When destiny become cupid ( kanchi fs ) by Niyu Shot 9

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Hi Kanchians , Look who is back .I know u guys want to kill me for my irregular posts & sudden disappearance . Anyone remember me .I am extremely sorry my readers . I don’t want to give any excuse ,I am just busy with board exams & i don’t want to write after knowing Sanveer is the lead couple. . Let’s leave that . Just move toward next part.


RecapSanchi & Kabir become friends .

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Kanchi are blaming on each other that who first start fight . Then , they realize they again start their arguments . After realizing , they both laugh on themself.

Kabir admired her smile .

Kabir : You look good while smiling .

He compliment her .

Sanchi : Even u also look better when u smile .

He look in her eyes . Their eyes locked for a while & then they move to their respective works. This is not went unnoticed by our trio.

Veer : Chori Chori Chupke Chupke

Pragya : Kuch Kuch hota hai.

Isha : I think these are favourite films of ur both .

She said while applying lipstick . Veer & Pragya mods their head in disbelief.

Veer : You are such a dumbo na ? ?

Pragya : Don’t u see that something going on between them.

Isha : Shut up ! I don’t want to solve such a difficult riddle .

Pragya pats her own head .

Pragya : You are silly .

They both leave from there leaving her alone.

Isha : I am really dumbo ….

She ask from herself while looking at mirror ? ? .

She rushed behind them . Pragya & Veer are discussing something .

Isha : What are u guys talking about?

Pragya : So , just listen Isha you have to take Sanchi to store room & Veer you have to take Dr.Kabir to store room.

Veer get 440 volt shock after listening Kabir’s name ? .

Veer : Mujh jaise bhole se bacche ko kyun fasa rahe ho .

He said with his puppy eyes .

Pragya : Stop being melodramatic.

Isha : Why are u giving orders to us?

Veer : Exactly ….Tum kya kerogi phir.

Pragya : Bhangra …Aur kuch ? ? .

Isha : There is no function then why will u do Bhangra ? .

Pragya : I just want to die . ( said while irritated)

Veer : Main gala daba doon ?

Pragya : Nalayak , You want to kill me in reality . Look, u both do ur work & I will do arrangements .

They both nods their head & trio leave from there is different directions.

Isha : Sanchi , I forget my file in store room . Please bring it na.

Sanchi : I am not going anywhere . I have a lot of work.

Isha : Please ! Please !Please!

Sanchi : Okk , I am going but can u stop this Please rhyme ?

She move toward store room & start finding the file .

On the other side –

Veer : Dr. Kabir …..

He shout on top of his voice. Kabir who is drinking coffee split coffee on the papers which he is checking ? ? .

Kabir : What the hell ! This is any way to call someone .

Veer : I just want to tell u something .
He mutter in low voice.

Kabir : Hmm….Go ahead .

Veer : There is some problem in store room .You have to go for checking that .

Kabir give him a deadly glare .

Veer : Why are u looking like this . Kaccha to nahi chaba jayenge….Ohh, Sorry u are vegetarian na ? ?

Kabir : Shut up !

He move toward store room . He enter & bump on someone .

Sanchi : Ouch… Don’t u have eyes .

She turn toward the person & shocked to see Kabir .

Kabir : What are u doing here ?

Sanchi : I came here to talk with ghosts ? ? .

Kabir : What !

Sanchi : Can’t u see file on my hand .I came here to take this but What are u doing here ?

Kabir : Veer told me that some problem happen in store room .He is right . Jahan tum hogi toh problem toh hogi ? .

Sanchi : What do u mean ?

Kabir : You have much brain to understand .

Sanchi : I have more important work .I don’t want to waste my time here .

She said with annoyed face & move toward the door . She tried to open the door but it is locked. Kabir realized that she is still standing there.

Kabir : You don’t want to waste ur previous time . So ,.Why are u standing here ….Go now .

He said in taunting way .

Sanchi : I have no interest but seems like door get jammed.

Kabir : What….Move aside .

He said while turning toward her . He tried to open the door.

PraIshVeer give hi-fi to each other & giggling on their plan .

Veer : Plan successful ….

Isha : Yeah….I really work hard on this plan .

She start self-praising herself .

Veer : Oh God ….She again started her self obsession ? .

Pragya : Iska kuch nahi ho sakta .

They both move from there while she rushed behind them .

Isha : Now, What I had done .

She asked in confusion.

PrecapSome romantic moments as well as cute nok-jhok between Sanchi


( Author’s note – Thank u guys voting for me . I seriously thought that u guys forget me after such a disappearance of mine . First of all , I am here to tell u from next there is less humour because now I am focusing on love story. Second important thing is I am really busy in my studies that’s why I update once in a week. I will update Kaha jaye ye dil tomorrow . I want to ask i will update alternately if u want both fs . So, u have to keep patience & u have to wait for two weeks . The second option is that first I complete When destiny become cupid & then come on the second one Kaha jaye ye dil . So, the choice is yours) .

Hope u guys like it . Please ignore grammatical & spelling errors . I know it’s short but u get long update next time .Keep smiling & Be happy . Take care .

Thank u for reading .

Niyu ?

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