Balika Vadhu Season 2 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Jigar changes the proof

Balika Vadhu Season 2 17th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kiara liking Anandi’s designs. Anandi thanks her for help. Kiara asks her to leave for the court. She wishes all the best. Anandi says this is curd sugar, my mum used to say, we should have this before doing a big work. Jigar asks Pinku to reach there fast. He leaves. Kanku looks on. She calls Anand. She says I heard Jigar talking on call about some plan, I doubt that he is going to do wrong with Anandi, her phone is unreachable, please help Anandi. He asks her not to worry, he will call Kiara and find out Anandi. Anandi is on the way. She stops a taxi and hires. She sits in the cab. She sees Pinkesh and asks him to stop the car. She tries to stop him. He asks her what is she doing. He stops the car. She sprays pepper on his eyes and runs. Jigar comes there. She sees him. She uses the spray on him. Jigar stops him and throws the pepper spray away. He says I m your husband, Jigar. He catches her. He asks Pinku to get the pics. Pinku takes her purse. She snatches it and runs. She hits a stone at Pinku. Jigar runs after her. Anandi falls down. He tries to get the purse. She hits him and runs away with the purse.

Prem and Sejal come to the court. They wait for Jigar. Usha says judge will come in 15mins. Anand calls Anandi. Her phone is fallen somewhere. Kanku calls him and says I spoke to Sejal, Jigar and Anandi didn’t reach the court, Jigar would have done something. Prem calls Jigar. Usha’s assistant calls Anandi. Prem says Jigar is coming. Usha says Anandi didn’t come till now. Jigar and Pinku come to the court. Prem asks what is your friend doing here. Usha says sorry for the delay, my client will come. Judge says maybe your client has other imp work, you want the court to wait for such a busy client. Jigar signs his lawyer. Lawyer says its to waste our time. Judge asks Usha where is her client. Usha says sorry, she is just about to come.

Anandi is running to the court. Judge says sorry, we can’t wait more, we have many cases to see. Anandi comes inside and asks them to stop. She apologizes for coming late. Judge says our time can’t come back, you are late, I will adjourn the case. Anandi says truth is, Jigar and Pinkesh took me somewhere else. Jigar says she is lying, how would I come before her then. Anandi says I m not lying, Pinkesh acted like taxi driver, he took me to the far route, Jigar also came there, I took lift and then ran to reach here, please give me a chance. Judge says sorry, you have crossed the court rules, this hearing won’t happen today, you got too late. Anandi says I got too late, it will be more late if the hearing doesn’t take place today. She cries and appeals to the judge. She says I was 8 months old when I became Anjariyas bahu, I got courage to plead for my freedom, give me a chance. Judge agrees. Jigar’s lawyer says this case is wrong, Anandi and Jigar got married on her 18th birthday with her consent, we have the proof, Jigar loves Anandi, but she doesn’t believe in marriage. Usha says he is showing a deception, Anjariyas lied to the world about the marriage, Anandi got married when she was a child, I have a proof for this.

She asks Anandi to give the pics. Anandi gets the envelop. She sees other pics inside. She looks at Jigar and Pinku. Jigar recalls getting the pics changed. Usha sees the pic. She looks at Anandi. Judge asks what’s the matter, show the proof. Jigar’s lawyer asks them not to waste time. Judge sees the pic and asks what is this, what do you want to prove, you think its a joke.

Judge says Usha has made a big mistake, seeing your record, I will not dismiss this case, speak to your client, the court is adjourned. Anand comes there. He sees Anandi crying. Jigar says you thought you will get rid of me so soon. She says you can do anything, but I won’t lose. He says I will never leave you. He sees Anand there.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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