Kaamna 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Vibhav agrees to act in the play

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Vibhav while talking exclaims if he tells the truth he is getting really jealous of that Indhrine, Akanksha questions why would he get jealous, Vibhav replies because he is playing his character really well, even better then he is in real life, Akanksha replies he is even a better dancer hearing this Vibhav gets angry, she asks if he is still there, Vibhav questions how does she like Indhrine as a human, she assures she is really comfortable with him since he is a nice guy, he replies this is what he desired to hear that both his lead actors are comfortable with each other, he ends the call.

Indhrine is working out in the room when he receives a message from Maya who explains that Akanksha is giving him a signal but will never say it openly, hearing this he starts smiling.

In the morning the director starts the rehearsal so Akanksha starts the rehearsal with Indhrine however she doesnot feel comfortable with him, Indhrine however looks towards Maya, but Akanksha is really not able to follow him in the footsteps, she is not able to avoid him, he constantly starts touching her, Vibhav Kapoor immediately slaps him after separating them both, questioning what is he trying to do since this play is a tribute to a women so he will not have him harm the honour of another, Indhrine says that he is not the only one as they cannot clap with just one hand, she is a loose character, Vibhav slaps him again questioning who did he say is a loose character, Vibhav exclaims they cannot clap with one hand but the slap is just with a single hand, he says that he will not be able to count the slaps which he receives, but Vibhav would not be able to stop the slap, Vibhav exclaims that he knows the people like him who start acting cheap after attaining some fame, he orders Indhrine to get out when he doesnot leave, Vibhav orders Ranay to throw him out.

Vibhav turning to Akanksha requests her to stop crying, she doesnot need to cry on the actions of such cheap people, he gives her a glass of water requesting that she must stop, he apologizes to her.

Akanksha questions how can he say she is a loose character, she exclaims she has always talked in a professional manner with him and not even said anything that will induce him, Vibhav exclaims that she must stop crying since it is the habit of some people to take the professionalism of women for the call to do whatever they desire, he is glad that he threw him out of the play, he doesnot deserve to be here, she questions what will happen now because if they do not find anyone else then will they have to stop the play, Vibhav exclaims that the play is of his dream so he will not let it get ruined, she must practice on becoming Niharika while they will surely find a Vibhav for her practice, she exclaims that he is a really nice person who cares a lot for her, she informs she needs to leave but Vibhav questions why is she in such a hurry, she replies she needs to pick her son from school as when she got late he was standing there alone, Vibhav questions how can they leave him like this as it is not right, Akanksha agrees mentioning this is why she desires that her son get admitted in a nice school since they tend to show responsibility towards their children, Vibhav questions if this was the decision about Manav, he questions if she ahs the right in any decision making, Akanksha hesitantly replies it is not the case but they make it together, he replies if she doesnot know how to tell a lie then must not do it because if she had a right then Yatharth would be in a nice school, Akanksha standing exclaims she was thinking of getting him admitted in a nice school, Vibhav mentions he was thinking the same, he adds both their thoughts are the same, she replies is it not a nice thing.

Vibhav informs they can make this nice thought a better one, if she desires then he can get Yatharth admitted to the best school in Indore, he asks if she has heard about the Grades above primary school, Akanksha exclaims it is one of the best schools, when Vibhav replies that it is the best school, she says that she desired to get him admitted there but they need both influence and money, she had neither of them at that time, Ranay informs that he is one of the trustee of that school, Akanksha thanks Vibhav questioning since when can he start the new day at school, Vibhav replies that her son was start the school but their love story has already started.

Akanksha is getting Yatharth get ready for the new school when Manav entering the house asks the uniform got changed for his school, Yatharth replies that even his school got changed, Akanksha questions then why is he telling this in such a sad voice as he should be really excited for going into the new school, Manav in a state of tension questions why did she not even consult him before changing his school, she replies it was his decision to send him to that backword school so now she has changed it since she can afford it, he exclaims which school gives admission in January, she replies it is because of the reference of someone, Manav mentions that he would have just made friends in this new school, Akanksha questions why did he not think of this when they had to shift to Indore from Bhopal, he explains he never had a choice, mentioning when Bhagwan blesses a women then it is good but not that another person, she asks why does he always stop on Vibhav Kapoor, he says that because he doesnot like that person at all, whenever he closes his sees he only sees the heinous eyesight of that person. Manav mentions that if this decision of her doesnot seem fruitful for their son then he would be the only one to make the decisions regarding Yatharth.

Yatharth is trying to tie his laces when he is not able to, Vinay comes so Yatharth questions where was he all this time since he really missed her, Vinay mentions that his mother took him to his aunts house and he has brought something which they both will burst after the annual function, Yatho replies he might not be in the school till that time since his mother is getting him admitted to a new school, Yatharth takes the name of the school, Vinay explains it is a really nice school as one of his tuition friend studies there and the ground is even big then their school, Vinay starts thinking so Yatho questions what happened, he replies who would tie his laces there, Yatho even offers him to get admitted in the new school, Vinay replies it is just for special children but he is not special, Yatho exclaims he would also not go to the new school if Vinay doesnot come with him.

Alokda is instructing Akanksha to deliver the dialogue with some feel, the narrator asks Vibhav what did he say to Niharika after their fight, he reveals he said she is the most beautiful women in the world, Alokda insists Akanksha say it with some feel, as anyone can deliver a dialogue, Akanksha questions how can she bring it since it is reacting and if someone is standing Infront then she will look in the eyes, Vibhav comes behind Alokda, exclaiming she looks even more beautiful when she is angry and her red eyes along with the nose, the words coming out her mouth feel like honey to him, Vibhav turning to the writer asks him to write it since this is what he said to Niharika, he requests Akanksha to work on the rehearsal, Maya advises why does he not play the character of himself, he refuses saying he is a businessman but Maya assures he can do it, Vibhav exclaims even if he agrees how can he come to the rehearsal each and every day, Maya replies that she knows the talent and if cannot come then they will come to him, even Akanksha will manage so when Maya questions her, she replies she will do it, Vibhav exclaims he will do if no one has a problem, Alokda exclaims he for sometime forgot that Vibhav is a businessman, he questions if they can perform the rehearsal at his house, Vibhav asks Ranay so they all agree, Akanksha thinks now Vibhav would be the hero of the play while they will also perform the rehearsal in his house.

Precap: Akanksha questions Vibhav how is she looking, he exclaims all this can belong to her but it is a shame since she is not the owner but it can be possible, she is the wife of a middle class government officer. Manav brings Yatharth who is sick, he exclaims it is not right so is about to leave however Yatharth requests him to not leave.

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