Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Maharani is fake Bhagwan

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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 24th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Archie doubting Kashinath and going to spy on him. She checks his room. Veer comes there. She hides and sees him. She says I have a doubt that Kashinath is Bhagwan. He says don’t even think this, he has risked his life to save my dad once, he can’t be Bhagwan. Bhairavi comes and says whoever Bhagwan is, he will attack again. Archie says yes, none of us is save here. Rajguru gets angry on Bhairavi and scolds her for cheating them. Veer says her life is in risk, she will stay here. Archie says if she stays here, everyone will be in danger, I m worried for you, its happening on the name of curse, its to kill the heirs.

Maharani asks Veer to understand. Veer says I can’t put anyone in risk, Bhairavi has done this being helpless, she should get a chance to repent. Rajguru says fine, she has to go and apologize to Kaal Bhairav. She says I m ready to go. Veer says I will also go with her. Rajguru says no, she has to go alone. She says Rajguru is right, I will repent alone. Bhagwan says Veer is hiding from everyone and following Bhairavi, its our chance to kill him. He sends his men. Archie looks for Veer. Akshay calls him. Kashinath goes to hide. He tells Revati that Veer went after Bhairavi. He says I won’t go there to find Veer. Revati says its not any Lord, its some human. Archie doubts on him and comes there to see. She sees Kashinath scared and thinks how can be he Bhagwan. Revati asks him to just stop it. Archie thinks Veer’s life is in danger. Maharani asks Kashinath and Akshat about Veer. Archie says Veer has gone after Bhairavi. Rajguru asks but why.

Kunika says he has a habit to invite troubles. Maharani says until I m alive, nothing will happen to Veer, get him back safely. Akshay goes. Bhairavi prays in the cave temple. Veer comes there and shouts Bhairavi. Archie and Akshay come there. Veer says I can’t leave her alone. Archie says this was my and Bhairavi’s plan, we have to catch Bhagwan red-handed. He says you should have told me. She says your life is in danger. Bhairavi gets caught by men. She screams. Veer runs to her. Archie asks him to stop. Bhairavi gets scared. Veer comes to her and sees the goons. She asks him to go, its a trap, he is their target. Veer falls back and gets locked inside the cave. They shout to Veer. Archie and Akshay fight the goons. Bhairavi also helps. Veer sees Bhagwan coming. Bhagwan takes a trishul to kill Veer. Veer catches the trishul and stops him. He pushes the man. Veer gets hit and falls down. Goons catch Akshay and Archie. Bhairavi tries to save them. Veer attacks the Bhagwan and sees the snake mark on his body. He says its Naagvalli’s mask. Bhagwan runs and asks his men to leave. Veer comes back to Archie.

They return to palace. Archie says just family and Rajguru knew about Bhairavi, we had a doubt that Bhairavi will get attacked, someone here has become Bhagwan and played this game. Veer says I have seen a snake mark on his hand. Rajguru shows his hands. Maharani says Pavitra, where were you, tell me. She asks Pavitra to show her hand. She says Veer you are finding that person, she is Pavitra, I have seen the snake mark on her hand. Pavitra shows the mark. Neeraj catches her. Pavitra says its wrong, Veer you are doing wrong, I don’t know anything, trust me. She gets blaming Pavitra. Pavitra says its not true, trust me. Veer asks Akshay to arrest Pavitra. She says I don’t know anything, trust me. Akshay takes her away. The real culprit is Maharani, who fools everyone. She keeps Bahgwan’s clothes and mask in the cupboard. She thinks I have made fake mark and trapped Veer, I feel like I m really Lord. She laughs.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ooshi

    But y is she doing this killing kedar has a reason but killing yash and veer and not killing the brother of Kedar not understanding. Let’s see. Don’t want dragging like they did after revealing the villain in season 1.

  2. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Amena.

  3. My doubt was true.
    But why will she kill his own son.

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