Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 20th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak Becomes Sumer Target

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 20th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma asks Nanda why did she return when she had already destroyed him. Nanda says she is a 100% businesswoman and believes in destroying her enemy from the root. She laughs on Kanak that her challenge of destroying Uma completely and getting him on road is complete. Aditya says why she is wasting time on chudidar bro and Sandhya Rathi’s babe, let us go. Nanda leaves burning Uma’s effigy. Ved says Uma let us go. Uma holds Kanak’s hand and then gets into police jeep looking at her. Kanak stands sadly.

A new entry goon Subair is shown who destroys liquor bottles in a countryside liquor shop. Music plays and camera zooms no his scarred face. He shouts he is Sumer Singh and all Ladnu women are his mothers and sisters, he will not tolerate anyone insulting them. He has opened a new party to protect them. His supporters and women chant his name. He walks smirking. He then travels in car and orders his aide to give his favorite liquor and drinks directly from bottle. Aditya asks when he loves drinking, why did he he burn liquor shop. Sumer points knife on Aditya’s neck. Aditya calls Nanda. Nanda says rival shop owner must have hired Sumer. Sumer says he needs party donation. She gives him money bag. He smells money and says his party’s rule is to help everyone, what help she needs. Maasi says same work which he is famous for, he has to get justice to a dead sister Palomi. He says he will get justice to his dead sister.

Kanak with Vansh returns home and informs about Uma being jailed. Bhabho worriedly repeats. Shiv asks if Uma will stay in jail now. Kanak hugs him and says she will get Uma out of jail and until he returns, she will take Uma’s place and take care of them. Suman and Shiv hug her. Bhabho says god does justice always, Kanak is perfect to be Uma’s life partner.

Sumer’s puppets pelt stone on windows and doors and shouts Ransena party zindabad, Uma murdered Palomi sister and they will not spare him. Sumer comes in front and signals them to stop. Sumer asks if they are ready to get justice to Palomi sister, then let us burn Uma’s house and clinic. Kanak tells Vansh that mob wants to burn Uma’s house and clinic somehow. Vansh runs and closes door. Puppets chants Uma Shankar hai hai, they will not go without burning doctor’s clinic and house. Rani runs to call Ved, but returns saying phone is switched off. Vansh says they will fight till last breath. Bhabho says they will not back off and fight. Suman and Rani same.

Ved locks up Uma and asks him not to worry, he will be proved innocent. Rani calls Ved and informs that goons are trying to burn Uma’s house, he informs Uma. Uma requests to free him for sometime. Ved says he cannot and rushes ordering his subordinates to call more police force.

Precap: Kanak with family challenges Sumer that she will not back off till her last breath. Sumer pulls gun and challenges that he will shoot Uma at any cost. Ved informs Kanak that Uma’s case will be heard in fasttrack court.

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  1. writers you need to take a break!!! may be the rest will recharge your creativity
    can add any more on what has already been said except please don’t insult our intelligence.
    Police has lost their voice can not stand up to crooks, doctors can be bought, what more is this
    serial going to feed us?
    have a lovely Sunday

  2. very nice episode! nanda victory is not permanent.. she is actually instigating Uma in a subtle way i hate her!
    she broke Uma’s trust! she was like his mother, then she proved him fraud in front of the whole ladno!she blamed him for Palomi’s murder and..Poisoning uma wasn’t enough that now she is accusing him for fake murder!! and he remained silent still, but if she ever tries to hurt Kanak Uma will kill her. is enough.!!!! i like how the innocent yet mischievious girl kanak is ready to take all the responsibility of Shiv, Suman & the whole family. very nice. really. but the upcoming track will be more interesting and lots of surprises are awaiting for us… love this show and will be with it till the end! and kanum are amazing!

  3. Love KANUM so much..

  4. this show has lost the point
    it was nice before
    all tgey had to do was show uma realised his fault and belief but still continue the romance
    but they have added drama after drama made it into a typical normal show
    i use to like the music playing in the background and their differences.
    now its all depressing
    they always do this and ruin the show it wont last a year now
    vansh story was useless
    massi becoming bad we still have no clue apart from money
    hos mothers story w never knew
    what happend to kanaks cousin that sold the shop to aditya and whos child is it?
    why cant they just stick to happy family romantic drama
    now we have this weirdo with guns
    they did this with so many programs and they all flopped
    point isnt to keep changing stories and doing leaps
    you gain viewers with the storty building and growing films like KKHH OR K3G OR DDLJ was so famous because it was different and romantic with family instead of all the evil and action
    they need to bring it back on tract as the first season or it will go
    keep it nice family show with all of them

  5. Yes, this is really bad. No justice in today’s world. Everytime bad wins over good 🙁
    Vansh good and caring brother always support Kanak and stands beside her.
    Kanak stepped in and took place of Uma in taking care of Suman and Shiv this scene was awesome.
    Precap seem to be amazing. Kanak aka Rhea Sharma great actress. She should be honored.

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