Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 21st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Bhairavi gets stabbed

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The Episode starts with Veer looking for Archie. He says did Bhairavi kidnap her. Bhairavi calls him and threatens him about killing Archie. He hears Archie and asks Bhairavi not to harm her. She disconnects the call. She takes a knife to kill Archie. She gets a call from her boss. She says I m going to kill Archie and succeed in the task given by you. The man says I know everything, Archie is in your custody, you won’t kill Archie now, you have failed to do your work, Veer has learnt your truth, before the royal family and villagers know this, you have to kill Veer first, either Veer will die or you, keep Archie alive until my men reach there. She agrees. She tells Archie that Veer will die, since he has learnt everything. She scolds Archie and drops the knife. She checks the men coming. She leaves from there.

Neeraj and Kunika bet that Archie will be dying. Neeraj says I m sure Veer will be dying. She asks did Veer learn his truth. Neeraj says he won’t be knowing anything, then we will rule over this palace. He gets a call and asks Bhairavi what’s her command. He nods and leaves. Archie struggles to get free. Bhairavi gets a call. She says you have to do this, I have called Veer to the jungle, I will go and check Archie, she may create troubles. Neeraj sees Veer leaving. Veer asks Bhairavi not to do anything to Archie.

Neeraj sees him leaving and laughs. He says Veer has got blind and didn’t see that I have the bullets of his fun. Bhairavi says tonight will be last night for Veer, I will not fail this time, I will kill Veer and then Archie. Archie takes the knife and tries to cut the ropes. She gets free. She tries to escape. Veer shouts Bhairavi. He meets Bhairavi in the jungle. He asks her where is Archie. He scolds her and points gun. She asks him to shoot. He shoots at her and finds the gun empty. She points gun at him. Archie comes there and keeps a knife at her neck. She scolds Bhairavi. Veer says we have to know who is involved with her.

A Trishul is thrown at them. The men come there and catch Veer. Bhairavi asks Archie to leave her. Veer asks Archie not to worry for him. Bhairavi counts down. Veer and Archie get shocked seeing the men attacked. Veer also beats the men. Bhairavi pushes Archie and runs away. Archie follows her. Veer sees a man throwing a knife at her. Veer shouts to her. She moves away. Bhairavi gets stabbed by the knife. Archie says Bhairavi is still alive. Archie sees the saint, who saved them. She shouts to Veer. Veer rushes to her. Archie says Baba, you…. Veer asks do you know him. Archie says yes, he has saved my life and helped me many times, how does he know when I m in trouble. Saint says I always get the sign about the upcoming troubles on you, Bhairavi used to sign me, she always called me to help you. Veer and Archie get shocked.

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    Thanks for the update Amena.

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    If bhairavi used to call baba to help Archie then who is the villain I mean the one with bad heart/ head of bhairavi.

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