Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Rishi’s sincere apology to Lakshmi

Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd July 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Balwinder seeing Dadi and Ayush coming from opposite directions. He hides. Ayush sees Dadi and says I was missing you. Dadi asks him to search girl for him, else he will be bachelor. Ayush asks her to search a nice girl for him. Dadi asks if I don’t have any work and goes. He asks if you are not my Nani. Balwinder hears them. Lakshmi thanks the God for handling the situation, for saving Ahana’s engagement. She then thanks God and says if Ahana had not come, then how would have saved Rishi from markesh. Rishi comes to her and calls her name. She asks him to say. He says I want to…She asks are you fine? Rishi says I just wanted to say. Ayush comes there and asks Lakshmi why she came? He asks Rishi not to fall in his trap again and always remember that she betrayed us. Rishi asks him to go and give him 5 mins. Ayush says he can’t leave him with her even for a minute.

Rishi asks him to go and asks Lakshmi if she is fine. Lakshmi says I am fine as I had the buttermilk. She says it works wonder for her and it relieves acidity. Rishi says I am talking about you and not about buttermilk. He says you are understanding well, so don’t make jalebis. Lakshmi says no, I am not making jalebis. Malishka comes there and asks what you said in court that you are here today also. Lakshmi says truth and says she said truth. She says truth is like a sunrays which can’t be hidden and comes out. Malishka says hear one more truth and tells that Rishi and she will unite amidst her conspiracies. She asks Rishi to come. Rishi says I am with Lakshmi and wants to talk to you. Malishka says she is no more in your life and asks him to come. She takes Rishi from there to his room.

Rishi asks her to leave his hand. He asks why did she bring him here, as Ahana’s engagement is happening downstairs. Malishka asks what happened to you? Rishi says I shall ask you infront of everyone. Malishka says I brought you from infront of Lakshmi. She asks did you see your way? She says you was talking to that characterless girl. Rishi shouts enough and asks her not to talk to him in this tone and also in this language. She holds his hand and says I will lower my tone and says you are saying this for that girl, who cheated with you, although she stayed in your room. She says who am I? She says I am here for you and you have changed for that cheap girl who has ruined your family’s respect. Rishi shouts enough and says I am not a small kid to fall in anyone’s trap. He says Lakshmi haven’t ruined my family’s respect, but instead save my family. Malishka asks if she saved your respect by getting pregnant with driver’s baby. Rishi says Lakshmi is not pregnant, but Ahana is pregnant. He says Lakshmi haven’t lied anything.

Bani massages Rano’s feet. Rano praises her and insults Lakshmi. Bani massages her feet tightly. Rano asks her to do sit ups. Bani asks Neha to massage Rano’s feet. Neha refuses. Bani massages her feet again. Rano thinks about balwinder’s sayings and scolds Neha. Malishka asks who said this to you, that Lakshmi. She says Lakshmi is pregnant and you are falling in her trap. Rishi says Lakshmi is not pregnant, but Ahana is pregnant. Malishka says Ahana is not pregnant. Rishi says Ahana told me this, infront of the Judge. He says now Lakshmi will stay with us in this house for 2 more months, and says I don’t understand who told balwinder about Lakshmi’s pregnancy. She says someone told him about this and he came to claim over the baby. He says someone from our family is giving him info and I will find out. He says you know me and then also saying this. He says I am still her husband and tells that he feels guilty for whatever Lakshmi heard from everyone. He asks her not to utter any word against Lakshmi from now onwards and says if you don’t understand then don’t know what to tell you. Malishka thinks Lakshmi always wins, and thinks if Balwinder comes here and tells about me, then I will be out and Lakshmi will be here. She thinks to stop Balwinder and give him money.

Neelam talks to Anjana. Anjana tells that they just want Ahana. Ahana asks Gautam to talk to his parents. Anjana apologizes to Lakshmi for all the wrong sayings. Lakshmi says don’t apologize to me, you are my elder. She says you are like Mummy ji to me. Anjana says don’t know what is your truth, but whenever I meet you, I feel peace at heart and don’t feel that you do anything wrong with anyone. Lakshmi asks her to bless her. Anjana says my blessings are with me. Dadi gets excited seeing the rasgulla and asks Lakshmi to give 8-10. Others refuse to let her eat. Dadi takes it herself and drops rasgulla on Gautam’s clothes. Ahana says she will get his clothes cleaned. Karishma teases them and asks them to go.

Lakshmi thinks why light is gone, inverter should have started by now. She says engagement will start. Rishi comes there holding the candle. Lakshmi asks did you switch off the light and says you know that today is Ahana’s engagement. Rishi says no, I didn’t switch it off, it is good that light went, I can speak to you now. She asks what you want to say. He says sorry. She says it is not needed. He says it is a small word and thanks her for doing so much for Ahana and his family. Lakshmi says if you was on my place then would have done the same. Rishi asks with what mud you are made?

Gautam asks Ahana to understand. Ahana says she can’t hide her past. She says you told me about your past, and I accepted it. She says she don’t want to hide anything from his parents, and says if anyone comes to know the truth later then what we will do? Anjana hears her.

Rishi asks Lakshmi if the truth wouldn’t have come out, then what would have happen? Lakshmi says it will happen after 2 months. He feels guilty and says my family was scolding you and you was silent. He says your eyes were looking at me, when Balwinder was dragging you. He says your eyes were telling that Balwinder’s claim was wrong and I…He says I broke your trust and says I really felt that some truth is hidden and sound came from my heart that Lakshmi can’t do this. Lakshmi says then also you didn’t hear your heart sound. He says I can feel, what you was feeling. He says I care for you, infact even now. He says I think due to my ego and family reaction, I thought it is your fault, but I think that I should have spoken to you and asked you once when everyone was taunting you.

Ahana tells Gautam that everyone loves and trusts her and asks him if she shall hide. She says I was in a relationship with some guy. She asks him to go and tell them. Gautam says no. Ahana says this truth will be with me always, as I am pregnant with that guy’s baby and I have decided to keep this baby. She asks if he thinks that they will accept her baby, as they stay in London. Gautam says I can’t lose you Ahana. Anjana comes inside the room hearing them. They both look at her.

Lakshmi asks Rishi to forget it and asks him not to feel bad. He asks if you can forget. Lakshmi says it is very difficult to forget the word attacks. She says when everyone was taunting me, they didn’t know the truth. Rishi says I am talking about myself. He says I don’t know if we will be together in future or not, but I want to apologize to you. He says you didn’t say anything. Lakshmi says whatever I did is for Ahana, she is like my sister. She says even I don’t know about the future. She says we shall talk later and go out. She says she will bring something. Rishi asks if she is fine? Lakshmi says I was not fine before. She stops him and signs him at his hair. He signs her to set his hair. She sets his hair with her hand. Song plays. He says you stopped me for this. Lakshmi says you said sorry, but I didn’t say thank you. She thanks him for supporting her when balwinder came, when everyone was against her. Rishi says that’s why I could stand infront of you and can apologize to you. He thanks God for making everything fine and goes.

Lakshmi thinks of Rishi taking a stand for her respect infront of Anjana. She smiles. Balwinder jumps inside the kitchen. Lakshmi hears the sound and checks. Balwinder holds Lakshmi and the utensils fall on the ground. Rishi hears the sound and looks back.

Precap: Rishi asks Lakshmi to show her foot. Lakshmi asks him not to touch her foot. Rishi promises that he will not let anyone raise finger on her respect. He promises to stand by her and support her. Lakshmi hugs him. Rishi holds Lakshmi’s hand and comes inside. Anjana asks everyone to ask Ahana, and says nothing has happened due to Lakshmi. Rishi says this is truth, Lakshmi is not pregnant, but Ahana is pregnant. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Ahora se jodió Maliksha jajajajajaja. La familia de Rishi se le caerá la cara de vergüenza por el malentendido hacia Lakshmi . Aunque hubiera preferido que Karishma sea la única ue se enterará de esta verdad.

  2. Chandramani bisalo

    I am just waiting for the next episodes and the story line is getting better expecting we get our old Rishmi back❤️❤️😻😻and and our mintu-minty😍🤪😻

  3. Finally! Oh Lord please let Rishi tell everyone the truth and let it not just be a dream. I’m hoping that the series is just trying to get all it’s angst out and we’ll see more Rishmi soon and less Malishka

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