Kaala Teeka 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kaala Teeka 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Gauri says Yug’s condition is not okay. I will do tap for him because I am his wife.
Nandu sits next to Devri He says brother you know naina is in critical conditioin as well.
Kali comes to temple and says It your follower I am Naina’s mother. If anything happens to her I will kill myself.
Kali asks doctor how is naina? Doctor says we tried our best but surgery was unsuccessful. You don’t have time. You can see her one last time, Kali screams and says nothing would happen to my naina. Take my breaths naina but don’t leave me. You know mama loves you. open your eyes please. Naina plese say something. Please don’t do this to mama. dadi ask her to talk to me. Open your eyes naina. Doctor why don’t you do something. He says her blood is AB negative which is not available in Mithla. We can’t arrange from outside. Leela says her dad Yug is AB negative. Doctor says he is in critical condition himself. Kali starts crying. Nandu says ntothing will happen to her. Devri is standing with him. Doctor says how you came out of ICU? DEvri says only I can save her life. My blood is AB negative and I can save her. Kali says your blood won’t enter her body. Devri says I know why you are saying that. I have changed you have killed devil inside me. Manjiri says I feel like he isn’t lying. Leela says for Naina Kali. Kali says I can’t trust him. Doctor says he came from ICU he can’t donate blood anyway. DEvri says you can take last drop of my blood and save Naina. I beg your pardon Kali. give me one chance to repent. Leela says she will forgive you. Naina’s life is the most important atm. Nandu says Kali she has changed he is not like before. Please. Kali says okay. Kali says for my daughter I give you one last chance.

Naina is okay. Everyone is happy. Jamna says you have started a new life i hope you walk on right path. Leela thanks him. Devri says you all gave me a new chance and showed me that there is nothing in path of devil. Nandu says forgive him Kalii. Kalii says I have to be grateful to him for savin my daughter but I can’t forget the times he tried to kill her. He will be punished by law. Nandu says what law? Kali says he will be jailed. Nandu says are you oout of your mind? Devri says is right nandu I should be punished. Nandu says no my brother wont go to jail. DEvri says don’t argue nandu. Take me to my room i feel weak. Nandu takes him to his room.

Doctor comes and says Yug is out of danger. You can see him. Gauri goes there and hugs him. Yug hugs her back. Yug says I am embarrassed at my mistake. Leela says its okay happens. Kali says where is manji ma? Leela says she prayed if everything gets well she will go to temple by train. SHe left. Kali says lets go home Naaina.
Jamna gives food to devri. Devri says if something happens to me ask your God to pardon me. She says God’s everyone’s. That makes him. God. You can ask his pardon yourself too. Devri sees doctor talking to police. Doctor comes in and says once you are okay you will be in police custody.

Precap-Doctor brings Inspector to devri’s room but he has fled. Inspector says alert in all the stations. Jamna tells leela and everyone that he fled and everythiing in hospital was a drama.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. For public sake please please end this show and I don’t know how that little girl’s parents accepted to give their daughter to this worst show is she a foot ball to throw here and there and the writers don’t have any sense at all at the beginning it was the best show ever now the present worst show is only kala teeka please end it and pair kayu if you can???


    Kali is now married with nandu so kayu love story is ended forever so better to accept this truth & now also if kayu love remains as it is then kali will become a betrayal of nandu like yug is betrayal of kali. And it will be wrong. Nandu is a good and innocent person and kali is also a honest girl and they both deserves each other. They are perfect match.

    1. Angelk1

      I agree

  3. We want kayu -.-

  4. Kali, Manji maa and Yug all started out as people who did not believe in superstition and yet now……that is all they believe in! This show has gone backwards rather than teaching people to be progressive…very disappointing.

    1. I agree with you

  5. I don’t think it was a drama but he scare of the police he will return to the house

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