Junoon 19th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 19th April 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 19th April 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with Prithvi saying he would have put his life on the line for her and her Mangulsutra but now it has no meaning and breaks it in half. Miu tries to explain herself but Prithvi is too angry to listen so he pushes Miu out of the way (she hits the cabinet) and he leaves.

Aakash does his pretend concern and thinks to himself it’s just a little longer that you will have to go through this after which you will be in my arms. He smiles to himself as he is happy with the current situation. He says to Miu that it was his fault as he told her to get a replacement mangulsutra and tell Prithvi she found the one that was lost. During this whole time Sudha has been watching all this transpire from outside the door. Sudha thinks to herself how happy she is that Aakash is always there to support Miu but Aaksash of course thinks she is looking at him that way because she may be suspecting him of being the one behind all the problems between Mithvi. He leaves the room.
Sudha walks in. She tells Miu to calm herself. Miu says she is worried about Prithvi’s anger that she won’t be able to calm him down. Sudha says if Prithvi is “fire” than you will need to become ” water” to put out his anger. Sudha hands Miu some water to drink but the glass drops and shatters before Miu can grab it. Miu thinks to herself that something is wrong and the Prithvi is in trouble somewhere.
Prithvi is wondering around aimlessly, going through the scene with Miu again in his head. He feels bad for hurting Miu and purposely starts a fight with a worker (at a jobsite he has wondered into) so that he would get hurt (no intention of protecting himself) thereby punishing himself for hurting Miu (similar to the ice incident in the village). Prithvi does not try to protect himself as the group of workers start hitting him.

Meanwhile Miu goes to Aakash and asks him to go find Prithvi as she is worried about him. He says that Prithvi is probably fine and will come home when he is ready. Miu says no, she knows that he is in trouble and gets Aakash to promise to find Prithvi.

Back at the jobsite, Prithvi, manages to get himself up and then goes over to the guy he had slapped and apologizes to him. The worker comments on his behaviour saying first you want to start a fight then you apologize for it? Prithvi replies that he did not want to start a fight, he just wanted to punish himself for hurting someone he cares for deeply and that they all helped him accomplish his goals. He walks away from them leaving the workers wondering about his behaviour.

Meanwhile, Aaskash is driving around looking for Prithvi and when he sees him wondering out from the jobsite he thinks to himself what happened to Prithvi? Then he says to himself who cares? What difference does it make to me? He decides to try and get rid of Prithvi for good by running him over with his car while Prithvi was looking pre-occupied, hurt and therefore perhaps somewhat defenseless. He speeds his car up to hit Prithvi but just at the last minute a kid comes between him goal. He decides to keep going even if a child will get harmed in the process. Lucky for the child, Prithvi sees the car approaching and quickly removes the child from harm. Aakash stops the car and Prithvi runs over there to teach the driver a lesson but discovers its Aakash. Aakash does his usual routine of pretending to be a good guy and feeling bad about almost running over the child saying he was deep in thought trying to find Prithvi. Prithvi says it doesn’t matter where your thoughts were you should always have your eyes on the road while driving. What if something had happened to both you and the child, asks Prithvi? Aakash apologizes to Prithvi then asks him what happened to him? He asks who is responsible, Prithvi replies that he, himself is responsible for his condition.

They both arrive home. Sudha and Mithvi are shocked to see him Prithvi in such a bad state. Aaskash tries to take him to his room and Prithvi says I can go myself, I’m not dead yet, no one needs to help me. Miu sees him walk away limping and in pain, she follows him upstairs. When she gets up to the room she sees him lying on the bed. She proceeds to get the first aid box out of the cupboard and attempts to dress his wounds. She says I am the one who was at fault so why did yourself such a big punishment?
(girl obviously knows the workings of her dear hubby’s mind).
Prithvi doesn’t reply but does see a wound on her wrist and asks how she got it (she recalls how it happened- Prithvi pushing her out of her way) and she says don’t worry about it. Prithvi starts to clean her little wound. She’s says I’m fine, you lie down and as you have a lot of wounds to take care of. She looks at him and says it must be hurting a lot. He says the wounds to one’s body will heal after a few days but the wounds given to one’s heart can take a lifetime to heal. She apologizes to him and asks him for his forgiveness.
Aakash is watching all this transpire between Mithvi and talks to himself asking himself: Why? Why do all my attempts fail? No matter how much I try to separate them, they get closer together. Why is their love junoon more than my hate junoon. Why? As he is walking away he sees Sudha standing there (I don’t know if she heard him or not but I’m sure either way he will think she did as he already thinks she suspects him).

Precap (3 parts):

In Mithvi’s room:
Miu to Prithvi: Don’t ever do this again please, you get the physical wounds but it’s my life that seeps out of me…

Aakash by himself:
Aakash: Prithvi has become that type of thorn that can neither be removed or go away. How should I get him out of Miu’s life?

Aakash, Miu and Sudha in the same room:
Miu to Aakash: You just made the plan yourself and now you’re making excuses to get out of it? He says I made the plan for both of you and Prithvi.
Miu says, you both aren’t planning a surprise are you? Aakash thinks to himself that you will get a surprise Miu but definitely not one that you were expecting.

Update Credit to: Parm

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