Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Indra captures the Shivlings

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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 24th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rahul saying I don’t believe this nonsense. Gauri says Indra is going to do this, we have to stop him and find Shivlings. Rahul says then we have to leave from here, Indra shouldn’t get those Shivlings. Shakti sees the bag and checks it. She finds Shivlings in it and gets shocked. She greets. She says everyone was finding the Shivlings and its here with Namrata. Thakur shouts Shakti. She hides the bag and Namrata too. He comes and asks why do you want to kill me, I will give you village head post, till when will you backstab me. She says this game will go on till your death. He gets shocked. They argue.

He says I have to find Shivlings and place them in village temple, we can sort our matter later on. He goes. She smiles and says your daughter is here, she had stolen the shivlings, I will take Shivlings back to village, everyone will respect me. Rahul, Gauri and Swami ji leave. Swami says I can’t come along, my devotees lives are in danger, I have to stop Indra, just try to find Shivlings before Indra. Rahul and Gauri take his blessings. Swami says remember Gauri, Shivlings should be placed in Siddhpur, else Kaal Bhairav’s anger will begin. Shakti takes the bag. Namrata gets up and sees her. She fights with Shakri and shuts her. She leaves with the bag. Latika says how will we find Shivlings here, Gauri did you get any sign.

Gauri says no, I wish, Shambu told me I have to fight this war alone. Rahul asks inspector Devendra to do something, send police force at ghat. Shakti calls someone and says I know about Shivlings, you have to kill Thakur if you want to know. Devendra and everyone check the camera feeds. Rahul says how can we know this way, there are many screens, there is much crowd. Namrata is seen by Gauri. She says Namrata is in this state, and she has a bag too. She thinks and says that bag has the shivlings, I know Shivlings have come to wash off the sins. Thakur says what’s Namrata doing here. Gauri says Shivlings has come with sinner Namrata, as she has killed many people, we should go to her. Namrata shouts for Rahul and cries. She asks people about him. Shambu calls her out and asks her to see Rahul waiting for her. She sees Rahul standing far in the sea waters. He asks her to take the bag along. She asks Rahul to wait, she is coming. Everyone comes there and see Namrata dipping in the water, along with the shivlings. They see the shivlings fallen down.

They all start running to the ghat. Namrata falls down in the waters. Rahul runs to save her. Thakur, Gauri, Latika, Lakhan and Devendra get the washed Shivlings out of the waters. All the nine Shivlings raise in air and take a round. They get illuminated. Rahul takes Namrata to the ghat and tries to wake her up. Everyone greet shivlings. Rahul gets amazed seeing the flying Shivlings. Shivlings get down on the ground. Thakur chants Kaal Bhairav’s name. Indra hits on Rahul’s head and faints him. Indra’s goons capture everyone at knife point. Indra says I was finding Shivlings everywhere, this was with Namrata. He says Gauri got Shivlings for me, I will kill Rahul, if you come to me and beg me, I may give a life to Rahul. He asks his men to take Shivlings for puja, Kashi will see his miracle. He gets the Shivlings placed in puja place.

Indra sits doing puja. Lakhan asks Gauri will Indra really sacrifice us after puja.

Update Credit to: Amena

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