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Hello peeps.. Once again I am up with an OS but this time not for Shivika but for Rumya’s… Initially I thought of writing it for Shivika only but after a lot thinking I come to a conclusion that it will be prefect for Rumya.. Hope you all like it…

Waise I’ve few conditions.
Rumya never got married. No Rehan in Saumya’s life. ShivIka and IshKara are married…

With the passing of time Rumya have started feeling something special for each other Saumya did not express her feeling thinking it would spoil their friendship while Rudra never understood his feeling he is confused but with the help of his Bhiyas and bhabhis he come to know his feeling and now he want to name that beautiful feeling and even want to know Sumo’s feeling for him so he have decided a plan and he put into action and as a part of plan he took Saumya for a day out…

Annoyed and fuming Saumya entered in Oberoi mansion and she throw her purse on sofa angrily and she settled on sofa near catching attention of IshKara and ShivIka who are busy in some talking and soon Om asked

Om: Saumya what happened??? Why are you angry????

Saumya: Bade baal wale bhaiya wo duffer singh oberoi…

Before she can complete her sentence ShivIkaNa speak together

ShivIkaNa: Do not say that you both fight once again….

Saumya: But this time only he is at fault and he crossed all the limits and this time I won’t forgive him and his puppy face won’t gonna melt my heart…

Anika: Saumya, relax calm down, and tell us what did he do this time???

Saumya: He forgot my b’day,and even after this I went him with for his movie plan but when I told him that I wanted to go for shopping he refused and forcefully O make him agree and then and Saumya went in flashback before few hour

Saumya and Rudra went for movie o insist of Rudra and after completion of movie Saumya informed Rudra that she wanted to do shopping and after threatening and emotional blackmailing of Saumya Rudra agreed and they entered inside Mango’s showroom and Rudra speak

Rudra: Saumya, please do not tell me that you wanted to buy something different else my stomach will start groaning due to staying hungry for hours….

Saumya: Just shut up Rudra, A more word and I won’t company you in your stupid salad lunch…

Rudra: Do not you dare blackmail me because I will drag you to hotel and stuff food in your mouth and will giggle you till you do not chew it….

Saumya don’t answer him and just throw look seriously??? And Rudra choose to keep mum and for next one hour they go through almost each dress but Saumya did not like any of them and she asked salesgirl

Saumya: Can you please saw me some simple yet elegant blue or black one-piece…

Next moment salesgirl saw some elegant dress and finally Saumya select a blue one-piece and speak

Saumya: I love it, I am buying this…

Rudra: Do not you think it won’t fit on you sumo???

Saumya: What do you mean???

Rudra: I mean you’ve gain some weight due to excess love of Anika and Ishana bhabhi…

Saumya: You know what???? I am done with shopping and day out and now I want to go to home…

Rudra: Sumo, Wait… I was just kidding you sumo…

But Saumya did not listen to any of his plead and take car key from him and without waiting for him she started driving to Oberoi mansion…

As soon as she completed Anika and Ishana come by her side and hug her from side and speak

IshKa: Chill Saumya, Relax lets go to pool side we will sit there and talk…

And they take Saumya with them showing thumbs up sign to ShivOm… As soon as they are out of hall Om dialled Rudra’s number and they discuss something… And after disconnecting call both ShivOm hifived to each other.

I thought of presenting it as an OS but it come out to be bit lengthy so I’ll post it as two shot…
Please leave your feedback whatever it is….

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  1. Inu

    Wow an ff on rumya. Super. Thank u for that. I will surely read ur further epi’s. Waiting for ur next epi.

    1. Pri_24

      Thank you dear…

  2. Ishqkum

    Wow super priya Dr rumy ff so sweet they both are budding couple super Dr I loved it update next ASAP

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Kavi for your comment….

  3. Nansshivika

    Sweet 2s of rumya and cute fights of rumya waiting for the next part PRI??

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Nandupie…

  4. I m happy to read rumya ff…
    Soo cute couple naa…
    I loved it yaar..
    Keep writing?

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Sah and I gonna miss you alot…

  5. SamSun

    pri u as usual rocked it. this was very cute and interesting. i am dying for the next epi when r u going to post it pls do it soon pls.

    1. Pri_24

      May be today not sure… Bus thoda sa typing baki hai… Thank you so much for your comment…. :$

  6. Jazz1


    1. Pri_24


  7. Akshaya

    Rumya. Yippee. Great chocopie. Loved it

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Aksh…

  8. Sooo nice

  9. Nainaa

    So, atlast ,y Rumya’s OS….. Thank you so much Priya Di…. I really loved it. Update next one soon… Waiting for it.

    1. Pri_24

      Cutiepie Thank you so much for your comment…. :$

  10. Nice I liked it

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Niriha…

  11. Sanchi

    Cute one Pri, will b waiting for nxt part dear?

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Sanchi…

  12. Sanaya_malik

    Yes Finally got to read rumyas os…. I was eagerly waiting for that…. And pri it jhakaas episode….. I loved each part…. Waiting for next…. ??

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Sanu baby for your comment ….

  13. Its Amazing and bang shot finally someone write on our Rumya how much I want to read Rumya story and finally you did it.. You are mind blowing PRI don’t be disappointed by less comment dear people will be busy and may be realized soon and will comment so chill keep writing and smiling…☺☺☺

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks Rivanah… I’ll continue…

  14. Tulasi

    My sweetiessssssss rumya….????????????????????????waitng for d next dear…..post it soon…..they r cute asusual……

  15. Pri_24

    Thank you my Tsunami…

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