Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 20th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri’s dream turns true

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 20th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone seeing the idols outside their houses and praying. Lakhan says its outside every house. Thakur asks how can this happen, what does Lord want to say, is he giving a sign. A man says pujari is calling at temple, a tamrapatra has come. Gauri sees the people running and recalls her dream. Everyone reaches the temple. Thakur asks everyone to get quiet. Pujari says tamrapatra has come. Thakur asks him to read it. Pujari reads the villagers are going against his warnings and took advantage of his love, now they will face his wrath, he will punish the sinners, the house where idol cries, that family’s member would have been disobeying my commands, you have to give those members to me after sunset, so that I can punish him, if this doesn’t happen, then the entire village will be punished. Rahul says what’s this new drama, some person has done this to spread fear.

Thakur says Lord has always forgiven people, but this time, why is he angry. Lakhan says is that sinner me. Rahul asks Namrata what is she saying, she is educated, how can she believe this, they have fixed dynamite and idol got shaken. She asks what about the idol crying. He says it maybe a trick, I m sure that person has fixed the idols outside the houses, I won’t let anyone die, I will tell them the truth of dynamite. She says no, don’t make this mistake, villagers are scared, you will become culprit for them, don’t know what will they do. He cries and says the last way to reach the secret ended, and now this new drama and punishment, whenever I feel I m going to win, entire game turns around, I have to find some other way. The man says Dhaniram’s house idol is crying, come fast. They all go and see the idol crying. Gauri sees the man and thinks its same as my dream, how can this get true.

Thakur asks Dhaniram to decide, whom will he give to Lord. Lady says how can anyone sacrifice family member. Pujari says just decide who is the sinner. Thakur says yes, we will come later, till then decide among yourself. Rahul sees Gauri and stops her. He asks who is doing all this and why. She says who am I to say, Lord decides everything.

He asks what happened to you, you look changed since you came from temple. She says I m fine. He says you don’t look fine, what happened in temple that day, what did you see. She says I didn’t see anything, but now I can see a lot happening here. He asks what do you mean. She says nothing and goes. He says what happened to her. Lakhan apologizes to Lord and says don’t cry outside my house.

The man says why are you troubled, Dhaniram got punished. Lakhan asks what will I do if Lord cries outside my house. The man asks what did you do. Lakhan asks them to leave. Dhaniram’s wife apologizes to Thakur. Thakur says we have to follow command. Dhaniram’s sons fight. Pujari stops them. Gauri recalls her dream and worries. She thinks she has seen same dream. Pujari says Manish has done a crime by stealing, he has to sacrifice himself. Manish shouts and gets an axe to attack pujari. Gauri gets shocked. Pujari asks Manish to calm down. Manish says I won’t leave anyone. Rahul and everyone look on shocked.

Thakur asks everyone to return to his house and not come out before sunset. They all leave. Rahul keeps an eye on tied up Manish and says I will see how this story ends.

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