Veera 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Veera 24th April 2013 Written Update

Ranvi in Ranveera’s room, he is having Samporan’s photo in his hands, talking to him about leaving them because of a small fight. He asks his papaji why couldn’t he think about them (Ratan and kids ) and stay back? Ranvi tells how he ( Sampooran ) used tell him that love gets stronger through fights and how he himself forgot that. He further asks his father to come back so that his papaji and Beeji can apologize to each other and patch up. Veera while entering the room hears this, She asks RV why should their parents ask forgiveness from each other, she asks him whether they have don’t anything wrong. Rv tells veera that they both shoud never fight with each other, even if we fight they should asks forgivness from other and patch up. Veera agrees with him. Veer ki ardaaz Veera song in BG, Ranveera hug. Rv goes infront of mirror, upset about not having moustache and people making fun of him. Seeing this Veera tells him she will find his moustache.

Night-time, Ranveera sleeping, Veera gets up and walk through the corridors and picks a pair of Scissors. Next day moring, Rv wakes up only to see his face with a brand new moustache. A joyful RV call for Moti Chaiji and Ratan. Moti chaiji and Ratan laugh seeing Rv, Veera comes laughing from behind. They understand its one Veera’s of mischiefs. RV scolds Veera for cutting her hairs and fixing them as moustache in his face, a smart Veera calms him down. Ranveera Hug. Moti Chaiji lovingly teases Veera for being the naughty yet smart kid.

At Baldev’s home, Balwant find Baldev still sleeping, Bansuri tells he has fever. Baldev is about to get up, an onion falls down from his T-shirt . Balvant understanding how Baldev got his temperature increased, scolds him for crossing his limits. Bansuri tries to defend him saing he is still a kid, Balvant stops her saying she is spoiling his fure by her pampering. He praises Rv for being the ideal and responsible child, this irritates Baldev and Bansuri. After Balwant goes away, Baldev tells his mother one day he will also run away from home so that he can be called responsible child like Rv.

Nihaal at Moti chaiji’s home, he is restless thinking how he isn’t doing the right thing by hiding the harsh truth from Ratan and how he doesn’t have the courage to tell it to her. Some one call him on his mobile, Its Veera. Veera thinking she is talking to messenger of god tells him how she likes Nihaal chachu very much and how he takes care of her like any father would. She further complains about Nihaal not living with them in their house, asks him to grant one wish of her that is to make Nihaal live with them in their house. Nihaal doesn’t respond, Ratan takes mobile from Veera. She asks him whether he will come with her to sell the crops. Nihaal says he will. After she cuts the call, Nihaal breaks down, asking god to show him a way to deal with the situation he is in. he further say he cant go away from them ( Ratan and Ranveera )

Pre-cap: Ratan and Nihaal dealing with people who want to buy their goods.

Update Credit to: Roshani

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