Zaroori tha |I’ll snatch you from sky too| shot 27

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Hey everyone this is the 27th shot of Zaroori tha i hope you guys gonna like it.
Ignore all error and continue reading and supporting.    
Aarohi happily settle down behind Anika. Anika too smiling in heart having Aarohi near her.  She from the mirror gazes Aarohi who was staring her. Both passes smiles to each other and get on road
Song plays 
itti si hansi
Itti si khushi
Itna sa tukda chand ka
Khwaabon ke, tinkon se
Chal banaaye aashiyan
Both were silent throughout the ride when Aarohi took the step to vanish this silent which had seen their routes.
Yesterday Rudra made me taste his protein shake and you know it was too heavy that’s why i didn’t join for dinner. Not because you where there
 “Aarohi explained”
Rudy told me” Anika said softly”
So then why you didn’t came for puja” Aarohi asked”
“I don’t believe on all this” Anika replied glancing Aarohi through mirror
“And breakfast?”
“I’ve kept fast”
“Fast from food or fast for staying far from me ” Aarohi pov staring her.
If i’ll not stay far from you than how you will get close to Gayu ” Anika pov”
@ Dev cabin 
Shivaay bhaiya i think your plan getting failed ” Bhavya said”
I’m SSO. ACP saibha and your department plans can get failed but not mine ” Shivaay said with tadi”
Yeah !! You are SSO but infront of my daughter you are bheegi billi ” Dev teases him “
And infront of my gf you are bheega bhallu ” Rudra said snatching lpad from him”
What you called me ” Dev fumes”
Bhallu !! ” Rudra said gazing Aarohi and Anika on ipad”
Shivom and Gayu glances each other ?
Elephant !!!!! ” Dev shouts”
Rudy bhaiya run ” Gauri shouts taking ipad from him”
Rudra turns his faces and shouts Dara Singh . No……
Dev roars and runs behind Rudy wearing boxing gloves .
Rudy cries for help but Shivom and Gayu ignored his cries and enjoy Aarohi and Anika movie.
On road 
Acha so tell me what name who have kept of Shivaay ” Aarohi asked”
Not name but names ” Anika chuckles”
Yes names ! So from where it begins
From Stone Singh Oberoi. Billu ji, bagad billa, Akdu, Chuimuhi, Sadu, Saru…….. Anika kept on telling Shivaay names.
Aarohi laughs hearing Shivaay  names.
Itti si hansi
Itti si khushi
Itna sa tukda chand ka
Khwaabon ke, tinkon se
Chal banaaye aashiyan
Acha what names you have kept of mine ” Aarohi tricks “
Angry bird  and lady gabbar !!!
Anika without realising what Aarohi asked she opened her mouth . She chuckles loudly…..Angry bird and Lady gabbar
Yeh phone, yeh car ke remotes aur yeh sleeping pills humein de do Anu ???
She playfully hits champa head but in real it hit Anika head. She with jerk put breaks on champa and gazing Aarohi through mirror
Who was giving her….. oh acha mein Angry bird aur lady gabbar wala look 
Anika made puppy face and nods negatively. 
@ Dev cabin 
Lady gabbar and Dara Singh. What a match Hahaaahhh ” All youngster on Dev”
Ok stop it ” Dev said coming out of their hold”
Dara Singh ” Om teases”
Dev glare him and burst into laughter.
Aww by baby. See fatty how my Anu is looking and my wifey so pretty  ” Dev tease Rudy”
I’m tell gf about this ” Rudra threats rubbing his cheek”
All brust into laughters and teases  Rudra more. Calling him elephant.
On road 
Aarohi gets down from champa and Anika follows her.
Where are you going? ” Anika asked”
None of your business ” Aarohi replied”
But file ” Anika asked following her”
Dev texted me that he had it’s soft copy so i can go home. And that   ( She turned )  by myself ” Aarohi smiles”
Are you angry th….. Aarohi cuts
Take this ” Aarohi opens her purse and give cash to her”
What’s this? ” Anika shrugs “
Fare in english and kaariya in hindi
Kyun mein koi driver hoon ?
Ji !! ” Aarohi said with tadi “
Kyaaaa !!! ?
Muh band karo. Kal raat ki palak nazar aa rahe hai ” Aarohi shut her mouth and marches away”
( close your mouth. Yesterday spinach is there on your teeth)
Oh hello !! Zayad tadi na maaro ap.  ” Anika stomped her foot”
( hello don’t show me attitude)
Aarohi stops and fakely glare her ” what you said?”
Zayad tadi na maaro ap. Aur mein koi driver nahe hoon. Aur ek to meri champa aur mera thank you kare ke bajaye mujh yeh note dey rahe hai.
( don’t show me attitude. And instead of thanking me and my champa giving me money)
You….. Anika cuts
What you, you karti hai ap ab ko bhi Shivaay ke jesa sirf ” what, what  and you , you ” he aata ha?
Sab sirf itni he english aati hai?
( what you, you? All the time same like Shivaay only say… what and you. Only this much english you know?)
Hey…. Anika cuts
Hey nahe thank you bole aur woh bhi meri champa ko.
( Not hey but say thank you to my champa)
What’s it in your, Champa that me should thanks her ” Aarohi asked rising her brow”
Ap ko pata hai ap bohat lucky ho ke ap ko meri , meri champa par jhulaa lene ka mukha mila…..
( You don’t know you are lucky that you got change to swing on my champa)
Warna Mumbai mein toh  log  meri champa ki ek jhaalak paane ke liya jahaz se jump laga detey thy.
( otherwise in Mumbai people jumped from airplane to have one glance of Champa)
And if you have any doubt then ask Shivaay. Un ki cars ki tai tai phiss ho jayi hai meri Champa ko dekh kar.
( infront of my champa, his cars gets punched)
Aur ap meri champa ko nakare noor jahan ke dekha rahe haan.
( And you throwing tantrums )
Yo…. Anika cuts
You nahe. Yeha ley apne paise aur meri taraf se ” Cheejee khaa le” (Anika opens Aarohi coat first two  button and put money inside her chest )
( Not you but take this money and eat sweets from my side)
Aarohi turns O ?
@ Home
Yes sir i’ve entered the mansion. And guess what sir, no one is at home all are gone for work and both dadi’s are resting in room.
No sir don’t worry i’m working for you for last sixteen years have i given you any chance of complaint and this time when it’s matter of Rajveer baba death. And you are not alone i’m there with you to take revenge from Ms Ruthless.
Soon she will cry and you will laugh. It’s sweety promise.
 @ 9 pm
@ Shivika room 
Shivaay was lying on bed holding Anika from waist who was lying half on him and half on bed. Both where lost in each other for last five minutes when Shivaay broke the eye lock and peck Anika’s tip of nose.
So what’s my eyes color ” Shivaay asked sweetly”
It’s blue ” Anika replies widely opening his eyes”
Blue ” Shivaay smiles and peck her chin”
“No  Shivaay it’s green ” She said with suprise”
“But you said it’s blue “
Shhh !! Billu ji let me see ” She shh him”
No now they are grey Shivaay”  Anika said scratch her head”
Shivaay giggles on her antics.
Shivaay !! ” Anika hits him with pillow”
Aaaaa !! From Panika you became Marika ” He said protecting himself”
Shivaay mera naam na bigadare aur ap cheating kar rahy hai ” She hits him more”
( don’t spoil my name and you are doing cheating)
Anika trust me i’m not doing any cheating. ” He explains “
No you are. She about to hit him more when Shivaay pulled her close
Sh…..Shivaay cuts him
Anika just look into my eyes ” He cups her faces “
Meri ankho ka rang tumhare rang hai. Joh meri ruh tak ghul chukha hai. Har rang dekhe ga tumhein meri in ankho mein Anika joh sirf tumhare he pyaar ka rang hai.
( the color of my orbs, it’s your. That got mixed to my soul. You will find every color in my eyes Anika that’s all color of your love )
Both get lost in each other orbs
O jaana plays 
After fifteen minutes Anika screams loudly and breaks the eyelock
Anika !! What happened , why you screamed ” Shivaay asked rubbing his ears”
Anika with wide mouth points towards pool.
Shivaay turns back and then gazes Anika.
Barish !!! ” Anika smiles “
Anika no ” Shivaay nods “
Anika pushes him and runs towards pool. But before she can reaches there a mirror wall blocks her way
Anika ones i told you that you are not suppose to drench in rain then it means no ” He orders”
Shivaay please for five minutes you too join me. See how beautifully rain is dancing ” She pouts”
But you can’t dance. “Shivaay kiss her pout from distance”
Shivaay give me the remote
” She commands straightening her lips  “
I won’t ” He said putting in pocket”
So you won’t ” She asked stepping close”
I said the same ” He smiles”
Bagad billeeeeeee !!! ” Anika shouts”
 Living area 
Whole living area filled with laughters. Everyone was teasing Aarohi.
So Aarohi have to said thank you to Champa ? ” Dadi ji winks”
Mummy ji what are you asking bharjai ji. Haven’t you watch the video. Wait let us rewind ” Pinky smirks”
Stop it guys and you doll turn this television offand give this pen drive to me ” Aarohi said “
Acha Aarohi have you brought for me ” Devi ji teases”
What maa ji ? ” Aarohi asked”
Cheejeeee !!! ” All chuckles”
Aarohi give face palm to herself and runs from there.
All runs behind her
@ Shivika room 
The world famous cute fight begins between billa and billi.
Anika sitting on top of Shivaay and pulling his hairs. I said give the remote. Chuimuhi ” She shouts more pulling his hairs”
Aaaaaa meri baal ” Shivaay fakely cries and pushes Anika to safe his life from lioness”
Aaj baal nahe aaj toh khaal bhi ” She said running behind her”
Anika  grasp the jug of water and splash on him.
Panikaaaa !!! ” He shouts and splashes juice on her”
Pheku Singh Oberoi !!!! ” She shouts and runs to chase him but slips on floor”
Hahaahaa Mrs Ghiru Singh Oberoi ” He chuckles pointing at her”
Shivaay !! ” She cries  “
Anika !! “He gets worried and runs to her”
Jaanu ” She pouts and extend her hand towards him”
Shivaay holds her hand and about to pull her up when he, himself slipped on floor with Anika pull.
Anika!!! ” He gets shocks”
Ghir gaye na phisal gay na, Anika se panga lane ki masti nikhale gayi na ” She dances infront of her”
I’ll take my revenge ” He glare pulling himself up and runs after her”
Anika running aagey aagey and Shivaay running beeche beeche throwing pillows, cushions and what ever came in their way both smacks on eachother. In few minutes whole room was messed.
Finally after tom and jerry fight. Billa ( Shivaay) graps Anika from waist and pull her close. Both were patting heavily.
Shivaay you are looking so cute
” She giggles pulling his cheeks”
Don’t talk to me. You don’t love me that’s why you want to go in rain. Go take this remote and do whatever you want ” He turns his face”
Aww!! My kanji ankho wala billa got angry. Sorry i won’t say ever that i want to go in rain. Promise. ” She pecks his cheek”
Shivaay moves inside the closet to change. After few minutes he comes out and gets shocked to see Anika.
Anika singing and dancing holding giant  teddy bear on song
Taaron ko mohabbat ambar se

Phoolon ko mohabbat shabnam se

Jaise dil ko mohabbat dilbar se
Shivaay fakely glare her.
Anika runs to him and wraps his arms around her waist
Taaron ko mohabbat ambar se
Phoolon ko mohabbat shabnam se
Jaise dil ko mohabbat dilbar se
Humein aise mohabbat hain tum se
Anika passes bear to him and sings
Ab tum bhi kaho na kuch hum se
Shivaay peck Anika cheeks and eyes and sings
Sawan ko mohabbal badal se
Aankhon ko mohabbat kajal se
 My billa !! ” Anika jumps on him”
My billi !!
Both dances while cleaning the mess.
Peron ko mohabbat payal se
Humein aise mohabbat hain tum se
 After cleaning the mess , Anika lies down on bed. Shivaay lies beside her and pull her on top of him and gently stokes 
her back. Soon Anika drifts into sleep…..  Shivaay peck her hairs and close his eyes not before whispering…..
I love you Anika.

Humein aise mohabbat hain tum se
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  1. U rock Nati.

  2. Aniriya

    Tareef jitni karu utni kam hai, kese sambhalu iss dil ko, tumpe jo fida hai
    Ek bare tumhari update dekhu khil jate hu phuloon ki tarah, ek bar hassa do toh mehek jati hu wadi ki tarah, emotional kardo tum toh ro lete hu jharno ki tarah. Ganne tum joh suna do jhum jati hu badalo ki tarah….
    Isse zyada kuch nahi keh sakti samgh sakti ho toh khud samgh lo
    Intezar karungi tere aur mere milan ka
    Abhi philhal ke liye alvida
    Yad karna diwano ke tarah

  3. What an episode full of fun and laughters Nati. The ride on Champa it’s the best ride ever Champa had with two two ASR’s. U just proved it that life is not only about romance and all but it’s about motherhood too. The bound and the affection then never ended with presence of third man. What a beautiful Anu and Aarohi shares so loveable.

    Hahaah Dev and Rudy i love their cute fight. Aww Dara singh calling Rudy Elephant.

    Shivaay and Anika moment so cute. Anika pulling billu hairs ???? then Shiv was not less ???

    And last teasing section of whole family to Aarohi so adorable

  4. Nikita_jai29

    Hey dear it is best update… Full of fun and cuteness… Love you both dear.. And belated happy Republic day

  5. ItsmePrabha

    everything feels so perfect..Loved aarohi and anu’s champa ride..and their convo is best..rudy aur uski dara singh are cute..Shivika scene is adorable..they are our sweet adorbs..Loved every part of it..Will be waiting for the next..till then take care..Love you..

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