Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 25th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 25th April 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 25th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simran showing Dimpy her Mahendi. Dimpy says the darker your Mahendi becomes, your to be husband will love you so much. It is a fact. Simran smiles and says ok. Dimpy asks her to take care of her Mahendi and look into some work. Aunty asks whether she is enjoying. Simran says I m enjoying a lot. Simran stands near the pool, suddenly a pillar is about to fall on her. Rajveer hears her scream and holds the falling pillar and saves her. Rajveer sees her Mahendi. Rajveer taunts her. She says he has not done a big thing for her. Rajveer asks her to thank you. She does not thank you, saying you came forward to become a hero. Simran shouts on him saying you have spoiled my mahendi. He says I din not invite you to hold a falling pillar.
Dimpy comes and asks what happened. Dimpy takes Rajveer’s side and says not to feel bad regarding him.

Scene shifts to Rajveer:

He is playing the dhol, Simran and everyone are enjoying listening and dancing.
Dimpy asks Simran to dance. Rajveer challenges Simran to dance, and says it is not her type to show some desi moves. Simran says she will show him whats the real moves. Simran dances on his dhol tunes. Simran challenges him to play enough. Rajveer plays the dhol while Simran dances. Rajveer plays the dhol so hard that the dhol bursts. Simran laughs on him. Everyone laughs along as Rajveer is stunned to see it.
Rajveer says Simran won infront of everyone and he has to give her an answer.

Dimpy asks Simran to steal her jiju’s shoes. Simran asks why. Dimpy explains her that she will get money from the jiju after marriage. Simran thinks it is exciting. Rajveer and Jaggi also listen this and think of some plan to outdo Simran.

Scene shifts to the marriage hall:

Everyone are dressed up. Sona Didi comes there in the Ghunghat. Simran and Rajveer are planning to steal the shoes. The marriage pheras are over. Dimpy reminds Simran of the shoes. Simran picks up the wrong shoes. Jaggi tries to react, Simran thinks and is confused among the two pairs of shoes. Simran then picks the right pair and see Rajveer. He does not say anything. Simran is confuses and puts that pair back.
Simran picks a pair and leaves. The groom wears his shoes, Simran and Dimpy are shocked as she picked the wrong pair of shoes. The groom walks away. Rajveer and Jaggi smile. Dimpy says how come you lifted wrong ones. Rajveer asks Jaggi where are my shoes, I left them here.

Jaagi shows its there with Simran. Rajveer says you have them, anyways thanks, and he leaves.
Simran thanks Dimpy for inviting her as she enjoyes a lot. Rajveer also gets ready to leave. Simran taunts Rajveer. Rajveer also taunts back Simran. Dimpy asks them not to fight. Simran says he can ask her for a lift. Rajveer says he will do anything but not take lift from her. He asks her not to meet again. She says the same to him. Simran says bye to Dimpy and leaves. Rajveer also leaves in his tractor.

Rajveer comes home and sees everyone in the hall, and he asks how come you all are together in the hall. Is everything ok? Tau ji is silent, then he laughs and shows him the papers which came for Rajveer. Tau ji says your company wants to send you to Singapore on a one month project. Rajveer is happy to hear this. Everyone are happy for him. His dad says the company wants to learn the rules of international company.
Tau ji says he will make the whole village eat to celebrate the happiness. Rajveer says his mother that he is going to go abroad, and to pack his things. Daddu stops and says you are not going anywhere. Rajveer asks why. He says just now you all were happy and thinking to send me to Singapore. Dadi tells its a good thing they called you abroad. But this does not mean you go there.

Rajveer tries to explain to Dadi. Tau ji says he has made them proud as he got an invitation to go abroad on their expenses. Tau ji says he has no need to work, as they have much land. Dadi says she will not let him go as who will take care of him. Daddu is also against his trip. Rajveer explains him but Daddu says no need. Tau ji says the girls there have no shame as they wear stupid outfits. Rajveer’s father argues with Tau ji saying indirectly to Baldev. He says Tau ji that such a chance will never come again. Rajveer has worked hard, and he should be allowed to go abroad. Tau ji argues saying the desi values. Tau ji says knowledge is in the hearts, and he has decided that Rajveer will not go away from home and its final.
Rajveer’s father gets furious and taunts Tau ji, and he leaves.

Tau ji says he has seen the urge to go abroad in Rajveer’s eyes. He further says Rajveer not to marry a foreign girl. Rajveer promises him that he will marry the girl whom Tau ji chooses for him.
Simran thinks she is finally going back home, and she has enjoyed a lot, and what an idiotic Rajveer. Rajveer comes there looking for his window seat. They both are shocked to see each other.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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