his many years of work? Why can’t they be replaced by those who will be a worthy successor to their cause? I wrote in one comment that if they leave, then there should be a 20-year leap, with other main characters, but not with the Pranbirs. With more deserving ones!

    6. What about the fact that they are their children. And why then do the creators and viewers forget that Riya is their daughter? Why did they need to make her look like Alia, or even like Tanu, and not like her parents? I personally have always resented this fact! Moreover, both actresses in the role of Riya are more professional and interesting than in the role of Prachi. And with the first actress, there was chemistry between Riya and Ranbir, and in this tandem, the replacement of bfyl would be just more worthy than now. Yes, even Ria and Sid had chemistry, although they were rarely shown together, and there were no moments at all in which the creators usually draw attention to the couple and indicate that they are destined to be together. Why not develop this line and show two parallel young couples?
      Of course, I do not exclude the possibility that the creators did not develop in this vein only because of the pregnancy of the actress, deciding that her position in such a plot would not be appropriate, but even then Mugdha Chaphekar, I am also sure that would not have allowed this! Why does she need extra competition as another couple, especially if she, unlike the audience, evaluates her abilities better …

    7. YY. You write about the relationship between Pranbir and Abhigya, but the creators themselves deliberately move away from this connection, so why should the audience do this? Right after the 20 year leap, I loved the story as Abhigya’s daughters bond with them, I really liked Riya’s moments with Pragya, that was what drew me to the series besides Abhigya. I hoped that someday Rii would introduce a couple, the family would try on, and then the story would develop in the spirit of supporting the sisters and not their enmity. I had high hopes for a pair of Riya and Sid, especially since they liked them as a couple, unlike Pranbir, but they decided to go the other way.
      After a 2-year race, only Prachi was shown with his parents, and they did not even bother to organize a meeting with Riya. And it wasn’t Riya who tried on Pragya, Nor Abhi on Prachi. So what kind of connection between generations can we talk about?

    8. YY. And yet – the way Pranbir’s fans perceive Riya shows that they just do not perceive this connection of generations. For them, Riya is only an enemy of Prachi, I don’t remember that I would meet on this site the opinion that Abhigyu should be worried about the enmity of her daughters, and that Riya needs help, because any of her actions will cause them even more pain than if Prachi would be harmed by an outsider young woman. The meaning of all comments regarding Riya was to perceive her as an enemy of Prachi, and not Abhigya’s daughter. So why are you now pointing out to us that Pranbir is their continuation, if you yourself are satisfied with the gap between Abhigya and Pranbir?
      For example, I would be happy with the return of Kiara, and if the plot is changed with Riya, and for example, all the same, they will make them a couple with Sid, and the family will finally reunite. In that case, I would probably be able to watch the series even without Abhigya, because then at least there would be an interesting plot. But what we are being shown now is more likely not a connection between generations, but their complete break, and provided that only one of the worst of all the couple remained, there was absolutely nothing to watch in the series.

    9. @Анна
      Because Rhea IS here only to provide one negative element in second generation like Alia and Tanu were in the first one. And the base fact that Rhea is ABHIGYA’s daughter is now gone to dust because , in story , Rhea herself doesn’t consider either Prachi OR Pragya as her family. It matters not what one’s born , but what they grow up to become , and Rhea has grown up to become Alia’s shadow , and no shadow of Alia can be a family to Pragya , regardless of who plays Rhea’s role or Prachi’s role

      Forget Pragya or Prachi , Rhea’s love towards her father Abhi is also questionable since she has demonstrated that for her , her own happiness matters the most , whatever the cost , even the happiness of her father. Rhea is here only to create problems in PRANBIR’s life , period.

      And I fail to understand , whether your problem is with PRANBIR , as a couple , Prachi’s character or with Mugdha who is playing Prachi. Would you , for example , be okay with ABHIGYA’s exit and PRANBIR replacing them if the actress playing Prachi was up to your taste ?? Or would you still throw tantrums and rage against PRANBIR and abuse them and blame them for ABHIGYA’s exit ??

      And what’s with your continued ” Mugdha devoured screen space , she cannot bear it if she is not in more than 15 out of 20 frames ?? ” Have you watched the story since after PRANBIR and SIDRHEA moved in Kohli house ?? If Mugdha Chaphekar were “pet of producers” as you claim , then the scenes she got would have been of glory and happiness but what has come to Prachi’s share , except humiliation , insult , and mockery ?? It’s as if each and every scene was designed with the intention of humiliating Prachi , and glorifying Rhea. PRANBIR are supposed to be the lead couple , but did they even get one decent wedding sequence ?? Their only wedding was rushed , had only witness of Pragya and was made the reason for entire Kohli and Mehra family to hate Prachi , whereas Rhea got the maximum sympathy. Whereas , we have three weddings for Rhea , two with Ranbir (one didn’t actually happened , but almost did) and one with Sid , and each one was shown in exquisite detail , DESPITE the fact was Rhea , is supposed to be the antagonist.

      It’s even said that the actress playing Rhea demanded special bridal attire for ONE scene, in which she is shown running after Ranbir , and it was granted , whereas Prachi was married off in simple dress , without any proper rituals. So who is being pampered , actress playing Rhea , or one playing Prachi ?? If you have seen the interview of Naina Singh , the old Rhea , she has accused the KKB makers of ruining of career because she went against their wishes , whereas when this new Rhea , talked about leaving the show , the makers supposedly BEGGED her to not leave , that they would do all to accommodate her to stay as long as she wishes. So who is her the “pet of the producers” , actress playing Rhea or Mugdha ??

      It’s understandable that you are upset at ABHIGYA’s exit , but your stark hatred of Mugdha Chapekar is laughable , and your calling her “producer’s pet” is more comedy than plot of Naagin 6 (Naagin Vs virus)
      This is literally the first show by Ekta in which Mugdha has appeared , whereas Pooja , the current Rhea was ALREADY acting in another of Ekta’s show itself , from where supposedly she was chosen for Rhea’s role without any audition , and because she was close friends with Ekta and some member on the production team. Pooja’s the one who is the pet , not anybody else

      As for you continuously mocking her acting style or skills or capabilities , I don’t think she needs recognition or certificate from someone like you who is glaringly biased against her. Her acting , her expressions , her talent has already been recognised and acknowledged by those deemed expert in the industry. One just needs to visit Mugdha’s wiki page , and see the list of awards and recognition and even nominations she has received to accept that she is one of the most talented actress out there.

      So continue with your hatred spouting against Mugdha Chapekar. I doubt , either Ekta OR PRANBIR or Mugdha fans give one damn about it

    10. 1. I am just writing about the fact that if the creators themselves use the daughter of Abhigya only as a negative element in the life of Pranbir, then why should we accept Pranbir only on the basis that Prachi is their daughter? If we have to accept Prachi as she is their daughter, then why shouldn’t we do the same for Riya? A contradiction comes out, since everyone essentially has to decide for himself – either he is for Abhigya and their family, and then both Riya and Prachi are perceived as both their daughters; Or forget about Abhigya and look at Pranbir as a separate couple, whether you like them or not. It is foolish to associate only Abhigya with Pranbir, omitting Riya as part of this family.
      2. I have no problem with Pranbir as the characters of the series, but I have a problem in that in terms of execution and external part-time work, this is the worst pair of them I have ever seen! I have no problem with Abhigya being replaced by actors, if not of their level (it’s practically impossible), then at least at the level of the main characters of any other series, but not those who are the worst of the worst!
      3. About half a year after the appearance of Mugdha Chaphekar, I began to almost completely rewind all the scenes of the dreams, as it became beyond my strength to look at her. The exception was the scenes with Abhi and Riya, but not always. That’s why I know how much time in the series was at all possible to watch. Of course, it was not always like this, but there were many such episodes, especially before the Abhigyas found out the truth about their daughters. And after they fell into a coma, I stopped watching the series altogether, but judging by the description, I don’t think that she was allocated less than the screen time, since there are very few scenes without her.
      4. Regardless of what the main characters have to go through, they are still key figures in the story. Even in the case of secondary characters, if they do not have their own love line, then they will never become truly significant and interesting, regardless of their role and how much screen time they are given. And if it was simply not possible for Alia, or even more so for Tanu, to make their role more significant and interesting, then in the case of Riya, this is not so difficult to do, given that she, like Prachi, is the daughter of the main characters. However, the creators did not lead them as two equivalent heroines, defining their role as Pracha as positive, Riya as negative. And all because the ornis were guided by the fact that I would nominate Mugdha Chaphekar to the leading position, and the whole script was written and continues to be written exclusively for her!
      5. What difference does it make how many weddings Riya had? Have we been given the normal development of the Sidrey couple? The creators deliberately did not develop this pair, because in this case, Pranbir would have a very serious competitor, in addition to Abhigia. The same thing happened with the pair of Aryan and Shahana, but at least there the characters were less significant, not like the daughter of the main characters.
      6. As for Pooja’s dresses, in the first case it was quite normal that they were expensive, since Riya is a rich girl in the story and, of course, she married in an expensive dress. When there was her wedding with Sid, for this they used an outfit that the heroines had previously worn in other Ekta series, and not a unique outfit. But in the third case, of course, I also had to spend money on the dress, but only because the actress was filming already pregnant at that moment, and an outfit was selected for her position. But this is only a wedding dress, and so before I stopped watching the series, I noticed that Riya was the only heroine in the entire series whose outfits were periodically repeated. Even when Prachi didn’t know who her father was and we were shown that she didn’t have much money, her outfits were simple but never repeated. It is clear that in the case of Riya, the repetition of outfits is associated with the position of the actress, but if everything was as you say, even in this case they could diversify them for her. As for Prachi’s wedding, the scenario that the scriptwriters came up with for her did not allow her to make it too long, and naturally, there could not be any wedding dress, even a modest one, at such a wedding.
      7. Neina also said that she was persuaded to stay and that she worked for 3 months more than the contract required, and because she left, they spoil her career. But to be honest, I’m a little skeptical about the fact that she spoke right now, when there were rumors about the departure of leading actors. I really like her as an actress, and I have no complaints about her, but due to the time she chose to speak, I’m not sure that her words can be completely trusted. Moreover, you may not have noticed, but she also did not speak very well in the interview about Mugdha and Krishna, calling them fake people. So if you trust her words, then you must take into account these statements of hers.
      8. The awards received by Mugdha call into question the authority of those who give these awards, and are not an indicator of her talent. I watched her closely for half a year, but I never saw anything even close to what she was supposed to portray. When you watch a show without understanding the language that the characters speak, it becomes more important how the actors convey their characters not with words, but with facial expressions and eyes. In this she is a complete zero. I didn’t see a single convincing frame with her until I stopped looking at her altogether. There were attempts later, sometimes at interesting moments I forced myself to look at it again, but I never saw anything new.
      In general, we perceive it as a kind of jester. Joking pictures with her are very popular when they take a screenshot of a frame with her and send them to each other purely to laugh. Also a kind of popularity, but I think not the one she herself counts on.
      9. Last but not least, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. For me, it is quite obvious that an actress with such abilities would not have passed the casting even for a third-rate role, not to mention a potentially main one. In this regard, it is quite obvious to me that she got the role in a different way. I don’t even want to talk about what it could be, maybe it’s just savings, and it generally works for free))) But the fact that this is the worst choice of all possible is obvious to me. Just as it is now obvious that the entire script was written exclusively for her, as I wrote about above. And you have the right to agree with my opinion or not, but this will not change the facts.

  21. well, I have absolutely no interest in Ranbir, Rhea, Prachi and all that Koli family, because I am only interested in the fate of Abhi and Pragya. And do you think it is right to end their performance in this way, without any logical end, and only in the stupid mood of Ekta?Pragya set up a business, agreed with Abhi and everything was already good when suddenly they plunged into a coma.Well, that’s understandable, but … maybe it would be possible to finish their track somehow differently, because now it’s a picture that it’s unclear who will be with until the end of the series, whether they will stay so, whether they will wake up or die. very unfair neither to the actors who gave the series so many years, nor to the fans who don’t know what to expect.

  22. @Darleen You’ve written such a nice piece. For those who started with the first episode of KKB, it’s painful to watch the current track. Ekta can do whatever she wants with her show but she should develop a brain in the process

    1. Vixy_P

      Is it just me or has Ekta degraded throughout the years? Her contemporary productions are utter rubbish, her old shows are much better.

    2. @Darleen and Lois .. So agree with you Lois! Thank-you Darleen for your comment.

    3. @Akituster, please is mine.
      You too.

    4. @Akitudter, the pleasure is mine.
      Thanks too

    5. 👊 Thanks @Lois u sure do understand

  23. @Esie That’s a good one. Africans are not that patient

  24. Some of y’all need to accept the fact that Abhi and Pragiya are no longer in the show. Their time was eventually going to come to an end! I don’t know any couple in any itv shows that stayed more than 8 years particularly in an Ekta Show! Producers know how these things work. Fans get bored of watching the same people for years and years and the constant boring tracks thrown at them. They had to end it at some point and either ended the show or bring in a new generation. I don’t know why some delusional af people act like generation leaps don’t happen and they take over. It’s happened many many times and to your surprise 85% of them have been successful. Why? Because they add freshness to the show, they have chances to new actors to show their talent, they ended the original cast story after many blissful years. Abhigyas story will always be amazing, special and magical. But let’s face it we knew their story was getting boring when the 20 year leap appeared. That’s why new generation was brought in. As the trp before the leap was decreasing they needed to bring in a fresh new story which new cast and they did so. But the fault of the producers was not giving enough screenspace to both couples. They instead focused on unnecessary things and they didn’t know how to show both couples at once as their ‘new couple’ was getting popular whilst Abhigya fans continued to stay to watch their faves. That’s why the producers waited so Abhigyas story was worn out so they can pass the position to Pranbir so they could show they were capable of being leads. Many fans thought this would be a flop seeing as Pranbir aren’t the main leads and the actual main leads were absent in the show for months. But the same fans got a huge slap on their faces. Why? Because to their dismay, the ratings increased, it went past 2.0 something which wasn’t done in years even when Abhigya was there, entire focus was on Pranbir (the not lead couple) but how did trp increase when the main leads weren’t there? I’ll tell ya! It means that Pranbir always had the potential to be leads, the writers themselves knew and decided to wait three years so Abhigya can finish or the writers realised late and decided to make changes. So whoever is against with the whole idea, the thing is you just can’t digest the fact that’s all. That your faves have exited. It’s okay. That’s pain. It will eventually diminish. Targeting other characters and actors to relieve your pain won’t work. The only thing I will disagree on is that they could have done a better exit for Abhigya. 8 years they gave their heart to the show and they had a crappy exit? It should have been then waking up, reuniting with their girls, teaching their over pampered-self obsessed daughter a lesson and shifting her to a mental asylum and then them leaving the country. Maybe Abhi had a job? Seeing as he’s a rockstar/businessman he had to go in tour so Pragya went with him. That would make more sense. Obviously they couldn’t take their kids. Prachi had to remain in India as that’s where her husband resides and her in laws were her family now. And Rhea was in the asylum after losing her mental state of mind. This exit storyline would have been more appropriate. But seeing as this is Ekta’s show we shouldn’t be expecting anything. There could be a hope the actors can return one last time to shoot a proper exit sequence that’s up to the makers if they want to do that. Better if that happened! It would give their fans reassurance and finally some peace. And then everyone moves on in their lives.

    1. Shabir and Sriti, for their many years of work, deserve to have their replacement, if not comparable with them, then at least not the worst possible!

  25. Анна Do you always emphasize that the fans of Pranbir do not understand the importance of the Abhigya pair? Who said that, I am a fan of the Abhigya couple, but I’m also a fan of the Pranbir couple, because for me they are a family and I am interested in watching their characters. You are making claims to the wrong people, not the fans of Pranbir need to convey their disappointment, but to the creators of this series, for the spoiled storyline of Abhigya, and no one was going to replace them, I do not think that Pranbir can replace Abhigya. These are two different generations. In fact, this 20 leap was designed for the children of Abhigya to reunite them, but they did not do it and plus they themselves quarreled with the trash, but these are claims to the creators of the series, why they messed up such an idea, they spent a whole year murdering everyone until Pragya and Abhi finally meet and another year to find out that Prachi and Rhea are sisters. I do not believe that the theme of Abhigya has already been completely exhausted, the creators could continue to develop the life of an Abhigya couple with their children, could make an Abhi track+Prachi or Abhi+Rhea, Pragya+Prachi, Pragya + Rhea, Abhi + Ranbir, Pragya + Ranbir, Abhigya+Pranbir, Abhigya+Rhea, Abhigya+Pranbir+Rhea here you can come up with anything for the development of the plot, but the creators do not need it at all, they go to extremes or put a track where only Abhigya or put a track where only Pranbir, but never make these two tracks intersect. If both Abhigya and Pranbir lived together in the same house, did business together, went to work together, lived a happy life, everything would be different and now there would be no swearing and making claims, which of the couples is worthy and who is not. Everyone is worthy and Abhigya and Pranbir, but it was necessary to develop their storyline, and not let everything take its course, well, if the fans are already tired of looking at all this, I imagine how the actors feel when they play the same scenes. And who said that the creators with Pranbir will not be able to do the same? I would really not want them to leave the show exactly the way all the characters do, they just go to nowhere and if they decide to leave, need to wish them success and good luck and support them in this desire. But Pooja has now clearly miscalculated her decision to stay, she had to leave before it was announced that Abhigya was leaving the show, because now the creators will not be able to withdraw three main characters from the show at once, which means that Pooja can stay until her due date comes, besides, she has an understudy who very often replaces her or she can work from home. It is unlikely that the creators will take a lesson from everything that is happening at all, they do not want to invent a new one, it’s just that now it’s not even clear in what key this show will go. Well, I hope that they will still make some innovations, because if not, then it’s better to just close this series.

    1. Actually this is what I write about. The only difference is that it’s obvious to me that Mugdha Chaphekar is behind this. Because I don’t see any reason why this woman (I can’t apply the word actress to her) could be cast for this role. I also watch other Indian serials and see how many young, beautiful and talented actresses there are. Okay, beauty is a moot point, and even talent can be discussed, but that’s why, at least by age, they couldn’t find a more suitable one? I understand that Pranbir fans will not agree with me, but for me this is the worst couple I have ever seen. And it is for this reason that I conclude that she got the role in some other way, but not through casting! And for this reason, I see a direct connection between her presence in the series, the worst case scenario and the departure of Abhigiya! Maybe I’m wrong, and if so, then God will judge me. I only write what I think.

  26. We’ve all figured out that you just don’t like the actress who plays Prachi, but that’s no reason to insult her. But if you don’t know, then Pooja and Mugdha have an age difference of only 4 years, but you accept Pooja in the role of Rhea and don’t see anything wrong with it, but you consider Mugdha old for the role of Prachi. And Mugdha and Sriti have a difference of only 1 year, but at the same time they play the role of mother and daughter. You also accept Sriti in this role, which portrays a 60+ character, but you have a problem with a Mugdha who is in her 30+. You have double standards. If Mugdha had the right to vote, then she would not have tolerated all this that her character endured, she would probably have adjusted everything to herself, but no, in every episode her character is humiliated, insulted, she suffered more than Pragya suffered at the time. Really, if she had the power, she would let her character walk in the same outfits, for all this time she walks in the same, only the color of her dresses changes. If you remember Pranbir’s wedding, what Prachi was wearing, in the dress, the colors that merged with the curtains that hung everywhere there and that decorated the house, the feeling that it was sewn from the remnants of these curtains. For all the time, Prachi did not have a normal dress at all, which would not be repeated, that Prachi, Pragya and Abhi also did not have something special in clothes, costumers simply did not bother with choosing their clothes, and Abhigya and Prachi go in the same from the very beginning. But Rhea has everything, clothes, jewelry, accessories, all in one copy, she is always dressed differently, never repeat any set of clothes. Then tell me, who has privileges in this case? If Mugdha had privileges, then most likely she would not have allowed Ranbir and Rhea’s wedding at all, and would have gotten rid of Rhea and everyone else a long time ago, according to your reasoning. But she does not have such privileges, you are taking out your anger on the wrong actress. Because Mugdha immediately shows that she is not such a person as you describe her.

  27. YY 1. Pooja really doesn’t look young either, especially now, but unlike Mugdha, she is a wonderful actress, and when she first appeared in the series she could well have been 20 years old, Mugdha never looked less than 30, and the worst thing is even not that, but the fact that her age difference with her partner is too obvious! He even looks too young for his age, and together they look more like a mother and son, and not like a couple. As for Pragya’s age – I don’t have a problem with the character looking too young, but I have a problem with the character looking old, plus Prachi often looked more like Pragya’s mom than her daughter, especially after the 2 year jump.
    2. No matter how much the positive characters are humiliated, they will always have more privileges and more screen time than the negative ones. Are you sure that Mugdha doesn’t want to play such a role? I think it’s enough for her that with such a scenario she has no competition, and those viewers who will still watch the series after Abhigya’s departure will look exclusively at her! What can not be said about if the daughters of Abhigya were truly equal!
    As for outfits, have you noticed that Riya is the only character in the entire series who could be seen wearing the same outfit more than once? Moreover, there was nothing beautiful in these outfits, they only allowed for the time being to hide the position of the actress. On Prachi, even at a time when she had little money according to the script, the outfits were never repeated! Yes, they were modest, but how can they be different when her heroine does not have money for expensive outfits? And Riya, on the contrary, is a girl from a wealthy family, so why did she have to be dressed in modest outfits and not those that correspond to her rich position?
    4. In contrast to you, the creators of the show understand that the series cannot survive without evil! Even Abhigya would be tired of watching if there was no script at all))) not to mention everyone else. Therefore, for her, the competition is made up of positive heroines, and those who can potentially become a couple that will compete with her, and not just a “necessary evil”, and it was these characters that were either removed from the series, or simply not developed in a scenario that was unprofitable for her!

    1. We are watching with you two different KKB.

  28. It’s not a matter of privileges, at least not when it comes to costumes. Rhea was brought up rich and she needed to appear tahg way, hence the expensive clothes. Also, Rhea is a modern and classy girl which still links to her clothing and appearance.
    Prachi on the other hand was brought up in a humble background and she must appear the same. That was what happened with Pragya too, besides they were both classified as being traditional, hence their humble clothings.
    The idea of who the favourite is doesn’t play in this. A Rock star will have earrings, tattoos, wear denims, use wristbands and the likes so at a glance you know this is a Rockstar or a biker.
    In relation to the actors, on my own part, I don’t like Ranbir, Prachi and Rhea and I have never watched a scene with Pooja actually but I know what she looks like. That’s my personal opinion because I feel that the makers are merely repeating the story of Alia (still her evil self), Tanu (Rhea), Pragya (Prachi) and Abhi (Ranbir). Most times they even use the same scenarios and that made it boring.
    For those watching on Zee World, you can testify to the horrible voice they gave Prachi’s character. The person who translated in English has such a shrill and horrible voice. A voice I would wish on Alia so I can dislike her more but they gave Prachi that voice and I really don’t like listening to it.
    The new generation are not as skilled as the first, no doubt about that. In fact, some of them reminded me of Shireen (Rashis Ahmad Khan’s second wife) in Qubool Hai. She has just one expression on her face throughout her stay on that show. Whether she’s happy, angry, confused or jealous. It’s just one expression.

    1. Completely agree with you. And it was also amused that you wrote about Pracha’s voice))) Our voice acting also leaves much to be desired. For example, when we had a 20-year leap, Tanu’s voice smoothly “persholed” to Riya))) I understand that they are both negative characters, but all the same, Riya is Abhigya’s daughter, and Tanu’s voice looked a little ridiculous. Moreover, this voice is rather nasty and squeaky, which was especially funny against the background of the fact that the original voice of the “first Riya” is quite loud and rude)))

  29. I haven’t watched KKB since Abhigya was put into a coma by the KKB creators. I read the written translations from time to time. And what happened until, nothing. Since the supposedly young generation started, they haven’t moved the series any further. There is only arguing, lying, cheating and planning intrigues.
    What the KKB creators are doing to KKB and Abhigya is a disgrace. Abhigya has brought KKB 8 years with her presence, her acting skills, the makers high ratings, countless awards, honors and countless money and what is done with Abhigya is sent into a coma. So the KKB makers can remove Abhigya whenever they want. Isn’t it striking that all the good actors who fought with and for Abhigya were removed from KKB.
    Allow the Abhigya fans, where I belong, to express their anger, sadness and joy.
    Anger: What Abhigya in 8 years of psychological terror, meanness, lies, kidnapping, attempted murder, murder, one cannot list everything that was done to them in these 8 years to bring them apart,
    Grief. To witness how Dadi and Kiara were taken from them by murder, we cried and mourned with them.
    Love: We love their brief moments of togetherness and enjoy watching them.
    For eight years, Abhigya was able to experience their intimacy with each other, their nok jhoks, their romantic moments, their dancing together and their togetherness, which really didn’t last much in 8 years and never lasted long. Abhigya, against all odds, never really shared their faith and love for one another, no matter how long and how far apart they were. We experience, we were allowed to watch how Shabir and Sriti have perfected their acting skills in these years.
    You Pranbir fans let yourself be told, you can’t take our love for Abhigya, no matter how negative you can write and talk. You cannot understand what we have experienced with Abhigya in all these years. You will probably not experience all this for 8 years. Pranbir doesn’t even have a story of its own, everything that Ranbir and Prachi go through is just a new edition, a repetition of what Abhigya went through before them. Ranbir and Prachi are unable to keep KKB on screen for 8 years, lacking the acting ability and presence that Abhi and Pragya have.
    With Pranbir, Prachi and Rhea you have the feeling that there are three young people who have not yet grown up, behaving and behaving like teenagers who cannot get their way.
    Pooja, who plays Rhea doesn’t know when to take maternity leave as an expectant mother, is so unbelievable. Is heavily pregnant, which is obvious, and plays the role of an illegal newlywed woman to whom Ranbir has not consummated.
    Pallavi is anything but not a good and caring mother is a disgrace to be a mother.
    Aaliya, as I wrote before, is long past her sell-by date, should have been disposed of a long time ago, has no facial expressions whatsoever,
    has become boring because she plans the same intrigues over and over again.
    There is nothing really new to read. With these actors and the ever-repeating stories, KKB won’t last long without Abhigya.
    By kicking out Shabir and Sriti, the KKB makers would lose their biggest source of income. If Shabir and Sriti are no longer present as Abhiya for their fans in KKB, their fans will stop watching KKB, which would mean a great financial loss for the creators.
    For example, the KKB creators could take a 10 year leap and bring Shabir and Sriti back to the screen as Kiara and Sunny as a married couple, since Shibir and Sriti are about the same age as Kiara and Sunny would be, that could make a very interesting story become something completely different.
    Since neither the KKB creators nor Shabir or Sriti made any public announcement in the media, I won’t believe the ejection or exit of Shabir and Sriti until they both publicize it personally on the internet.
    Shabir and Sriti didn’t deserve to be put in a coma by the KKB creators in order to be removed from the series, which wouldn’t be the first time. How many actors have been removed from the series in such a way
    In all the years of KKB, not a single story was shown to the end, but the next story was always started in the middle.
    If Shabir and Sriti are really no longer watching KKB, I wish them both all the best for their future acting careers and we fans, I wish that we can see Shabir and Sriti again very soon, together as a couple, in a new project.
    As a couple with their Nok Jhoks, they want to see their love and care for each other often and for a long time.
    I am writing from Europe and have used the translation into English, so please bear with me if everything is not translated as I wrote it in my language, as my English is not good enough for that, sorry.

    1. @Phera
      What I disagree with is your assumption that PRANBIR and ABHIGYA fans , HAVE to be mutually exclusive , as if all ABHIGYA fans hate PRANBIR and all PRANBIR fans hate ABHIGYA. Which is a BIG lie. ABHIGYA fans can be PRANBIR fans as well , and vice versa.

      I myself am a PRANBIR fan , so would you assume of me that I don’t care about ABHIGYA ?? Which is what got conveyed to me through your “You Pranbir fans let yourself be told, you can’t take our love for Abhigya, no matter how negative you can write and talk. You cannot understand what we have experienced with Abhigya in all these years. You will probably not experience all this for 8 years”

      Let me tell you this , I have been an avid KKB fan since from Pragya’s Mogambo avatar. I have celebrated with Pragya when Abhi finally got convinced of Pragya sincerity and Tanu’s deceit about Nikhil’s baby. I have cried with Pragya when they united after Tanu’s truth about Nikhil’s baby was exposed in front of Abhi but he immediately lost his memory , so Pragya prayed in front of Mata Rani and asked her why she always does that. I have cried with Abhi , when he regained his memory and mourned for Pragya after ousting Tanu and Alia. I have laughed with Pragya when she fooled Tanu and Alia by faking to be Munni and transferred entire property to her own name , while Tanu and Alia thought her to be Munni and believed that she will hand over the property to them. I enjoyed their wedding which Kiara got to attend. I cried with ABHIGYA when they both missed each other and cried separately in Ranbir’s bday party. I cried when Pragya was thrown unceremoniously out of the house after Abhi became child-like. I celebrated when he recovered and again threw Tanu and Alia out of the house. I have experienced all those ABHIGYA moments since 2015 , same as you , YET , I also identify myself as PRANBIR. Why cant I be the both ??

      Yes , ABHIGYA’s exit in such a manner is sad and deplorable by why blame PRANBIR for it ?? Why blame a particular actress for it , as if she , threated Ekta to oust ABHIGYA else she’ll leave the show herself ??

      My problem with….. ABHIGYA stans , as someone called them , lies in this that they are holding PRANBIR responsible , or one or two are even directly accusing the actress playing Prachi for it , going as far as insulting her acting talent , raising question marks on all her achievements , awards as if she ‘bought’ all those awards !!!!!!

      If you want to blame , then blame the makers who have selfishly taken this decision after milking ABHIGYA as much they could. OR first go ask Sriti and Shabir themselves whether they themselves , have not taken the decision to quit.

      Don’t take out your anger and frustration UNNECESSARILY at PRANBIR, is all I want to say

  30. I hate that terrible voice, really grating my nerves

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