Zaroori Tha |I’ll snatch you from sky too|shot 26

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Hey everyone this is the 26th shot of Zaroori tha i hope you guys gonna like it.
Ignore all error and continue reading and supporting.    
Next Day 

@ Shivika room
As usual Shivaay was the first to wake up as to sleep late or in SSO language it would be better to say ” to sleep like log ” never been made his cup of tea.
But for the one who’s lying on top of him it’s always her cup of tea to sleep like log or it can be well define in SSO language “kumbkaran”
He always felt blessed every morning to find her life sleeping on him.  Hairs spread all his chest and some strands  on his face. Chest in a motion rising up and down.
He softly peck her hair and in response to his peck she snuggles more in him.
Today was different morning for him not only for him but for one who’s carefully place on bed.
He smiles seeing her face covered with hair strands, he slowly removes those strands to get the prefect glimpse of girl that…..
Years back who claim herself Anu,  just maa aur Baba ki Anu aur kisi ki nahe ( only mom and baba Anu ) circumstances brought her up just today’s Anika.
Today she fears and hesitates to get close to her own mother.
But same as years back she became Anika from Anu, today same like that she will return to her mother ” Maa sirf Anu ki maa hai aur kisi ki nahe ” as Anu.
Who’s possessive for her maa and Aloo puri made by her maa.
Shivaay slowly blink his eyes a thin layer of tear got escaped from her rainbow coloured eyes as just in a blink all dreadful past of this innocent soul flashes even made Stone Singh Oberoi too shiver.
He adores hers, waiting for the day when he, himself  will not listen but will watch the cute antics of Anu and her possessiveness towards Maa.
He was lost in his thoughts when he heard Aarohi voice. Who begin the day. He smiles widely staring Anika whose facial expression from cute pout changed to board smile with more glow on her face and like baby cuddle in Shivaay.
Maa ki awaz kaano padtey he smile karti ho aur phir bhi kehti ho ke tumhein koi fark nahe padhta. Agar fark na padata toh aaj ney noor tumhare chehare par na hota.
@ temple 
All were busy in doing puja where Rudra was busy in teasing Dev
Dev uncle like yesterday you forget direction of your room and stepped in my room. Today   don’t forget that today is the first day and what you have to do. If you forgets then in paternity you have to give me Ford Manstung 2019. I want take my beautiful gf on long drive ” Rudy whispers”
 Shut up you fatty !! ” Dev said pushing him back with shoulder”
I’m……. Om cuts
Rudy stay quite ” Om shh him”
But Dev uncle… cuts
Shut up Rudy ” Om said”
Rudra made gummy face and glare Dev who turns back and evilly smirks
I’ll take my revenge from you Dara Singh. You called me fatty just wait and watch what this one and only handsome dude do with you, you uncle ” Rudra pov”
Aarohi being the third stanza when all smiled as on third stanza the noor of house stepped down. Aarohi who shows her annoyances on face but her heart too jumps from inside.
But yesterday she gave current to all specially to Anu. Today she herself got 440 volt shock when she didn’t heard the footsteps of her Anu and only Shivaay came down and stood behind Aarohi.
Where’s Anika Shivaay? ” Dadi ji asked
She’s sleeping ” Shivaay sign all”
But ho….. Devi ji blink her eyes as a signal to stay quite
Aarohi soon end the aarthi and happily peck Gauri and Bhavya forehead and excuse herself.
Phail gaya raita !! All facepalm
Dinning table
Shivaay please go and call Anika for breakfast. She will run without breakfast and then you know na….. ” Pinky said stealingly gazing Aarohi”
All pushed him to call her except Aarohi who pretend to be calm or simply say
Mujh kya fark parhta hai khaya yah na khaye.
But all who were evilly staring them. They know how much Aarohi getting affect by Anika disappears and instead of filling her plate with meal. She kept on filling Gauri plate.
Gauri di soon from lak twenty eight and forty seven weight se lak fifty six and night four weight hone wala hai ” Bhavya chuckles “
Aur O ki pant phat …..
Churrrrrrrr !!!!!
Om smack his head
All burst out into laughter
What happened ? ” Aarohi asked coming out of her gala land”
Nothing !! Gf i was just saying to O that soon my chullbull bhabhi will get fat and then when ever O will pick her up then his pants…. Tej cuts Rudy
Will get tore. Chhrrrrrrr !!! ” Tej completes “
All again chuckles loudly
Dev sign Aarohi to see what see did.
Aarohi gets shocked to see what mess she created. She apologies to Gauri.
Puttar you are mother. If Anika is not coming then you go to her after all she’s your Anu. ” Dadi convence “
Who Anu maa ji. I’ve only two daughters Princess and Doll. And there was someone than me forgotten ” Aarohi said munching toast “
All nods in disagreement
After two hours
@ Dev cabin 
Hello !! Aarohi i’ve forgotten very important file at study. Please bring it.
No, no don’t send it by any staff it’s too confidential bring it yourself i can’t trust anyone and come soon please you know na traffic.
Ok bye i’m waiting ” Dev cuts the call”
Done !!! ” Shivaay said”
Phew !! Yes Aarohi is coming ” Dev said taking breath of relief”
Yoooooo !!!! Omru.and Gayu dance
@ Outside

Kaat ley Anika yeha se warna agar dekh liya toh free fund ke daant de gayi.

Anika was talking to her champa when her Aarohi senseometer got active.
O bete ki !! Yeh to is taraf aa rahe hai, chup jaa Anika ( she mumbled gazing through mirror and hides behind champa).
After minute she slowly lift her head and wipes her sweat from head and took breath of relief as there was no Aarohi
Hello!! Yeh hide and seek bad mein khelna aur chalo hum office drop karo
Anika looked to her sides.Drivers hide and seek khel rahy hai. Aj meri jaaga in ki OMM ho gayi Angry Bird se ( she chuckles) ?
Chal Anika aaj  angry bird ki daant se teri chuti. To isi khushi mein khirkitod Anika sab driver bhai log ko meri taraf se ice cream free free ( she said dramatically free free)
She happily stood up but with shock slips on ground  finding Aarohi staring her.
Phail gaya raita !!! She mumbles “
Raita nahe Aloo phail gaya ” Aarohi mumbles and chuckles that got audible to Anika”
Don’t call me Aloo ” Anika said sternly standing properly “
I didn’t call you Aloo, Aloo  ( Aarohi stress on Aloo) and stop making faces and drop me to office ” She commands”
What? Me? ” Anika said shockingly”
Yes !! That too on this ” Aarohi said eyeing scooty”
But why on this? Where are cars ? ” Anika asked”
“Stop being my Principal and do what i said”
I won’t take you ” Anika said”
Have i in between our conversation or from any angel it sounded that I request you, use the word requests. Please, i request, me beg and pleaded you to take me office……” Aarohi said with tadi”
No !!” She replies gazing ground”
Then stop using your useless brain for more and drop me on this scooty. ” Aarohi commands”
Is ka naam Champa hai. Scooty nahe. ” Anika corrects”
Scooty ka naam kon rakhta hai?
Mein rakhti hoon. Aur sirf is ka nahe mein to har cheez ka naam rakhti hhoon
Champa ,se ley kar chandani tak aur chandani se lay kar chikni tak aur chikni se le kar bagad bille aur billu ji se le kar billu ki Rajkumari sasu ji tak
( Anika said all in flow without realising what blunder se created)
Ohh !! I see now come in way tell me what names you kept of billu ji ki sasu ji ” Aarohi said gazing her”
Anika starts her champa and sign Aarohi to sit.
@ Dev cabin
Hurrrahhhhh !!!!” All shouts in excitement”
Day 1
To expunge fear from Anu for Maa ” Shivaay said cutting date on calendar”
Aloo ko Aloo ki kasam hai Anu. Get ready to take revise of your journey, journey from Anika to Maa’s Anu.   “Shivaay smirks “
Not decided 
We know many of you got bored and many got frustrated with Nati di ff’s but yet we kept on twisting the plots without any meaning of those episodes we really apologies for that. 
So as we understood that we touch your hearts so we decide to put full stop and will end this fiction on happy note with in few episodes as we stretch it beyond it elasticity. 
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  1. Finally Nati you understood i’m happy for you. I know you are the least writter on this page who got huge dislikes and with the amount of drop in ocean got likes and comments.

    So Nati better use your raw talent there where you are best. Otherwise u will get what got till know. ( 3 comments and 20 likes)

  2. ItsmePrabha

    amazing update Nati..loved it to the core..first shivika is so cute..and then dinning table ke paas hehehe aarohi phas gyi..usse pehle rudy aur uski dara singh ka scene mein both are so cute..mission started woohoo..anu aur anu ki maa on champa..that’s fun..will be waiting for the know what happened it asap..till then take you..

    1. Nati

      Hey Anshu simply if you didn’t like my ff then why u even bother to waste your perious time accordingly it’s a crab. But tell me tell u for the last time…..

      And what you beat the bush all the time i didn’t got much pat from readers then it’s their choice what they love to read wht they not.

      Secondly i’m human all will kept on making mistakes and too will learn for those till my end.

      Thirdly don’t be so pleased that i’m gonna take u nd your so called advice serious as u urself need a ” therapy to get peace of life”

      And if u throw pebbles of that note then these are Linu my sister words who’s bit greedy for appreciation and wrote all that in note. But i’m Nati the author myself not Linu the publisher

      And for Nati number of likes and comments they never made me to judge my ff .

      As i love my fiction and my work and those who now the real importance i know what impact it led on them.

      Last but not the least please bitterness is also every important in life but my grandma use to say………

      “Don’t be so sweet that people eat u. And don’t be that sore that people spit u”

      So don’t be so sour that u get spitted.

      Thank u !!

  3. Aniriya

    Hi nati
    So sooo sorry for reading late as i was soooo much busy i did not have time to come on tu. Episode was as usual amazing love your writing.
    Love you loads
    Bye keep smiling and take care

  4. Nikita_jai29

    Hey dear it is lovely and cute update… Belated happy Republic day dear…

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