Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 1st April 2019 Written Episode Update: Brahmanand kills Sia

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The Episode starts with everyone tying up Vandana. She asks them to leave her else they all will die. Revati and Archie ask Kashinath to shut up Vandana’s mouth. Brahmanand calls Archie to threaten her. He asks her to come to him with Vandana and idol. Archie says you won’t get the idol, you can just Vandana when you leave my family members, you will never get it. He says I know your location, my men are keeping an eye on you all, I can kill you all any time. Archie says I know your game, you need idol and Vandana to get your powers, if you do anything, I will kill Vandana, you won’t get fine ever. She asks him to leave her family and take Vandana. Brahmanand gets sick and falls down the bed. Kashinath says Thakur is revealing our talks to Brahmanand. Thakur says shut up, I want to kill that devil, if you think I m supporting him, I will leave, we should leave from here and disperse to trick Brahmanand’s men. Archie says you are right. Kashinath says I won’t give idol to him. Archie says fine, you and Revati take idol, Thakur and I will take Vandana, we will be in touch. Revati agrees and takes the idol.

Thakur asks do you think Brahmanand will come here, he won’t come. Archie says he should come, shall we leave from here. Brahmanand comes there. Archie shows Vandana to him. Brahmanand asks will you kill Vandana, take this knife, kill her. Vandana begs Archie and asks her not to kill her. She asks Brahmanand how can he do this, how will he get saved if she dies. Archie attacks Brahmanand. Goon pushes her. Rajmata and Sia are brought there. Archie sees them and also Kashinath and Revati. Goons take the idol from them and also free Vandana. Vandana goes to Brahmanand. He says Archie has a soft heart, she can never kill Vandana. He says I will show you how to murder someone. He says I had got the idol when Kashinath and Revati left from there, I told you Archie that I will not spare your family, now be ready to face punishment of your mistake. He goes to Sia and takes the baby. Archie says please leave them, don’t do this. He says I don’t have much time, tell me, whom shall I kill, shall I kill Rajmata or anyone else. Rajmata says you got the idol, leave us.

He says don’t cry, I m helpless, I promised Archie and I have to keep my word, you have seen many deaths, don’t you wish to die. He scolds Kashinath for cheating his own family. He asks Kashinath did he cheat them for his love, Revati. He asks Revati is she ready to die for Kashinath. He says anyone can get disloyal for you, Kashinath she wasn’t loyal to her husband. He asks Kashinath shall I kill her. Kashinath gets angry. Brahmanand says Sia, you got tortured a lot, I will leave you. He says Thakur, you cheated me and took money from me, your son was better, you should die. Goon hits Thakur on his head. Thakur faints.

Brahmanand says I will kill you, but today…. He catches Sia. He says Veer will come running hearing your death news and then he will also die by my hands. Archie cries. She shouts and says I promise I will become the reason for your death. He laughs. Goons stop her. Brahmanand says I will always protect Vandana, I know Archie has no courage to kill you. Vandana says you should kill all of them. He says you have to do puja and gain powers to make me fine, you can kill them anytime. She says I have some work, I will just come. He says just hurry up. He leaves. Vandana goes to some goons. She says Brahmanand has called you all to puja venue, these people can’t go anywhere now, get out. The goons leave.

Vandana says I can’t forgive them, they have troubled me a lot, today, they all will die, Archie insulted me a lot. She pours kerosene and ignites fire to the house. She leaves in her car.

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