Junoon 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 25th April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1

Akaash tells Meera that he has a way out & she won’t be able to tell Prithvi anything so he’ll make it easier for her & he holds Meera’s & takes her to Prithvi.

Scene 2

Prithvi is checking his knife sharpness & is in deep thoughts & Akaash bring Meera to Prithvi’s room & Akaash tell Prithvi that Meera wants to tell him something & Prithvi turn & asks Meera what is it she want to say to him & Meera is confused & thinking what to say but then she sees the knife laying on the bed & is scared to share her secret with Prithvi.

Akaash insist Meera to tell Prithvi whatever she wanted to but Meera is standing in dilemma & look at Prithvi & somehow gather courage & tell Prithvi that Sudha’s death was not an accident but a pre-planned murder & that Sudha was murdered & Prithvi eagerly asks who is the killer? so Meera answers that the person killed Sudha was none other than Akaash.

Prithvi gets angry & exclaims ‘Akaash’ & look at him furiously & hold him by his collar & hits him & Akaash falls & Meera gets shocked seeing Prithvi behaving so abruptly.

Akaash looks at Meera & Prithvi hits him brutally & Meera stops but Prithvi doesn’t listen & suddenly Meera comes out of her day dreaming that she had when Prithvi called her & Meera is scared to tell if she told Prithvi he might straight away kill Akaash & get into problem & cries & hugs Prithvi when he asks what happened to her & Akaash is as usual jealous within but happy that Meera chose to hide the truth from Prithvi.

Prithvi makes Meera sit & hugs her tightly & console Meera that he understands what shes going through & all will be okay.

Prithvi says he’ll just go & bring glass of water for her & goes to the bed side table &bring & her water & Meera looks disgusted with Akaash.

Akaash tells Prithvi that its good that he managed to console Meera & asks Meera to share all her feelings with Prithvi coz no body else can understand her heart better than Prithvi & Meera is total disbelief & disgust seeing Akaash pretence to care for her & Prithvi.

Meera keeps hugging Prithvi & Akaash says he should leave now & smirks & looks at Meera & smiles & leave.

Scene 3

Meera still hugging Prithvi & Prithvi tells Meera not to cry & take little rest & make her lay down on the bed & puts blanket on her & Prithvi picks up the knife & keep it on his side table & comforts Meera on his lap & puts her to sleep.

Scene 4

Morning Prithvi is still in same position sitting & Meera is sleeping on his lap & Prithvi is falling asleep sitting is jerking, Prithvi is sleeping & suddenly he gets up & finds out Meera has high fever & puts her head on the pillow & tells her that he’s going to get a cold pack.

Meera gets up & takes out Sudha’s ashes & cries it keeping it near her heart & Prithvi comes with the bowl of water for cold packs & asks Meera to stop crying & Meera is really broken & he takes the ashes from Meera & keeps it back in the cupboard.

Prithvi takes Meera’s hand & asks her to lay down & gives her cold water pack & asks Meera that her mother wanted to say something & if she knows who killed Sudha then let him know & he won’t spare that person.

Meera gets fb what Akaash told her that once if Prithvi knew about the killer he will kill him & get into deep trouble & she’ll become a widow.

Suddenly Meera sits up & say to Prithvi that ‘i won’t spare the killer his life do tit for tat & you only know only all this’ & Prithvi confusingly asks Meera what happened suddenly? Meera asks this is the way he gets angry right? Prithvi asks when did he get angry over her? so Meera replies if he did not get angry then he should become angry with her & in every matter he gets short temper & that can’t he listen patiently whats the matter & he’s never behaved lovingly & made her understand just impulsively shown her his anger & only anger & repeat the word angry thrice.

Prithvi asks Meera why is she getting hyper & Meera cries & helplessly hugs Prithvi & Meera then shares her feeling that shes really scared & Prithvi asks for what is she scared off? Meera replies she has a fear of loosing him & she has a feeling that his anger might become a reason for separating them & pleads him to never part ways with her & gets up & brings a string of some protection & ties it & Prithvi ask her what this string for so Meera replies that she’s just trying to vanish her fears & this protection string will protect him from all danger & also remind him of her love & will stop him from doing wrong.

Prithvi assures he’s not going any where & he’s here with her always will be with her.

Meera asks but what if consequences & conditions become worse & what about his anger??

Scene 5

Akaash is standing outside their room window & overhears both talking.

Meera tells Prithvi that from now if ever he feel angry or wish to do something wrong just look at the string & try to control his anger & she’s not asked anything from him but today she’s asking him today that give a promise to her that he won’t let his anger rule over hiself.

Prithvi says that its not his anger but his angst (sorry guys i don’t know exact word for junoon) & if she took that away from him then he’ll be left with nothing.

Akaash feels good & smiles.

Meera asks Prithvi so then he has to choose that her love for him is important or his anger is more important for him & is about to go to bed but Prithvi pulls her & hugs.

Akaash feels jealous (i hate this Akaash guys)

Prithvi says that he can’t promise her but he can try but hereafter don’t say all this again.

Akaash continue to burn in his heart. (i can smell) & Akaash thinks in his mind that he knows Prithvi very well he will never change & even if Meera wishes she’ll never be able to reveal the truth about him & leave to his room.

Scene 6

Akaash is going to his room but Prithvi stops him & he turns & is shocked & confused & asks Prithvi you here? & fumbles & asks if Meera told him something he doesn’t know what Meera wants to say.

Prithvi replies Akaash that Meera said nothing to him but even by not saying anything she’s told many things to him, Meera has made him realise his duties towards his love & relationship.

Akaash is thinking in his mind that its good still Prithvi is unaware.

Prithvi tells Akaash that now he needs to fulfil all his duties & resensibility & has to fulfil the promise he made to Ramdhari to find out the person who is the culprit of Sudha & give him the punishment.

Akaash is really scared & Prithvi then shows the twine which he found tied on the staircase railings.

Akaash is shocked & Prithvi tells Akaash that he found it tied on the staircase railings from which Sudha tripped & died & with this clue he’ll find out the killer & he’s sure that its someone’s pre planned Sudha’s murder.

Akaash asks Prithvi if he is saying it with full surety.

Prithvi says he’s sure that the person who has done this evil deed belong to this house.

Akaash has a lump of fear down his throat.

Scene 7

Akaash says he has a point & asks Prithvi to give him the twine & he’ll find out who is the culprit & then they’ll not leave him but Prithvi says one minute he forgot that he had come to get medicines for Meera as she has high fever.

Akaash goes to his room saying he’ll bring the medicines.

Prithvi waits outside & Akaash brings the medicines & Prithvi is thinking something & is about to leave & so does Akaash is about to get inside his room but Prithvi stops him & tells him that there is a proverbial saying ‘a person who betrays behind the back is a coward’ & one such person stays in this house & asks Akaash to remove his wrist watch & ask him to set an alarm 12 hours from now & he’ll find that murderer within the next 12 hours.

Akaash is scared & he sets the alarm & Prithvi repeats 12 hours & Akaash is really nervous.

Precap:-Meera gives Akaash a tight slap & Akaash is shocked & Meera tells Akaash that he’ll never even think of acquiring her not even in his thoughts.

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