Mahek 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Mahek 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek exchanges rings with Ajay, she sadly looks at Shaurya, Shaurya is not happy too. Karona gifts Mahek, she says you are looking beautiful Mahek. Ajay smirks at Nehal. Balwant gifts Ajay and says this is book on peaceful marriage, do try to read it, Ajay thanks him. Shaurya says to Karona that lets eat food, i cant eat this local oily food so you eat it. Kanta asks Nehal to help Makek, Nehal leaves. Mahek says to Kanta that her mood is off, Kanta says dont worry. Pammi says today Mahek didnt cook but i will invite everyone after marriage to have dinner which Mahek will prepare. Ajay holds Mahek’s hand and smirks at Nehal, Shaurya is angry to see it. Ajay rubs Mahek’s hand, he clutches it, Mahek winces and says what are you doing? he says just teasing my would be wife, Mahek is in pain as Ajay breaks bangle on her hand and her hand starts bleeding. Kanta comes and asks how did this happen? Mahek says nothing, Mansi goes to bring first aid, Shaurya is glaring Mahek seeing all this.
Shaurya comes to Karona and asks if she ate dinner? she says yes, shaurya says i have work, lets go. Kanta asks Mahek and Ajay to eat dinner, Pammi says they should share plate. Karona congratulates Pammi and Kanta, Kanta says i am really glad that you came, Ajay comes to greet Karona. Shaurya comes to Mahek and says you cant be Mahek Sharma which i know, she says what? he says the Mahek Sharma i know, would have slapped guy who misbehaved with her, wouldnt lie to save him, i guess you are middle class and has thinking that husband can be abusive but will remain God and you have to bear everything he does, great Mahek Sharma. He glares her and leaves with Karona. Mahek is agitated hearing it.
Karona says to Shaurya that Mahek will get married soon, all were happy but arent you happy? Shaurya says yes i am so happy, Mahek’s dreams are coming true, i am really happy for her.
Mahek comes to her room and says he taunted me about middle class again, why was he giving me lecture? i can do anything.
shaurya says to Karona that i am not giving her lecture, she can do anything, you know arranged marriage is like two unknown people living hell for life.
Mahek says to herself that arranged marriage combines two families but Shaurya wont know this.
Karona says to Shaurya that not all people get love in life, Shaurya says then what is the need to marry? you should not marry then, you can live alone. Karona asks why do you have problem with Mahek marrying? Shaurya says i dont have any problem, i was just saying, he leaves, Karona thinks.

Scene 2
Its morning, Mahek is exercising. Kanta comes and laughs, Mahek says you want me to loose weight and now laughing at me? Kanta says sorry, i would have done this jogging with you too, you want to get slim for marriage? Jeevan calls Kanta, Kanta says this is marriage, husband keep calling you all the time.
Ajay comes to Mahek’s house. He sees Nehal and asks if she woke up because she was using facebook? Nehal rolls her eyes. Mahek comes there and sees Ajay, she covers herself with dupatta, Ajay eyes her and says i came to take permission, actually my friends got to know that i got engaged so they arranged party for me and Mahek. Kanta says its good that you are involving Mahek in your life but going out before marriage? Ajay says we are no boyfriend girlfriend so we dont know each other but we should get to know each other, Jeevan says take Nehal and Mohit too. Ajay says Mahek is my would be wife so it will be weird that i take Nehal and Mohit too. Mansi says but you are not married to her so there will should be eyes watching you so Nehal and Mohit should go, Ajay says i thought i got right to take her out, i should get going now. Balwant says we have broad thinking, Mahek will go with you alone, when this family can send Mahek out of city for competition then you are her would be husband so you can take her out too. Kanta asks Mahek if she wants to go? Mahek thinks and says yes. Ajay thanks her and says should i pick you up at 7pm? she nods, Ajay says good then, he leaves.
Ajay calls Shaurya, Shaurya asks who Ajay? ajay says i am Mahek’s fiance. Shaurya asks whats going? Ajay says i am your friend so everything is fine, i wanted to invite you for party, its in retro club, my friends are giving it for Mahek and Ajay, if you come then it will raise standard of party, Shaurya says i am busy so i cant come, thank for invitation, he ends call. Ajay says arrogant jerk.
Its 7pm, ajay is waiting for Mahek. Mahek comes in lounge dressed decently. Ajay smiles at her. Mansi says you both are good looking couple. Kanta says you both should go now, Ajay and Mahek leaves. Nehal sees them leaving.
Ajay is driving car and says baby give your hand, Mahek asks why? he says give it, he holds her hand, Mahek asks what are you doing? Ajay says we will have fun, he asks what are you wearing inside dress? she says what? he says take off your clothes, i know girls bring extra dress to get hot before going to party. Mahek says i didnt bring anymore dress, Ajay says what? you cant go in party in this shalwar suit, we will buy hot dress and you change before going to party. Mahek says i am comfortable in this only, Ajay says people will laugh in club at you, it will be embarrassing for me, Mahek says i am comfortable in these clothes, if you are embarrassed by them then i should go back home.

PRECAP- Ajay and Mahek are in club. Shaurya is there too. Ajay forcefully makes Mahek drink vodka and dances with Mahek, he mishandles her on dance floor and tries to get closer, Shaurya gets angry seeing all this and comes on dance floor.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Omg….this Ajay is such a b**tard….how can he do this to mahek….mahek u too have no brain….but our shaurya’s expression very too cute???….his anger was like…every girl dream to get a partner like one who take care of her in all the situation’s❤❤❤…..plz shaurya’s care for mahek has to be true not a fake one??…. waiting for today’s episode….this kanta and the family everybody gone mad….idiot people…

    1. Moni7

      S maanu … Again this balwant vl ask shaurie y he don’t have any other work … y always stalking mehak???? …. balwant???…..

      1. Whatever happens…mahek is for our shaurya only. …he surely stops her marriage….????

    2. Moni7

      Yeah dear….but he vl take revenge i guess…

      1. I too think he will take revenge

  2. Hello my dear frndz Naina,athya,vavachi,ishwarya,moni,
    Kavi,twinj and everyone.Sorry vavachi and latha,I took you both wrong.Forgive me.And thanks for reply.Actually I lost my best frnd on Friday.Her home is in Ranchi just near to my home.And I am in bangalore.I couldn’t get ticket to go to Ranchi.I have not seen her body.On saturday she was buried.I am feeling very helpless.I have never thought that this day will come.But what to do…..
    Episode was nice.Precap is also very nice.Shaurya cares for mehek.Waiting for both of them to fall for each other.Waiting for today’s episode.Love you all.Have a nice day.

    1. Hi rayna…gd morng. it’s sorrowful that u have lost ur friend. But don’t worry. We all r here for you.

    2. Moni7

      Hai rayna dear…take care dear…v all there for u…

    3. hai rayna pls dont feel sad take care dear don’t feel lonely so don’t heistate if u want 2 share any happiness or sadness just go ahead afterall we r friends we r there 4 u so DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY

    4. Thanks arshi,nayana and moni for your concern.Love you.

    5. Hey Rayna,
      Hope u r fine.Don’t b sad, we all r there for u.Be strong.

  3. Hey Ishwarya,due to some reasons I blocked my fb account in September.So I don’t have fb account now.Thanks for your concern.Love you.

  4. Moni7

    Wow…….hai frnds…. how r u all….i hate that ajay…. shaurie got angry on mehak?old arrogant shaurie …angry bird shaurie came out for few shows in his face with full of anger…how dare u touch my mehak ??….lol????he scold her ….kind of jealous… shaurie feeling so
    weird….. shaurie’s mom is always correct.. r u having any issues ???no mom??……he said m busy won’t come….later asusal standing there drinking juice….precap …. awesome loved the way shaurie.. cares for mehak….another arm lifting scene s waiting for us???then too poor shaurie eyes filled with tears when they exchange their rings……. shaurie??….but he s doing great job brain washing mehak….???hope today again v gonna see mehak in shaurie’s arm…bgm song ??? i can’t wait for it….

    1. Latha

      Moni u r absolutely right.

    2. Hi moni.U r right.

  5. Geetha ramasamy

    You written absolutely write

  6. Great episode. Just waiting for today’s episode

  7. Dudes…don’t be so hpy. U can’t tell anything abt a show.
    Zee tv’s anthr show..ETRETR. I also thought Raja is really concerned for Rani. But he also took revenge from her.
    Mahek is also a Zee TV’s show.
    So don’t think he forgot everything.

    1. Moni7

      S arshi u r ryt…..same happens in every serial….fake Love concern …..n then revenge. It happens….

    2. Moni7

      S arshi u r ryt…..same happens in every serial….fake Love concern n then revenge….

    3. yes ArShi i have also a feeling like that afterall he is shaurya khanna definitely he will take revenge 4 that slap i think this situation is similar 2 IPKKND SEASON 2 where shlok take revenge on astha ? any one watched that show

    4. Yes arshi.You are totally right.First fake love then it turns into revenge.

  8. Latha

    After precap more excited to watch upcoming episodes .

  9. Latha

    Shauri please give him a tight slap to this chimpanzee Ajay

    1. Moni7

      S dear monkey ajay.. ???

  10. Preethi ilang

    Hi friends….good morning…..super episode our shaurya is back to form with old avatar…..our chocalate boy does not understand is feelings……wow waiting for today episode yar…….this ajay monkey does not knw anything…..stupid boy does not knw how to behave with a girl…..atleast this shaurya use to look mehek frm top to bottom….but this ajay ? is looking like to r..e her….

    1. Moni7

      Ajay aaaaaaaa nu pakkara…??

  11. Oh God can’t tolerate this ajay he is disgusting why can’t this stupid nehal say 2 mahek that ajay is not a good person & dadaji is supporting ajay she must stand 4 herself we can’t force someone 2 marry mahek is bounded by family bonds thats y she is in confusion i hope shaurya help mahek waiting 4 nxt

    1. He is blackmailing nehal….he had some intimate pics of them….if she tell the truth to anybody he will upload in internet….so that nehal is hesitate to tell the truth…poor nehal….her love become a fake one and having more pain on his betrayal…sooo sad

  12. Moni7

    Most irritating characters of zkm… shruti? ?balwant
    Most annoying characters ??nehal,pammi aunty
    Comedy piece of zkm ajay?????
    Positive role shaurie mom
    Hero n anti hero ..Mr.sharuie
    Mehak innocent ladoo
    Kanta strict n lovable chachi
    Useless frnd mehak’s frnd

    1. Latha

      U missed PD sweet dadi

  13. Hi guys actually I m new on dis site so can I be ur friend?? n coming to 2day epi it was awesome I guess shaurya love mehek dats why he is jealous,n dat Ajay I just wanna break his face irritating huh????

    1. Latha

      Why not swetha welcome to this friends circle

      1. Moni7

        Yeah latha dear…i missed her…pd sweet cutie pie….??

    2. Moni7

      Hai welcome sweta…. keep commenting

    3. Hey sweta,
      Welcome to TU.Keep cmting.

    4. Hey guys,
      Today’s epi was awesom plus amazing plus annoying as well.This Ajay is just using Mahek.I just hate him.Mehrya r coming closer n closer.For this little credit goes to Ajay as well.

  14. Mona146

    guys I saw this serial in the beginning till half of the cooking competition and then left it unable to see shaurya’s abusive side. can someone say what has been going on?

  15. I am pretty sure that shaurya is just faking it…Just think how can he change so much all of a sudden & that too without any concrete reason ….it’s just like mahek sharma -that ugly middle class girl whum I hate to the core slapped me in front of the whole world & showed me my real place ..I am insulted publicly ,my investors threatened to break my deal ,morever the worst thing I fell in my mother’s eyes… & suddenly I the great shaurya khanna forgets everything including all the humiliations that I think I faced bcz if her.. How my image became in front of the youth…how my mom was hurt evvvryyyythinggggg…& I decide to make a new start & dat 2jst bcz she agreed to forgive me publicly …& not only that want jst a new start but I also want to befriend with her I praise her publicly and rewards her talent… I go to her home to return her apron.. & the most important thing is that I started feeling something seeing her committed… I the gr8 shaurya khanna….who perhaps never believed in apologizing others even when it’s his mistake the earlier shaurya khanna would have thought mahek’s greatness as a charity as his ego won’t have allowed him to think beyond..but now it’s different as he is a changed man now…. What an over night change…. Isn’t the whole concept too void??

    1. Moni7

      @story reader… absolutely u r correct…m agree with u….no change over n all… he remains that same arrogant attitude egotistic person….but pretending to be good for some hidden reasons ….or part of his evil plan ….which our mehak gonna suffer in future…..may be his feelings towards her are real…but still he didn’t forget and forgive that slap…..

  16. Awww u guys r so cute n latha,moni7 n twinj thanks for accepting me as ur friend n i’ll surely keep comenting guys thanks once again

    1. Moni7

      With pleasure dear sweta…..

    2. Latha

      Pleasure sweta

  17. priyanka tiwari

    whatever but the both couples shaurya nd meheak are the best

  18. priyanka tiwari

    nd i want that they should marry nd have some love twist in theie show

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