Just like that, we became shrenal — can I forgive you?

Shrenu was rushed into hospital.

Kunal was waiting outside the room she was admitted in. He called surbhi who came quickly.

Surbhi: what happened?

Kunal: we have found shrenu.

Surbhi: what has happened to her?

Kunal: she saw me and got stressed out a lot. Then she fainted.

Surbhi: curse you kunal!!! Curse you!!

The doctor came out and said: she and the child are out of danger but please take good care of her. And the person who brought her, who are you to her?

Kunal thought for a minute and then said: her boyfriend. Her child’s father.

Doctor: please look after her well. The more stress, the more chances both mother and child will suffer.

Kunal: ok doctor.

Surbhi: can we meet her?

Doctor: yeah.

Kunal was about to go in when surbhi said: I will go in first. She fainted because of you and I don’t want to risk anything.

Kunal: fine.

Surbhi goes in and saw shrenu waking up.

Shrenu: kunal?

Surbhi: nope! Surbhi!

Shrenu: now my Chandu is here.

Surbhi: I missed you a lot shrenu. Why did you leave without telling me?

Shrenu: sorry surbhi. I didn’t want to cause you any trouble which is why I left without telling anyone.

Surbhi: you scared the hell out of me and you didn’t even tell me that you were expecting! Congratulations.

Shrenu smiles lightly and says: thank you!

Kunal came in and shrenu didn’t see him as she was talking to surbhi. He was memorised seeing her smile and her hair spread out on the pillow and her face having life in it.

Shrenu felt weird and turned to her right where she saw kunal standing at the entrance of her room.

Kunal: hello Pagli.

Shrenu: kunal?

Surbhi: I should leave.

Shrenu: surbhi…

Surbhi left before shrenu could complete.

Kunal walked closer to shrenu who was feeling really weird. He sat on the chair next to her bed and held her hand.

Kunal: shrenu, I am sorry for misunderstanding you that day. I should have believed you but I realised it late. I am really sorry. That day you were going to confess that you were having our child but because of me and that b*t*h you couldn’t. I am sorry for slapping you and shouting those bitter words to you. I didn’t mean any of it but my anger took over me.

Shrenu: I don’t know if I can accept your sorry. It wasn’t just the words, it was everything after. You ignored me and you wouldn’t even look at me. You were only interested in that girl. I couldn’t even tell you that I was pregnant with your child. Are you only coming back to me because I am carrying your child? Bolo kunal, kuch toh bolo.

Kunal: shrenu, how can you say that? I am really love you.

Shrenu: if you do then why did you realise it on your wedding?

Kunal: shrenu….

Shrenu interrupting: I don’t know who you are anymore kunal? (She cries) can I ever forgive you ? Can I?

It killed kunal inside seeing her tears.

Kunal: shrenu, don’t cry. I really cannot stand you crying.

Shrenu: then why did you let me cry that day? And the days afterwards? I don’t think I can ever forgive you.

Kunal: shrenu…..

Shrenu: you just want me back because you want the baby. You want to steal the baby so you and that b*t*h can raise it.

Kunal: no shrenu! We will raise this child together.

Shrenu didn’t say anything. She turned to her left, letting out silent tears.

Precap: back in India 

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