Junoon 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 24th April 2013 Written Update

Scene 1

Meera is asking Akaash if he really killed her mother & tells him to all what she’s thinking is not true & that he never tried creating problems between her & Prithvi or he never attempted to get Prithvi killed & insist Akaash to speak up.

Akaash standing quietly & Meera asks him that how could he kill her mother who thought of him as her son asks Akaash why isn’t he speaking up & standing quietly.

Akaash answers that she will find all her answers in his eyes its not his fault but his eyes are at fault which is filled with love for her & Meera looks at him in shock.

Akaash continue telling Meera that its his eyes which is at fault & reason he did all this & he always loved her but she did not admit it & tried escaping the truth.

Meera says how dare he?? Akaash points fingers at Meera & tells he gone far from just being daring.

Meera look at Akaash with disgust & Akaash says that now his love is like waves of ocean which will destroy everything what comes his way to get her & answer to her accusations are that yes he burnt her & Prithvi’s wedding photo & he also stole her mangalsutra & hid it to create problems between her & Prithvi it was his plan to separate them both & also he made ashes from her sindoor & he has done what has happened till now the reason he did all this is because he loves her very much so much that no one does with anyone in this world & no one will be able to love the he does & his every breath longs for her & his each day passes with the thought of how to acquire her & his love & his plans were at its peak & just then her mother Sudha came in between & he had to bid adieu to her(bittu) & anyway it all fair in love & war isn’t it???

Akaash is holding Meera inspite of her struggling to get him away but Akaash in his psychotic behaviour tells Meera that she always knew he only wishes her in his life & nothing.

Meera pushes Akaash & he’s really shocked & storms away…Akaash asks her to stop but Meera kept walking.

Scene 2

Meera goes to her room & remembers what just Akaash confessed & is angry & she opens her cupboard & takes out Prithvi’s pistol & thinking of killing Akaash & says to herself that “Akaash you killed my mother so now she won’t spare you your life”.

Scene 3

Meera very furiously goes to Akaash’s room & Akaash is pacing around thinking where has Meera gone just then he sees Meera pointing pistol on him & he’s shocked & dramatic moment happens.

Scene 4

Prithvi comes with a photo frame & Ramdhari who is standing saddened with Sudha’s sudden demise & then he sees Prithvi & wipes his tears & Prithvi hands over the photo frame to Ramdhari & both do not say anything but after a few second Prithvi tells Ramdhari he understands how sad he’s feeling & ramdhari replies when a person is alive we do not realise their worth but when they die then we just are left with tears & nothing else & when Sudha was alive he could not give her what was hers rightfully & now even if he is able to he cannot & Sudha never demanded anything from him & just sacrificed her happiness for him & its all men’s problem that we understand worldly duties but forget what our loved one woman who makes a home & takes care of it.

Prithvi hears Ramdhari seriously & ramdhari gets up from his seat & tells Prithvi that more than guilt of Sudha’s demise he has a guilt of not give Sudha all the happiness which she deserved & advice Prithvi not to make the same mistakes & try to listen & understand Meera has to say & he’s sure he is capable of fulfilling his duty as a husband & that he is heavy hearted coz Sudha who came back in his life coz of Meera he could not protect her & somewhere he is responsible for Sudha’s death but Prithvi shocks Ramdhari saying he’s responsible for Sudha’s death.

Scene 5

Meera points the pistol & tells to Akaash that he killed her mother & snatched her mother from her so even he doesn’t deserve to live & today she’ll take revenge for all the problems Prithvi & Sudha went thru coz of him.

Akaash asks Meera what is she trying to do?? & he did all that just for love so Meera cries & furiously asks love does he even know what love means & he’s calling his madness & his psychotism his love just to get a girl he killed an innocent person & he’s calling his demon deeds his love & a cheap person like him should be killed & that is also not enough punishment.

Akaash closes his eyes tightly & Meera aims her pistol over his forehead.

Scene 6

Prithvi tells Ramdhari that it was his duty to protect Sudha thakurayin & he’s responsible that its on his head Sudha’s demise & he’ll try everything to know how all happened.

Scene 7

Meera is very angry but Akaash asks Meera to keep her mind cool & spare him coz he loves her & Meera shouts back that she hates him coz she thought of him as her best friend & coz she blindly trusted him.

Akaash tricks Meera by lying that Prithvi is behind her but when Meera turns she finds no one & suddenly Akaash twists Meera’s hands & gets hold of her pistol.

Scene 8

ramdhari asks Prithvi to not loose his temper unessacarily & think before taking any actions & Prithvi assures Ramdhari that he’ll do whatever to find who the culprit behind Sudha’s death.

Scene 9

Akaash holds Meera & now what she’ll do & Meera bites Akaash’s hand & free herself from Akaash & threatens Akaash that when Prithvi will know of what he did then he will hunt him down.

Akaash smirks & tells Meera that now its only one thing she’ll do is tell Prithvi & then after math will be that Prithvi only can do is get angry & try & kill him after that did she think what will happen Prithvi will be jailed & finally he’ll be hanged till dead & she will be a widow, he can bare Prithvi’s anger but she’ll have to suffer the future consequences & asks if still she want to tell Prithvi everything & laugh.

Scene 10

Prithvi is on the terrace thinking about Sudha’s condition & wonder who could it be & play with the strings which was tied on the railings of the staircase & takes oath that just once a clue gets in his hands he’ll not leave that cheap person who’s behind all this & walks near by where a knife, a water filled pot(kalsi) & a stone is kept where he rubs the knife on the stone & takes an oath that he won’t leave the culprit.

Precap:-Prithvi stop Akaash & tells him that the person behind Sudha’s death belong to this very house & in the next 12 hours he’ll find out that culprit & Akaash is nervously looking at Prithvi.

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