Udaan 1st April 2019 Written Episode Update: Poonam traps Chakor

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The Episode starts with Chakor saying I won’t let anything happen to you. Anjor falls in Jammy’s den. She gets shocked and shouts for help. Mohini smiles. She makes Chakor fall inside too. Chakor gets shocked and asks Anjor to step back. Chakor pulls Anjor. She takes a stick and tries to shoo away the crocodile. Poonam asks where is my Anjy. Mohini says you and Anjy failed my plan, now none will get saved, even you will die. She makes Poonam fall inside too. Poonam sees Jammy and runs to Anjor. Mohini sings Rang barse and dances. She gets shocked seeing Chakor, Anjor, Poonam and Sameer. She asks how did you all get saved, I had killed you. Sameer says I will tell you. He recalls hearing Anjor’s scream. He goes inside the dark den and finds the crocodile chasing Chakor and Anjor. Anjor asks Sameer to save them. Sameer beats the crocodile and distracts. He asks Anjor to just leave fast. Sameer puts a cloth over Jammy. They all run away. FB ends.

Chakor asks Mohini why did you want to kill us, why did you do this. Mohini says if you want to know it, then hear it, I have done this because…. Mohini falls inside the den. She gets shocked seeing Jammy coming. She shouts. Crocodile bites her. Everyone hears her scream. Chakor takes Anjor with her. Poonam looks on. She says thank God Mohini didn’t take my name. Jatin hears her and gets shocked.

He asks how can you fall so low and take someone’s life. Poonam says I won’t let Chakor take Anjor. He shouts and raises hand. He says I can’t raise hand on you, if this happens again, then I will tell everything to Anjy, then she will hate you always. She says no. He says then promise me, this won’t happen again. She promises. Chakor aids Anjor’s wound. Anjor gives her medicines. They thank each other. Anjor cares for her. Poonam looks on. She thinks of her promise. She says I will make Anjy hate Chakor more.

Anjor wakes up and shouts mum and dad. Poonam comes to her and asks her to stop all this. Anjor hugs her. Minty says Poonam, Anjor isn’t your real daughter, she would have not hidden the truth that she met Chakor before. Anjor says Poonam’s heart can never break when I m here, I will never leave my mom. She swears to Poonam and hugs. Chakor cooks halwa. Sameer says you look happy as if you got your daughter. She asks about one room flat. He tells her the high costs and asks why are you asking. She says I will live with my daughter, how will I arrange a big house for her. He says your heart will be enough for her, don’t think much. She gets a call and goes. He thinks she looks changed. Chakor meets Poonam.

Poonam says you are Anjor’s mum, we also loved her a lot. Chakor says your bond with her will be the same, Anjor will love with me in my house, I m finding a house for us. Poonam gets shocked. Chakor says I made this gajar halwa for her. Minty calls Poonam and says pretend as if you are talking to Anjy. Poonam says yes, Anjy buy any diamond necklace, ask the jeweller to come and take cash from home. Chakor looks on.

Poonam says Anjy liked a diamond necklace a lot, I have to fulfill her wishes, I m her mum. Chakor thinks how will I fulfill her needs. Poonam says I want to see you with Anjy, find a big house for Anjy, do one thing, keep this money, don’t tell Jatin and Anjy. Chakor says I can’t take this. Poonam says take it as loan, you can return it later, I m doing this for Anjor. Chakor agrees. Minty takes pics. Poonam asks Chakor to give the diamond set to Anjy when they meet. Chakor says I don’t need this, I know Anjor needs my love, not all this, she will get my love in this halwa. Poonam drops the halwa and says sorry, it happened by mistake.

Anjor says I m sorry. Sameer says I don’t want to talk to you. Jatin says Sameer told me he isn’t interested in you, you won’t meet Sameer. Anjor worries. Jatin meets Chakor.

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