#JusticeForAsim TRENDS on Twitter; Fans Miffed at housemates’ behaviour

Bigg Boss 13 house is full of high wattage drama and people yelling abuses at each other. A little while ago we saw people ganging up on Siddharth Shukla and now it’s Asim’s turn.

In the recent task where a Transportation Service is underway, Team Asim vs Team Paras are fighting hard to win the title. It was Team Paras’s turn and they didn’t leave any stone unturned to torture Asim. Mahira, Shehnaaz and Tehseen from Team Paras ganged up against him and used every nasty trick in the book.

While Tehseen said,‘Tu Jahan Se Aaya Hai Main Vaha Se Apni Staff Hire Karta Hu’, Shehnaz threw boxes at him and Mahira pulled his pants aggressively. All done to make him lose. This irked the fans of Asim to an extent that #JusticeforAsim is trending on Twitter and the fans are outraged at this behavior of housemates.
Have a look:

Do you support Asim too?

  1. Shavreena Ali

    Bigg boss is biased. Mahira shud be long gone with sana n paras..out. #justice for asim…yes

  2. justice for asim

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