Kaala Teeka 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kaala Teeka 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Yug says she is just like her mother Gauri.. Naina says but she is my choti ma. Kali says Naina Yug baba meant like is childhood I used to do the same. I used to ask gauri to move so I can get teeka first. Yug says lets go for donation.
The man comes to guru ji and says 5 years have passed but there have been no reports of a mother giving birth in that span. Guru ji says she didn’t give birth in hospital. We have to contact her. Theh baby is already 5. Her difficult time has started.
Naina and Pavitra are playing outside the temple. Gauri sits on the bench and says don’t go far from here. Naina kicks Pavitra’s ball. Pavitra runs after the ball. The ball falls the edge of the temple. Pavitra goes after it and falls as well. Gauri stands up. Kali and everyone runs towards pavitra. Yug looks down. Kali slides down to save Pavitri. Yug and Nandu look for rope. Pavitra is holding a tree along with the slide. Nandu hums with the rope and saves Pavitra and Kali. Kali hugs Pavitra. Kali asks are you okay? She says yes. Kali says why you did this? Pavitra says did threw the ball there. Naina says I asked her not to play. Pavitra says sorry didi. Kali says promise me you won’t do this again. Pavitra says I won’t. Nandu says thank God she is safe. Lets go prepare for her birthday. Naina looks towards the jungle and smiles.

The birthday starts. Yug welcomes everyone. Naina says I look so good. Pavitra comes as well. Nandu picks her up and says you look so good all the guests meet Pavitra. Naina feels jealous.
Kali puts candles on the cake. Naina takes her aside and says mama this is not right. You gave pavitra better dress than me. Kali says thats not how you talk to elders. and Naina who said her dress is better? Both dresses are equally good. Naina says mama you are lying. Kali sees the time and says where is manji ma? She calls manjiir. Her phone is off. Kali says but why?

In village, funeral of a man is happening. Women take off his wife’s jewelry and bangles.
Yug says kids we will musical chair now. All the kids run around the chairs. In the end only pavitra and naina are left. Pavitra gets the chair but leaves it for naina. Everyone claps. Naina says yay I won. Yug says winner is naina. Pavitra gives the gift to naina.
A woman is there in the village. She is supervising the widow being treated to ill. The men take the widow towards water. They make the widow sit on her husband’s funeral so they will burn her along with her husband. The lit the funeral. Manjiri comes there and throws away the fire torch. SHe says till I am here this wont happen. The woman says so you came? I knew you would come for sure and would regret it. Manjiri says I won’t regret you would. This is our ritual and we will do it. I wont let this happen. Everyone here knows where the rituals bow down Jakturi stands for them. A woman with sword comes to attack Manjiry but some saves her. A man comes on a horse. Manjiri wonders who he is.

Precap-The man jumps and fights all the men of Jakturi. His face is covered. Manjiri wonders who he is. He is wearing a mask.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Now these two girls will grow up and fall in love for one guy then it will ultimately turns out to be a love triangle. All zee tv shows have love triangle

  2. Agree like Kali and gauri

  3. I don’t understand naina at all. She is after pavitra’s life

  4. This show has gone from bad to worst used be one of my favorite show but lately it’s crap makes no sense at all

  5. Naina is annoying she should just go back to Gauri. Pavitra is such a cutie pie she reminds me of Devanshi. Naina will end up being into all sorts of stupid things like her grandfather…. I think the man might be Devri

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