Kaamna 1st July 2022 Written Episode Update: Niharika convinces Manav to marry Sakshi

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Akanksha warns Sakshi to see how she once again becomes the mother of yatho and wife of Manav, Sakshi replies she can try as she would also see how Akanksha manages to get back in their life as she would not let him make the same mistake twice, she asks yatho to come since they have to leave but Swati comes from behind seeing whom Akanksha starts acting just as Yatho hugs Sakshi, she pleads with Sakshi to show some sympathy on her since she wants to be with her husband and son, Swati comes asking if they both would like to have tea, Sakshi reveals they need to leave since Yatho is outside since the morning, Yatharth says she can come to their house the next time but he will not come here.

Manav is really worried while Malti aunti is also tensed, he gets a call so thinks it would be Sakshi but seeing wishes Swati, she questions what is she hearing as Yatharth came to Akanksha after getting angry with him, Manav is tensed hearing this when Swati replies she knows he is a really nice father but even he cannot fulfill the position of a mother so there might be some things that Yatharth might not tell him, Manav replies he is understanding what she is trying to tell him so would try to keep things under control. Swati advises him to take care of everything.

Manav is really tensed when he sees Yatharth standing on the door, he sits down opening his arms for yatho but he leaves and when Manav tries to follow him, Sakshi stops him mentioning they need to give some time to Yatharth since he is really angry.

Swati is working when Akanksha stops her asking if she also saw how Manav still cares for her and she has really changed, she requests him to talk with Manav and make him realize that she deserves a second chance, Swati questions how can she talk to him about it, Akanksha requests that she needs to do it for her daughter.

Manav is getting ready in his room when he sees the present of yatho which he did not even open, he wonders what kind of a father is he since he did not even look at it, Manav opening the gift is really amazed seeing the portrait which is of his family, he recalls how Yatharth was trying his best to make him and Sakshi a couple and so he took the selfie. Manav gets a call from Niharika who asks if yatho came back, Manav replies he came back but even then, is not fully stable as he did not talk with him, Manav explains that Yatharth planned their future with which he doesnot agree and cannot fulfill his desire, Niharika replies he is just a child and would calm down, she even offers to come at Manav’s house but he replies he himself would come to her house since there is something which he wants to talk to her about, she agrees. Mr Holkar asks if Yatho is fine, Niharika replies that Manav is not fine as yatho is not talking with him, Mr Holkar explains this pattern would continue until there is some balance in their lives.

Manav while getting ready explains he is going outside so questions if Yatho wants something, yatho replies he was not able to give what he desired so there is nothing else, Manav getting worried asks why is he talking like this since this is not right, yatho however is frustrated. Manav looks to Sakshi before leaving. Sakshi says she wants to talk with yatho about his father but he leaves replying he doesnot want to talk with anyone.

Vibhav says he was thinking if he can also include her favorite coffee but she replies there is no need so he agrees, the doorbell rings when Vibhav exclaims, he will open the door but she stops him saying it would be Manav so she will check, Niharika asks Manav to come inside and Mr Holkar offers him to sit down, Vibhav thinks that Manav is coming twice now and if he doesnot end their friendship then would remain a servant. Niharika suggests they must go to the room, Mr Holkar offers to send tea for them, Vibhav questions what sort of a father is he as he sent his daughter inside with a man in front of her husband, Mr Holkar replies he forgot that Vibhav is still Niharika husband and he would have to take care of him.

Manav is with Niharika exclaiming he doesnot know to handle the situation, Niharika explains that Yatharth wants to get him married to Sakshi but what does he want to do and so Niharika suggests that she has a game, Manav questions what has gotten into her as she desires to play a game at this time, Niharika mentions this is a rapid fire round and he must answer quickly, she keeps on asking him questions about Sakshi and even asks if he would have married her before Akanksha, he replies maybe as he trusts her more then him, Niharika starts smiling but Manav is stunned after what has happened so asks what he should do, she suggests he should marry Sakshi but Manav refuses mentioning he is not ready, she replies he is also a human and would not find himself so must propose, she forces him to leave and is excited.

Malti aunti hands Sakshi the food, she stands behind Yatho with a song which they both start singing and even enjoy a lot, Manav coming on the door sees them both together, he recalls how Sakshi came to his life and assured him of her support in each and every path of his life. Sakshi seeing Manav stops so he comes to yatho and sitting beside him he starts feeding yatho, Manav whispers to yatho that he has agreed to bring his new mother and would marry Sakshi, Yatharth is stunned and at once starts hugging Manav explaining that he is the best father, Malti aunti comes questioning why do they not involve her when they are joyed, yatho asks Sakshi mam to take a selfie of them all.

Swati enters the house wondering where has everyone gone, Sakshi questions what is the secret that both of them are whispering, Manav replies she would also find out really soon but for now just know that she is a really good singer, Sakshi starts blushing hearing the compliment.

Precap: Yatharth informs Sakshi that Manav has agreed to marry once again so she would be the new Misses Bajpayee, Swati informs Manav how she feels yatho needs a mother in his life, Manav replies that those who are worthy make their own way into the lives, she feels as if he still cares for Akanksha.

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